Thursday, August 27, 2009

Twas all a dream, i once fancied word up magizine

School is back for me!!! So i quit my day job as a burger king burger flipper a few days ago. I was going to tell you all about it, but somebody else had something new posted, so i couldnt.

While i was at BK, nothing really 'strange' happened. Although i wish i had some cool stories, i dont. All the things i did were based off situations where people got hungry i made them french fries and onion rings. But here is somebody else who works at a different Burger King's cool story:

A picture is worth a thousand words...........
The end (sort of)

PS- The Bobcats still havent signed Allen Iverson

PPS- The Bobcats need a scorer, and Iverson is the only legit one left on the market

PPPS- If the Bobcats dont get a scorer, they have a 0 chance of making the playoffs, Iverson or no Iverson

PPPPS-I dont really have faith in the Bobcats front office to get anything done. Rod Higgins is a 'all bark no bite' type, and MJ/Larry Brown really has to egg him on to get anything done

PPPPPS-now im really done!


Moose said...

So, I take it you want Iverson on the Cats? Cool. Should be interesting. Gotta get done soon, though...And BK was good, BET?

Moose said...

And it WAS all a dream, but I've never even seen a Word Up magazine...

Hursty said...

LMFAO @ the picture. That is GOLD.

DP said...


Blinguo said...

Mom wanted to rent the NOTORIOUS off the red box.

I heard people thought it was more like a TV movie, legit rapper playing BIG or not. And unconvincing Tupac and guy who doesn't really do the Puff part justice, besides, "There you go dancing again man!"

Didn't think it'd be a sexpot Lil Kim feature. Mom asked, that's Lil Kim?! Only remembering her latest pop radio hits. Also asked me if Faith was Puerto Rican too.
Night class on cinema came back from tonight, 1st book is on Black America in film, and this author is the only person to write about it, he found. Or 1 other British guy did but not a good history.

1st Black man on feature film, not a black man, but "Uncle Tom," blackface'd unnamed white man actor 1905 or so. And Edison's special effects years earlier inventing the motion pictures consisted of taping black kids in the neighborhood and giving them pet names, whereabout "pickaninny" came from, the bastard.
I skipped ahead to the modern closeout of the book. Interestingly he found Spike Lee's Malcom X his most by the books Hollywood movie.

Blinguo said...

Charlotte Observer Iverson article today:

BET said...

Moose- i take it from your second comment that you never listened to the song 'juicy' before by Biggie?

Hursty- Yup

DP- Yup

Blinguo- Intresting...

Moose said...

No BET haha....I was making fun of it. I say that I like hip hop right? I'd be an frickin poser if i didn't know i'm in the limelight cause i rhyme tight...the best biggie out there is Life After know the song "Notorious Thugs"? Gold.

Moose said...

but yeah don't take my hip hop education lightly. references don't go over my head, haha.

Blinguo said...

The posers were Diddy's "Da Band" whom didn't know any of it.

Crazy mutha with a mohawk Diddy wasn't there to go psycho on them but a more reserved, you better learn his stuff and go perform it on the street (more like in front of their posh apartment building, street!) though.

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