Sunday, November 1, 2009


Basically I'm blowing up overnight.....BOOM!!! Nice to be back in the house while these other dudes out here decorating. I just wanted to take the time out to inform you guys on my fantasy team and why I will go undefeated this year. Moose's team seems unreal to me because there is no way you can have both Carmelo and Bron unless the people in your league are brain dead. Either that or they listened to reggie miller but either way it's a big F#ck up on their part. My team is looking crispy so far seeing that I just beat my first opponent by over 400 points. Gangsta. Here is the run down of my squad.

PG-Monta Ellis. Great choice for me because he is the only true guard on the team and he can get to the rack with ease. and by the looks of it, he will get assists on demand with Ex Cap Jack and Curry in the corner for threes.

SG-Brandon Roy-Kind of on and off guy for me. One day he will score 40, the next he will get 13. But more than likely the 40 comes on regular basis than the 13 so I will take my chances.

SF-LeBron James-Yeah.

PF- Andrea Bargmoney-this motherlover is going to give me some action this year! Pause. Really though he is young dirkin the competition in the first couple of games so I expect nothing but good results from this guy.

C-Bynum-took a big gamble with this one because he is one dead leg away from being out for another year.

Other notable guys- Russel Westbrook, Joe Johnson, Noah, Oden...will be replace soon, Brandon Jennings, Mareese Speights and Gerald Wallace.

When my guys are on, I don't think no one in my League can stop me. I hope you guys are REALLY paying attention to guys like Speights and Jennings though. Especially Jennings. He will win ROY and I have been saying this since last year. The boy is the closest thing to an Iverson I have ever seen. With better passing ability and 100X athletic. It's Paranormal Activity scary. I haven't seen the flick yet but I heard it will make you shit yourself. Anybody want to tell me different?

Basketball season for me starts Saturday and I'm coolin with it. I'm so stressed out by other things in my life right now that I'm not even nervous about the season. I'm ready but looks like this year I might be looking at the nickname of young Ryne Nelson, DNP-CD. lmao don't ask why it just is what it is. After being off the team for two years and finally being "graciously" let back on as a senior, I'm just glad to be on a team and to experience the game I love so damn much. I really wouldn't care if I played a minute because my love surpasses any stats that I could muster up in a high school game. Spalding still has love for me and I'll be damn if I stop loving that chick either. Alright I'm done venting for the moment. I'm off to eat this banana pudding that my mom blessed me with for my birthday. I'm finally going to be 18 so how about you fuckers give me a shout out on twitter or facebook on November 4, 2009 and wish ya boy a good birthday! Thats Wednesday for those who didn't know. Now I leave you with the soulful sounds of my dude, J.Cole. This boy is a problem.

"And it's happening fast........."
play wit it.


Hursty said...

Your 4th November is my 3rd November, which (being tomorrow) is the day I finish my High School career, education whatever you wanna call it.
So kudos for getting to 18 DP. And if you were in Australia, you could not only drive, but drink, go to clubs, stip joints, everything you get at age 21... but 3 years early haha.
Oh and vote I spose.
btw, the epsn fantasy league is hard as hell to understand. So complicated.

Moose said...

haha DP, the other dudes in my fantasy league aren't stupid. It was an auto-draft, and I adjusted my rankings so that it would get the dudes who I wanted. It's a pretty fair league, actually.....I did win my first week 7-2, though.
Happy birthday to you on wednesday (4 years older than your boy here) and hursty congrats on graduating HS.
As for J. Cole.....dude is nasty. I saw him about a week ago (with wale, NERD and Hova), he only played like 3 cuts (grown simba, lights please, i get up) but he still tore it apart.

BET said...

Gerald Wallace had 24 points 20 rebounds 4 steals and a block tonight. Your fantasy team should benifit from that.

BET said...

No Cellings is a pretty good mixtape. You guys should listen to the return of Lil Wayne to the top.

Hursty said...

"A Star Is Born" by Jay -Z and J. Cole is cool. I like it anyways...

DP said...

i will agree that "no ceilings" is the wayne i want to always hear. none of that auto-tune bullcrap and lazy rapping with the syrup. i'm happy he killed that.

Moose said...

No Ceilings was solid. Huge difference between the radio weezy and the off-radio weezy.

Moose said...

and khalifa's new tape is sick....and wale's album is nasty.

DP said...

khalifa's new tape was aite only because he had alot of old shit on there. I expect his album to have more new material on it. Wale album's is very solid for a debut. "Beautiful Bliss" ft. Melanie Fiona and J.cole>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...


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