Friday, October 23, 2009

Fantasy Hoops! Who to watch...

A Moose Track

Basketball season is almost upon us. Fantasy basketball has drafted (or has almost drafted). And my league has already auto-drafted based on our pre-draft rankings. I think I scored. In a 12-team league, here's my team at the moment...

Gilbert Arenas
Stephen Jackson
Russell Westbrook
LeBron James
Paul Millsap
Carmelo Anthony
David Lee
Jermaine O'Neal
Anthony Randolph
Rodney Stuckey
Udonis Haslem
Luol Deng
Louis Williams

What do you guys think? I think I'm primed for domination. Are there any moves I should make? Trades? Add/Drops? The main dudes who are on the waiver wire are Kellena Azuibuke, James Harden, Robin Lopez, Matt Barnes, Travis Outlaw, Anthony Morrow, Anthony fantasy hoops skills aren't on par with my regular hoops knowledge, so if there's any advice that anyone can give to me, I'd love it.

For sleepers this year in terms of production, Anthony Randolph is my number one guy to keep our eyes on. The second-year forward will get his chance, and he will take it. I think he'll definitely be in the running for the MIP award and he will put up consistent numbers across the board. I just traded Marvin Williams for him, and I'm psyched about that.

Villanueva will be a beast this year. I think he'll work well in Detroit, and he'll get the points--but if he can get the boards then he'll be an absolute stud. Jeff Green will get his. Jason Thompson will be a good utility guy. Personally, I'm not worried about Agent Zero at all, I think he'll bounce back and put up 23/9/3. Hopefully our blognamesake will do it.

Andrea Bargnani is a sick fantasy player. If he can grab a couple boards he's one the most valuable ones in the league. Brooke Lopez is gonna break out this season. I'm still skeptical of Oden. I think the dude's only gonna end up being worth 12/9 in his career, which is solid, but definitely not where they thought he'd end up. I'd pass on Oden.

Derrick Rose is a good fantasy player, but only if you don't convert many turnovers. I had him on my squad last season and he turned the ball over too much for my liking, anyways. And yes, on the PG's, my man Rajon Rondo is going to perform. He'll get you 14/8/6, and hold me to that and use it against me if I'm wrong.

That's pretty much all I got. Anything you guys want to add, or any advice you can give me on my team, please let me know. For now, I'm out...



Hursty said...

I have to ask - since you are playing in a 12 person competition - are the other people mildly retarded?

Lucas said...

Woah, good team man.
Your blocks and field goal percentage are going to need help though...

BET said...

hahaha i almost forgot i had obligations to this site! Lol at yall being forgetable...

I kid i kid. I would stay for longer, but i have 40 pages of shit to write by the end of next week. So bye bye!

RV said...

Moose, are you still not interested in our fantasy league? We only have 7 (uneven number of) teams, may get an 8th tomorrow, but our draft is also tomorrow, do you want to join if the other guy can't make it?

RV said...

and you may want to drop williams and pick up morrow, just incase the guy blows never know though since Nellie's lineup changes are odd, but if he gets consistent significant minutes he'll be a scorer, and have nice FT%, FG%, 3pt%

Moose said...


Check your email.

DP said...

I'm currently have two teams and tonight is the live draft for my second team. I have the 2nd pick and I think i'm going with either wade or paul. wade probably because he will put up shit that is just unheard of throughout the season. you got a good team rolling through though young moose. I'll give you guys my roster in my next post. play wit it.

Zach Smart said...

need D-Rose on my squad with a better dime-to-TO ratio...And Barnes is my sleeper pick if he gets the green light.

Moose and Hursty,

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Moose said...

Thanks, Zach. I'll definitely check it out...

Anonymous said...


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