Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Filler At The Beginning Of August

A Moose Track

So, it's August. Whoop de do. That means that absolutely nothing is happening in the basketball universe right now, so I'm going to have to take a break from the hoops mania at the moment and focus on other stuff, because this site is in dire need of new material that will be commented on. That is obviously more interesting then the NBA in August. Hopefully. Because the NBA in August does this to me:

Those aren't my glasses, but I like 'em. Kind of. Darker lenses would be nice. Anyways, on to the first topic...

FOOTBALL season is almost here, and everytime I hear the "NFL On CBS" music (you know the tune) I get all pumped up and excited. I'll be trekking down to the NE Patriots training camp sometime this week, I think...or before camp is over, anyways. Pumped up for the season, our big addition has been Fred Taylor...if Maroney stays healthy (I have no faith that he will) we will have close to the best running game in the NFL.

And, with NFL season comes fantasy football! And, since nobody's drafted yet and they don't know who the choices are or all of that stuff, the most exciting part of it is picking the name. I settled with "Ocho Cinco En Fuego" after considering "ConVickted", "Salt-N-Culpepper" and "Tatupu Platter". Thoughts? I just had to give the Chad Ochocino nod. Changing his name...that's faithful to your legacy. Or ego. Make your pick.

Anyways, some laughs from Nick Swardson and David Spade...

Speaking of David Spade, him, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider are all filming a move in the North Shore of Massachusetts, right outside of Boston...and some cool stuff has happened since then. Last month, I was walking in a mall with some of my friends and Adam Sandler walked by. I was like, "Whoah, that was Adam Sandler" so I ran back, shook his hand, told him how much I loved his movies, and he was like, "Thanks, dude!" It was cool. The Waterboy and Happy Gilmore are also two of the funniest movies of all time. Not one and two, but they're in the top 50 or so.

You guys love the music, so I'm gonna throw some ill remixes out here. Biggie, Bob Marley, 2Pac, Eazy-E. Need I say more? And that's not all. Take it in.

Anyways, that's all for now. What else is there at the beginning of August? One last thing: Which hat looks better? This one? This one? Or this one?

Be easy.



BET said...

you are trying to buy a hat?

Your welcome.

Moose said...

It's a nice hat, but not exactly what I'm looking for....friend gave me a gift card for my birthday and I'm trying to decide. Just a little survey, yaknow. More input. So...?

BET said...

get the hanging sox Boston Red Sox alternate hat then. Or the red Houston Astro hat. I personally think Lids is for communists, they are trying to make everyone wear the same 12 hats.

Moose said...

You like the new Sox hats? I dunno if I wanna get that one because everyone else has one (boston=baseball town USA) so I'm checking out the other ones. You don't like the Blue Nats, black Jays or blue/red Braves? The all-black Braves with a white logo is fire, too. The Marlins hats are dirt. Any other suggestions?

BeeeeeeT said...

the green San Diego alternate hat.

Moose said... ?

BET said...

yeah that one!

But why not get a hat of a team you actually like?

and i am guessing they have celtics ones too...

Moose said...

I was thinking of the eagles or something like that, I'll have to make a trip to the store sometime this week to check most of them out. I'm open to any other suggestions you might have though, and thanks for the input....i'll definitely let you know what i end up gettin....picture? hells yeah

Moose said...

But everyone else, remember to comment on all parts of the post, not just the hats part!

Roy said...

Yo, Moose! Whassup? Congrats on meeting Adam Sandler. He and Rob Schneider are two of my fave comedians. Rob Schneider is Filipino btw and he has visited the Philippines many times (he loves bibinka). As for NFL season, can't wait for it to start. Go Patriots! So glad Brett Favre will stay retired (I like him but no more comebacks please!). Hope to hear from you soon. Have to go back doing some material for my blog (I've been getting lazy lately maybe because of the events I've been trying to fish out). Laters. Oh and whassup, BET? :D

Bling yo said...

We're talking bout hats?
If wearing the ATL one around won't get you beat down, I nominate:cosign that.

Roy Halladay is the last man left, & everyone hates him for not being traded, even Toronto fans. Oh and Scutaro, former A now fantasy league beast for Toronto is one of their offense cogs. So no go w/ the Blue Jays.

I didn't buy the Frisco Gigantes @ DrJay' (comes with 3 dif logo velcro patches, but not corny) when it was marked all the way down to $13, now $20 but still a great price compared to retail anywhere. & I don't even rock hats.

Or go with the Cobra Commander or GI Joe ninjas if they look alright to you, the newest niche on New Era.

Bob Marley remix huh?

One Love - Nas & Bob Marley

Blinguo said...

And in BIG news like a month or so late, going around the blogs is a BIG dedication mixtape, in the form of one 80 min long MP3 though, provided Free by the DJ who put it together.

Well done. All kinds of music represented. Not just a simple greatest hits.

Here's a link I found thru another SLAM commenter's domain:

Other places have the back of the leaflet insert art tracklist if you want that too.

Hursty said...

Yeh Football... umm. So, the Jaguars are crap apparently, and I'm not going for any New York or Boston teams (just because).
I hate the Broncos because of the NRL (rugby league).
Teams please. I'm not looking for a championship contender, or a perennial cellar-dweller either btw. Think of the last few Rockets teams, successful, but needs improving. Ideas pleassseee?
PS I'm not a fan of any other Houston team except the Rockets.
PPS anyone who wears a hat here either gets robbed, stoned or sunburnt - because it labels them a foreigner. So.. don't wear hats in Australia. Singles you out.
Does anyone watch Criminal Minds in the USA? It's ok here, but not great. Bones is good though. Chick is funny as.

Moose said...

Hursty, you're looking for the Philadelphia Eagles. Go for Philly.

BET said...

NCIS>>>Criminal Minds

But if anyone gets A&E they have 2 great comedy shows called Paranormal State and Intervention. The funniest part is, neither is meant to be a comedy show, but when the Parnormal State guy looked in the mirror and thought he saw a ghost (it was later revealed he only saw his own reflection) as well as having a gay psychic named 'Chip Coffe' and the Intervention people actually BUY DRUGS for the people they are 'curing' you cant help but to lol A LOT.

If you just read all that, congratulations.

Moose said...

Hursty, here's my list for you: Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins. Might be what you're looking for. Make your pick homie!

Hursty said...

I'll go for the Dolphins and Eagles.
I like Philly a bit, and the Dolphins remind me of that 'dancer' Eboy posted on his blog LOL. Good times haha.

Hursty said...

NCIS is good, I like that show. The goth chick is... interesting. :O

Collin said...

ya, august is a pretty boring month when it comes to basketball. the only reason i like the month is because my birthday is on the 15th.

and Moose, I noticed your still not "following" Truly Hoops; whats up with that?

and when you were listing Adam Sandler movies; you forgot about anger management; that movies hilarious.

I have nothing to say about the NFL part of your post; but that is just because I don't really give a $hit about football; its all about basketball.

Anonymous said...


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