Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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A Moose Track

Yes, the title is an oxymoron. And the above picture lets everyone know what's on my mind. That, and the fact that I'm not getting the opportunity to write the Celtics season preview for SLAMOnline this year. And, I was kind of outraged that BETCATS didn't get the nod this time. Sorry about that one, BET.

The Packers v.s. Vikings game this Monday was great. Felt like the playoffs there. Despite the recent (ok, not so recent) annoyances following Brett Favre, I always have to cheer for the Minnesota teams (damn right I was watching the Tigers-Twins tiebreaker tonight. AMAZING game). I have to admit that I only watched the first half, bedroom was calling my name after wrestling with this book for the better part of the night. It was still a great game.

On to more SLAM talk. None of the regulars are showing up anymore. TADOne comes every now and then, Eboy is nowhere to be found, and all of us at HIBACHI (myself included) are commenting less frequently. But I'm sounding like a broken record here, I'll stop complaining about that. On to my next speculation...

Has SLAMOnline sold out? I mean, I know that the economy is tough on everything, but the advertising is getting a little too much for SLAM. SLAMTV: Powered by: EA Sports? Really? And who else grimaced at the advertisements that ran at the bottom of countless articles in the latest issue? I don't like it, but I know I'm being a crybaby, so don't rip me in the comments...

On to the Top 50, and how I think it should stack up from now on (this was written on the day that Pierce was ranked 17, so don't say that I got anything wrong or anything. Okay, here are my rankings...

16. Pau Gasol
15. Tony Parker
14. Chris Bosh
13. Kevin Garnett
12. Brandon Roy
11. Tim Duncan
10. Carmelo Anthony
9. Kevin Durant
8. Deron Williams
7. Dirk Nowitzki
6. Amare' Stoudemire
5. Dwight Howard
4. Dwyane Wade
3. Kobe Bryant
2. Chris Paul
1. LeBron James

This is just rough, nothing concrete, nothing huge. Yeah, I put Chris Paul over Kobe Bryant. Why? Because I believe that CP3 will have better all-around stats than Kobe, and that he will be a better team leader. I see the Lakers as a definite, definite force, but I think that Kobe's stats will deflate this year with the addition of Artest, and I see Ronny as a possibility for implosion. In my opinion, Chris Paul gets the nod over Kobe for the first time, based on what SLAM has laid out as the criteria for the list.

Until next time, a track...


Hursty said...

Deron Williams won't be top 10.
Amar'e should switch with Durant basically. Tim Duncan will be overrated this year if he's top 10. Dwyane Wade should be above Kobe Bryant because of the importance he has to his team.
Take out Wade, they lose every game. The Lakers.. not so much.

Moose said...

I agree with the Kobe/Wade thing. But I doubt that SLAM is going to do it. Where's the commenting???

BET said...

I have no problem that i didnt get the preview, my issue is they gave it to some asshole who knows nothing about the Bobcats.

And didnt i tell you that talking about our issues just makes things worse. We are still in the slump so to speak, lets not talk about it, lets fix it.

Zach Smart said...

yo fellas whats goodie...

You guys see Agent O setting the nets ablaze last night?? Yo, the Knicks suck more ---- than a smut star from Vivid Video. They will never be good, Brendan Jennings was right. I saw Danilo Gallinari construct a house last night after Dantoni sprinkled lavish praise on him saying he was the "best shooter i've ever seen." Pure BS.

Does anyone think it's a joke for me to go to their practice Saturday at Fordham University? I'm not sure if I should go, or save 2 hours of my life...

Hursty, I know u've been pimping Ater Majok on SLAM a lot, what do u think his impact will be this season?

I'm thinking he'll be more polished than Thabeet but much less of a presence defensively. Still, if he can execute a simple back to the basket move, we already know he's more offensively in tune than Thabeet. Calhoun runs plays for bigs like a 15-year-old passes up sex.
hit me back



Hursty said...

Hi Zach,
Ater is more athletic than Thabeet, way, way more.
You can't replace 4 inches of heigh defensively, but Ater has a 7'5 wingspan and he's 6'11 so think on that.
Offensively? He can get it done. Has no problem shooting an international 3pointer whatsoever, and he's got a Yao like offensive game.
He's 235 now and last year he was about 220 so he's capable of banging around - but don't get it twisted, 'Ter is closer to being a 3 than he is a 5.
Closest NBA player comparison I can give you is Rudy Gay/Charlie V/Chris Bosh (2 of whom are UConn Alumni)
Give him the ball in the mid-range, and he'll go to work on you.
Dude can play, I'd have him on my all rookie big east team.

Moose said...

Zach! Love your stuff on SLAM. Thanks a lot for dropping by our blog and reading our stuff...
And if we wanna be talking about UConn big men, Alex Oriakhi is the real deal here. Look for him and his buddy Combs-McDaniel to make some noise this year when given the chance.

Zach Smart said...

thanks for the love, fellas.

I'm definitely expecting both of those cats you mentioned, moose, to make an immediate impact and UConn will need it with the departure of Adrien and Thabeet.

Where you guys from?? And who did they select to take the BETCATS over you?!?!


Anonymous said...


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