Friday, October 16, 2009

My Detox

Yeah so since I have a couple of free minutes on my hand today I wanted to post a little note letting yall know I'm still alive and kicking. Sorry DP vol 2 hasn't dropped yet but I've been writing scholorship essays out of the ass and so right now vol 2 is my equivilant to Dr. Dre's the Detox......the shit might never come out. That doesn't mean I'm not working on it or I'm not working on other ish. NBA is weeks away and that means I'll be back on my Bball shit for the next 7 plus months. And I mos def agree with Moose, Slamonline isn't the same anymore. Two years ago, I used to be so fuggin physched to go to digital photography at school. Not just to look at this chick called Victoria Hunter(shout out to my teammates Gerad and Ife who are probably reading this now!) but to get on slamonline and just debate about anything from basketball to what to get a chick for valentine's day. I miss THOSE Post up Days. Holly is still the shit and her post are better than 2 years before but the comment section is falling off big time. I'm not going to lie I don't even go on SLAmonline but about a couple times out of the week. Maybe my dedication will return when I see more familiar faces but hey I digress. Y'all be easy this weekend and be safe. Tonight I'm off to get into "something" but I haven't found out yet. Should be an adventure.

p.s. To my teammate chris, dog if you're reading this I just wanted to let you know....Reebok fitted hats? We off that......


Moose said...

Nice to see another thing outta you, rush on really getting back here. The college stuff is more important than the blog. Maybe you can go to an Ivy League school and we could hang out a little bit (cuz they're all AROUND here). Anyways, as for your friends reading, why aren't they commenting?? If they read it they might as well drop a few lines. Speaking of that.....when you transcribed the conversations about the blog/hoops with your friends, that was dope....any chance on that coming back?

Collin said...

nice to see you back DP.I'm only a junior, but i got to start doing all that college stuff too soon....

I havnt checked slamonline in a long time either; i used to be on there constantly, and would leave hundreds of comments daily, but now i only check it maybe twice a week, and havn't commented in months.

Hursty said...

limewire Moose.

DP said...

lol don't get mad moose I got you son. go to and type in "Charles Hamilton Isn't this awkard" and it should pop up with the download link. the same for all his other mixtapes as well. You like charles hamilton? nice......

Anonymous said...


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