Wednesday, October 28, 2009

in unrelated news.....


I dont have much to say, i dont have manys ways to say it. I have been buisy, neglectful, and misprioritizing. I havent been on here in such a long time. The reason for that, is because i have really not been on SLAM as much as i once was. It might be because i dont have a computer class this year, it might be because the comment rules basically restrict fun, or it might be because the quailty of everything has in my eyes gone down significantly......

Check out my boy, Los. Stummbled across him by accident, he is by far the best unknown rapper out their right now.

His blog -

Look him up on youtube for proof!

Im tired, and im going to let you finish but BETCATS is the best blogger of all time.



This song>>>>>>

one of the best intro songs i have ever heard.

Moose said...

nice stuff from this dude Los....who are the other unknown rappers you like?

BET said...

its really just Los. I am not big on the underground scene. Everyone else, like Gucci and Waka Flocka Flame are pretty well know

Moose said...

personally i been hooked on wale and mickey factz lately...

Hursty said...

Wale isn't.. underground anymore though.
Also, BET, have you met Anton? You two would get on great in the commenting world.
Also, I don't think the commenting rules really get enforced. Look at that Sifoulis dude.

BET said...

Hursty, it doesnt matter if they are enforced or not. The fact they were put in place were to limit certain people, one of them being me.

And Anton and me go way back. He is actually one dude i have never flamed, i have been cool with him since he was a noob. As far as i am concered, he is one of the last people not on Ryan Jones's overriden dick.

Hursty said...

Yeh fair enough, I see what you mean.

DP said...

Im sorry but I will never get down with a wacka flocka or a gucci mane. Now if you just give me gucci's instrumentals then we might have something there. I will check out this los guy but he needs to kill using "swag" to begin words. swagsville????

Moose said...

I'm with you, DP, gucci mane just isn't my kind of stuff. i usually dont love hip hop from the south anyways, just in general. but this los dude is good, i listened to the whole tape.

BET said...

dp and moose youu guys can keep your opinions on gucci. But he is still>>> anything else, in my eyes at least.

DP said...

your right, BET. i don't hold anything against you for liking gucci because that's your preference. at least you don't like OJ......i don't think....

Anonymous said...


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