Monday, March 23, 2009

Some Moosetacular Musings

A Moose Track

Hursty asks for a post. Moose says maybe. Moose acts. So here's a post with my random thoughts concerning basketball, not basketball, and other things. You never been on a ride like this befo'. With a producer who can rap and control the mic stroke . . . how about with a teenaga who can write and control mouse stroke? No? Well, I tried. Anyways.

The new SLAM issue came. And it made me happier than all other SLAM issues ever, ever made. First of all, I was in it, and that was pretty cool. And, Ben's little Ed. reply made me really happy. I'm not gonna spill it for everyone who hasn't seen it yet, but it made me real happy and appreciative.

But there was something else that made me even happier in this newest SLAM ish. In PUNKS, there's a feature (yes, with pictures!) on Alex Oriakhi and Jamaal Coombs-McDaniel of Tilton School. Yeah, those guys that I wrote the article on that nobody commented on got some SLAM action. I met both of 'em. They're both going to UCONN. But the thing is, when I asked Coombs-McDaniel where he was going to school, he said that he didn't know (it was a good conversation starter, haha). So, I don't know what to think. But, he scored 42 an hour later. So, I'll forgive him.

Another thing about me before I turn to things that are insanely more interesting. I got the Damani shoes, with the box autographed, which was a surprise. It says, "Congratulations Playa, Inglewood City behind me." And the shoes are sick, just sick. Yeah, they're a size too small and I can't wear 'em, but they're staying on my shelf. And the XL shirt doesn't fit this 5-9.5, 160 pound man-child, but that's dope too. I also got two Damani mixtapes, which are great too. Thanks, Ryne and Susan! If you guys were here I'd buy you a sandwich.

NCAA is having a good tournament right now. Pitt almost lost a couple times, but DeJuan Blair is great. Sam Young is tearing it up. Everybody's just performing. There were a few upsets so far. My bracket is doing well, but I lost Arizona State, my upset Final Four team, which hurt me. My West bracket is perfect so far, but I need the Zags to find a way to beat UNC next week. I need that real bad. Otherwise, my ten bucks is going out the window.

Shaquille O'Neal is amazing and hilarious. And this is why.. Gotta love the big guy. Who is 36! Man, that guy is getting old. But he was the fantasy surprise of the year. Speaking of fantasy!

Al Jefferson killed a lot of teams, including mine. Dwyane Wade was just amazing. Playoff time there, and he's gotta do his thing. Because it's near the end of the season, and this piece is more cluttered than Barkley's actual jail time, I'm just gonna give out a few of my vital end-of-season awards.

LeBron James is the MVP. This guy has done so much for his squad, and for himself as well. He's got more triple-doubles than it seems humanly possible, and he's just tearing it up. Dwyane Wade is close second in my opinion (yes Eboy, I see you), just because the Heat wouldn't be anything without him, seriously. And, Kobe hasn't done better than any of them. And, the Lakers minus Kobe would kill the Heat minus Wade or the Cavs minus LeBron.

Rookie Of The Year goes to O.J. Mayo. Maybe I'm biased here, but Mayo has scored a ton this year, totally unprecedented for any rookie, really. Yes, Rose might give him a run for his money, but both teams stink. Russell Westbrook has played outstanding, but he hasn't gotten the consistent minutes and opportunity that Mayo or Rose have. And, Anthony Morrow still has to be reckoned with. Yeah, Morrow!

Thank goodness for KG. The Ceatles are so unhealthy right now, it's scary. Hopefully, once we get the guy playing bigger minutes and we get the rest of the team healthy, we'll be fine again. But the other day Leon got 31, 11 and 5 blocks. That made me really happy. I Love Leon! That should be a new black-and-white sitcom. I like that.

MIP goes to Rajon Rondo. Yeah, I need to do it. No explanation needed. Anyways, Hursty, there it is. A new Hibachi post! There you go.



Anonymous said...

Well there's your problem. Never bet against Syracuse that early on in the tourney, haha. My brother's bracket got KILLED when Wake Forest lost first round to Cleveland State. I'm doing solid so far, with no losses killing me yet

As an update to the email I sent you not too long ago: Jamesville-Dewitt ended up winning States, beating Peekskill by 2 in ot. Great game

Ryne Nelson said...

Great stuff, Moose. I like Pitt's chances as well. I don't care what people say about Blake Griffin, the Panthers have the best rebounder in the nation in DeJuan Blair. I can't say the tournament has been great so far, though. There isn't one Cinderella team to root for. Not one! The No. 1-3 seeds are 24-0... Props to the selection committee, I guess.

Hursty said...

Wake Forest loosing destroyed my bracket as well.
Good stuff Moses.
Thanks for stopping by Ryne.

BET said...

barack obama!

Justin Walsh said...

Moose aka my DUDE. Great stuff, so proud to see that name MOOSE in the issue. Great job killa.

Moose said...

@ baconator: Yeah, you're definitely right about doubting Syracuse. And thanks for the update, you'll have your email reply soon, don't worry.

@ Ryne: Thanks a lot for dropping by. And I agree with all of what you said, especially the Blair part. And Young is just lighting it up!

@ Hursty: Yep, definitely.

@ BET: Umm, sure. Yeah, Barack!

@ Justin: Truly thankful. Thanks a lot, man. I sent you an email as well.

jameyburke said...

No props for Big Baby Moose..? This kid is making a late run for most-improved. Has a huge amount of heart and will be a fan fave here in Boston for a longgg time. I was so close to winning the KG package as part of the Brotherhood contest on SLAM. Lost out to a great by Clark. I loved the fact that my screename, "KobeWearsAPurpleThong" got some props though. Still pulling for your Cats to make the postseason BETS. Peace-JB

Eboy said...

Good work, Moosefingers. I agree with your MVP race too. BTW....if Ryne Nelson has time to post responses here....I think he has time to hit me up. (He knows what I'm talking about)

jameyburke said...

Vote for Dancing Daylon:,150665

Anonymous said...


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