Friday, March 6, 2009

March showers bring BETCATS flowers

call up your local fire chief, because Mr. Arsonist aka BETCATS is in the building once again here to light the flame!

So why the fuck am i so pumped?

Well i got some things on my mind right now, and best believe i am ready to take yall down to funky town with me as a break them down, uno by uno! And everything will be ly, you will get it, just READ.

First i would like to apologize, for i am fearing i have breached my Hibachi contract, as i have joined two fan forum websites to speak my thoughts. I hope yall aint mad, but Bobcats Planet and OKC Thunder Fan Forums have been BET-IFIED, and best belive that i am somewhat shamelessy self promoting our site.

Secondly, going into our 'big' game against the Hawks, the Bobcats are 1.5 games out of the playoffs. We'll see if we make it or not, time will tell, but I am extremely happy we are this close to getting in. Although my 82-0 prediction didnt come true, this would be just as good. I hope we make it, but if we dont, we get to draft James Harden. Either way i would be happy, one way just happens to make me more happy.

Thirdly, this site is going down a music-themed direction, i guess i need to dethrown Lil Mamma as the voice of the young people. A DJ Pretty Kitty track listing is on the way, i promise!

Fourthly, i am on a boat.

Fifthly, it is poetry time!!!! I am just gonna take up the next few lines with ramblings i will create as i type with a no backspace policy. Although yall wont know if i am really not deleting stuff, just trust me!

BETCATS is the best
than the rest
Oh how creative the man be
with the name that starts with D

BETCATS is a unstoppable train
chug chug choo chooing all through your brain
sure people hate my shit
but at least they read it
which is more than what i do for their shit

BETCATS is a winner
winner winner chicken dinner
Dont hate dont front dont fret
Fucking with BET is your end
I am your biggest threat

Sure you know who you are
tell me how my ass taste
this aint prison
but if it was
i would send out goons
and have you ass raped


Hursty said...

Ey man, I'm not mad haha, I actually saw some of your posting on the Bobcats fan site, googled in Betcats and 'you' showed up haha.
your poetry/lyrics are very funny :)

Oh, and who you got for NCAA Championship this year?
(thats for everyone haha)
I got UCONN :) :)

BET said...

i actually googled my name once. SOmebody else is using it. It makes no sense that i am on some atlanta cruise site and some other werid site. I think somebody has found my name and is using it for evil!

BET said...

we are steamrolling the Hawks now! Justintv needs to get me some links!

jameyburke said...

Would love to see the 'Cats in playoffs-have always been big GWallace fan. Obviously I couldn't root for them if they played the C's, but would still like to see them get in. Hursty-you may laugh, but I think Blake Griffin is talented enough to take Okl. all the way.

Anonymous said...


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