Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Beantown Pitch

A Kind Of Moose Track

This post is going to be short and sweet, because all I really want to do is show a photo.

Yes, I took that. This Red Auerbach statue (and Larry's shoes to the right) can be found at Faneuil Hall, next to Quincy Market. Five minute walk from the Garden. So, there it is. Everyone should come to Boston. Oh yeah, this statue isn't new or anything, I just wanted to post it. Moose out.



BET said...

drug induced rage + camera = this post?

BET said...

i like using my kodak disposables when fiddling around with acid too, just wonderin...

jameyburke said...

In respect to hoops, Moose, this is a cool landmark for people to visit. But if you come to the Bean this summer, you should also check out Fenway Park, Bunker Hill and take the "movie tour" to see where "The Departed" and alot of other great flicks were filmed.

Hursty said...

Or you could... not go to Beantown- And go to Sydney.
But going there is cool too.
I don't intend on visiting the States until I'm 21 unless its college stuff.... purely because of your... drinking laws haha. 18 baby! LOL.
I like the ball being placed under the bench btw. Shoes are a bit random though haha.

Moose said...

@ BET: I'd be scared to know what you take pictures of. And no.

@ Jamey: Public Garden and the Boston Common is pretty sick too. Also, walk down Storrow Drive next to the river . . . just some other stuff while you're there. :)

@ Hursty: Yeah, yeah. I like the ball as well. The shoes are Larry Bird's, with a little plaque. I think it's supposed to be separate, but I'm not sure . . .

LeoneL said...

off-topic but your poster boy's back.

Roy said...

One day I'll be sitting next to Red's statue and have my picture taken there. :D

Moose said...

Yeah, LeoneL. Phew! Is all I can say on that topic haha. And Roy, I wish you luck in that endeavor. :)

Collin said...

i wish i could come to Boston, but I live all the way in Oregon, so that aint happenin

Anonymous said...


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