Saturday, October 17, 2009

Entertaining Hoops Pictures ***PART TWO***

A Moose Track

We all like funny things. Dane Cook. Family Guy. The Los Angeles Clippers. That's why I decided to put together some funny hoops pictures in one post for us all to enjoy. This is Part Two, because almost a year ago I posted the first edition; you can look at it here. Let's go...

Considering the big fella plays for Danny Ferry now, that's pretty embarrassing...


Duncan's a little over-excited here. Wasn't programmed to smile.

Ballet is more fun than basketball anyways.

Does this need explanation?

That's a problem.

There are truly some beautiful Western Conference big men.

Allen really wants......the basketball?

This move is more reliable than Hughes's jumpshot....

Two people here, ladies and gentlemen...

*Whistle* Flagrant two. Technical foul.

Parker's neck DIDN'T break.

I thought Kidd was married?

What, it's just extra support.
Tony's new wrap-around move....

Thanks to all of the sites that I posted onto here from; I got all of the pictures from Google. So there it easy.



DP said...

moose give me your email now and join my fantasy. no excuses

Hursty said...

Oh the jokes I could try and make (and fail) about that comment DP.
The pictures were pretty funny too.
There are a bunch more out there as well, just googling 'funny nba pictures' into google images shows different ones.

Moose said...

all right, DP haha. I don't want to post my email address here though, and please don't, but just go to the "settings" section of the blog and it's right there. email me with the info on it. thanks, man.

Moose said...

settings and then "permissions".

DP said...

lmao dude i meant to put pause after that statement bro.

Moose said...

oh, thought you were serious.....i was thinking what Hursty was saying haha.

Zach Smart said...

Moose this is sick kid. I think Shaq is going to get a friend request (or a poke) from Jon Amaechi based on some of the pics you posted. Crazy sh*t. Keep up the good work

holla at me


Moose said...

Thanks for dropping by, Zach. And Amaechi....reppin' Beantown! haha.

Zach Smart said...

no doubt. As far as that picture of Ray, definitely suspicious fellas. I think one way of finding out the truth is finding out whether those two chicks in He Got Game that Rick Fox introduces him two in the dorm room allowed him to practice so he can get into character mode for the film.

That'd be something else, huh? One of those girls was the adult film star, Jill Kelly. Don't know the other one. Big Ups to Spike creating a top of the line flick we still talk about today.



Moose said...

Spike has created so many classics...."Do The Right Thing" As for some of Spike's latest guys seen "Inside Man"? Sick stuff.

Anonymous said...


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