Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Golden Umbrella

So, im extremely bored right now, and being the master of stream-of-consciousness writting, i figured i would get up in this biznetch and write some words.

Admittingly, no artist can work uninspired. D.O.A is a month old, but i still am listening to it. I am not even a Jay-Z fan. Brooklyn music is uninspiring to me for the most part, but for some reason i actually like this song! I tried for the past 15 minutes to embed it, and failed miserably, so you will have to search youtube on your own for it.

Speaking of embedding and such, hibachitv? Whatever happened to that boy!! We really need to work on that. With all this talk of expansion (not pointing fingers, it has been brought up lots of times before by lots of different people) if we cant maintain a 2 part site in a succesful way, i think we should really not even dream so big. I want this site to have 100 followers. That is my dream for the 'bachi.

Flipping the script (because who the fuck wants to hear me ramble about hibachi all day!) how about the news recently! Lots of crazy shit going on in the world. So accordingly, i am bringing back the 10 deadly links (cats meow stand up!)

10. Sucks to be this guy

9. I knew it!!

8. I am now scared to sit down/will type the rest of this standing up!

7. I picked the wrong summer job:

6. Why do white people always get the best babysitters? Why couldnt these bitches watch me!!

5. Is it a once-a-year type thing for Georgia to provoke South Ossettia, then make up some crazy excuse as to why they are doing it? Fuck people saying 'its a small country, the breakaway regions shouldnt exsist'. Shit, Israel is a small country, but i think we all agree it needs to be divide into two countries for any peace to occur their, Why cant the same teachings be brought along here? Let the breakaway regions do what they want, let them become part of Russia.

4. First Vince from Shamwow was revealed to be getting in fights with hookers, now the late great Billy Mays is revealed to have used cocaine? The American commercial bussiness must have a extremely dark side. Strange.

3. This is news in itself. I cant get embedding to work at all right now. FYL (fuck your life)

2. Corn gone wild!

1. R.I.P



Moose said...

D.O.A. is a nice track. As for the site, how about this: We work towards 100 followers, THEN we go to an official website. But, we need a plan on how to get popular. Ideas?

BET said...

how about posting on other sites/getting other contributors from other places/have all our current contributors pumping out work every day?

Collin said...

you guys definitely deserve the popularity; Hibachi is great!!

Me and Jamey have wanted to go official with Truly Hoops also, but we are having the same problems. it is very hard to get a blog noticed around the world.

Both Hibachi and Truly Hoops are good enough to have an oficial site; but the only thing holding us back is the fact that not enough people know about them.

when it comes to ideas on how to get popular; I totally agree with BET's comment.

I try to make sure I comment on lots of other sites; especially more popular sites; and link my website to my comment. I also try to include tags in my posts. I have already gotten complimented on Truly Hoops by people from SLAMonline.com, globalgrind.com, and Vitamin Water, but that still hasn't given us more followers.

I think the best way to get noticed is to just go ahead and make an official site anyways; becasue it is too damn hard to get noticed on blogspot.com.

I know this was a long comment; so to summarize.....Its too hard to get a blog noticed, no matter how good it is. so getting an official site would be the best way to go, because staying on blogger just holds the site back.

and D.O.A. is da shit!!!!

Moose said...

How about...we expand. Right now, we're a hoops blog. But, we don't need to keep it at basketball. It attracts all different kinds of fans that way. I've written about football and baseball in the last week, and they've worked. We've done music. We've done current events/hollywood entertainment commentary. We can be more versatile than just basketball. Maybe we should consider a name/logo change along with a site change, in the future, or a change now. I mean, think about it. We'll send out an email to the current Bachi dudes (me, Hursty, BET, DP and RV) and whoever wants to sign up for putting out something about once a week should sign up for it. Do you guys like it, or should we stick to the status quo?

BET said...

as long as i dont have to pay for it, sure.

Hursty said...

Hold up, hold up.
You guys have this youthful exuberance to everything you do ( cool links btw BET. Cornnn!), but small steps first ok?
I suggested the change to a ".com" site in December/January, once I've finished my HS and I'm waiting for University to start, so randomly deciding that "we should do *this/that* right now" is a bit hasty.
The chat box is a start.
It's free to make a wikipedia account, and once you do that, make hibachi20.blogspot.com part of wiki, and then you can edit other places like ballislife, slamonline etc from wikipedia and draw more commenters.
I know BET and Moose both go through celtics and bobcats and OKC fan sites and link their name up from there and we should keep that up.
Moose, I can't make a substantial post once a week as it is, it's not physically possible. (You've all noticed my lack of presence the last 6 months).
So.. just everyone chill for the next few months, keep writing quality articles like you have been on sport, music, culture etc and we'll keep drawing a fanbase.
Yes maybe we could get some more writers, but not if they're people who are gonna turn up for one post and think it's all good and leave for a 6 month hiatus lol.
And no idiots who get into arguments on comment boards either - you know the names I mean.

BET said...

well it looks like Hurricane Killjoy just came through and tore down the joint.....

Hursty said...

Figured I'd get that reaction :O, but it needed to be said on my part. From little... eggs, big fish grow.
PS I just watched this Santos guy for the LA Angels destroy Tampa Bay... he looks nice (no homo).

Ted da bear said...

Yo Hursty, how about it? (Read chat box).

Anonymous said...

Yo, somebody give me an e-mail plz.

Ted da Bear said...

that was me.

Anonymous said...


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