Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come On, Brett....This Is Getting Embarrassing

A Moose Track

Brett Favre was on top of the football world. It was 2007, and after setting the record for wins for a quarterback (149) and career touchdown passes (421) he decided to leave on top. '07 was a season of milestones. He became just the third quarterback in history to defeat every NFL team. He extended his record for consecutive playoff games with a touchdown pass (18). A deep playoff run. In the twilight of a historic career, it was the perfect time to call it quits; preventing a predictable downfall.

So as the tears ran down Brett's 37-year old face, we all lamented a legend leaving a game that people loved him for, but at the same time we were happy that Favre was making the right decision. I mean, he had played his entire career with the Packers, if you don't count four passes (that weren't caught) with Atlanta. Sixteen seasons. Ten Pro Bowls. Three NFL MVPs. One Super Bowl. All with one team. He had started every game for the Packers from 1992 through 2008. Right now is the perfect time to retire.

But, of course, Favre wished he hadn't said what he did at that press conference. "I know I can play, but I don't think I want to. And that's really what it comes down to." But, he still tried to initiate talks with the Packers about returning. Favre changed his mind, but the Packers didn't, sticking to their decision to have Aaron Rodgers start at QB.

So, leaving the Packers then wasn't your fault, we'll forgive you there. We still think you should've stuck to your guns on retirement, but leaving Green Bay wasn't what you wanted. But, you also wanted to be reinstated so that you could be free to try to play for a competitive, why the New York Jets? I mean, the Patriots were coming off of an undefeated season (minus the Super Bowl, I know), the Dolphins were on the rise and the Jets really just weren't.

The season ended without Favre making the playoffs, and the drama surrounding it was over. Fast forward to late July of 2009.

All over the paper, SportsCenter and all other sports publications, there were talks of Brett Favre retiring again, which wouldn't have been a surprise for everyone. Shouldn't have been a surprise for everyone; people though that Favre would learn from his first mistake, because he knows he's not getting any younger. Finally, word came out that he'd stay retired, and that it really was the end. Yeah, right.

This week, Favre signed a two-year deal to play with the Minnesota Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings. If that's not a slap in the face to every Green Bay Packers fan who bought his jersey, cheered him on or wrote "Favre" on their chest in melted cheese, I don't know what is. I know some hardcore Packers fans, and they're saying it's insulting. Un-retiring was a bratty move. Retiring AGAIN and un-retiring AGAIN is an even brattier move. Going to the Packers' rivals is just a straight-up diss.

So, Brett, we never know what to believe from you. Based on your history, we shouldn't. And, it's getting annoying. You'll 42 years old by the time your contract with the Vikes will be up. Then, you'll really retire.




Roy said...

As much as I'm a Brett Favre fan back when he was donning the Packers jersey, I supported not only him but the he played for. The brouhaha on him retiring then signing with the Jets was a failure. I thought that was it. Retiring for good this time would somehow save him from all the embarrassment. Signing a 2-year deal with the Vikings was the last straw not just for me but for every Packers fan all over the world. I agree with everything you wrote here, Moose. Dude just doesn't know when to walk away from away from the game honorably. The only reason I see in him going to Minnesota is his huge pride. I'm tired of his antics. For Brett's sake, he better hang up his cleats while he still again. I can't support him on this one. Not anymore. Sorry Brett. :(

Blinguo said...

Joe Willy Namath? rolling over in his grave.

Ditto still alive, Joe Montana, as neither was getting the superstar contract for their last team that they clung onto instead of retiring with their long tenured one team.

I assume. Don't know the history or too much on NFL contracts.

But it sounded like Bonds or MJ old man money for Favre here. Why, Minnesota?

Moose said...

Well, Minnesota doesn't really have a QB. Tarvaris Jackson can't hit the broad side of a barn (much less throw a spiral, haha), so I guess that Favre was a good pickup, some vet experience. So, I guess that some could argue that it was Minny's fault in some way...

BET said...

he has been 'debating' retirment every offseason since he turned 35. Its a joke, i try not to pay attention to him...

Teddy-the-Bear said...

Nothing wrong with the man tryin to make some more bread while he can still play a role. He was actually really good for New York last year, the Jets to be exact. Missed the playoffs by a hair, were projected as serious contenders too.

Jameyb said...

Selfish, self-centered. That's the best way to sum it up. He's just bitter about his ex (Packers) not taking him back and now trying to rub it in her face by dating her biggest enemy. Sad.

LeoneL said...

Can you imagine Kobe Bryant retiring then un-retiring and signing with the Celtics?

Moose said...

Exactly, LeoneL.

Anonymous said...


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