Friday, August 21, 2009

DP vol 1.

Fugg it all. I am back in school and back on the court forever I hope. Last year of ballin left in me and I must say I'm going to treat it like a white chick on prom night that is drunk and will only get down with me for that one time in my life(pointless rambling but true story), I'm going to live it up and kill it. Are basketball program over the years as been, how can I put this....sorry. We have progressed every year since I was a freshman, we were 2-26 then, last year we were 16-14. This year we lost 3 starters but it's all good because we have my boy Gerad and Ife and my favorite white baller, Matt Bird back on the team. and yes Bird is related to larry bird. He is like his 6th cousin or some shit like that but family is family man. The coaches have us on this new Miami heat program workout because they suck as individuals to inspire us to do any work. So they have to rely on this big ole book filled with workouts and drills to coach us. Pretty generic to me but hey I kind of like what we are doing. Lifting weights and running the track one day and basketball skill work the next day. This has had to be the most painful two weeks of my life because A)I hate running and I barely do it on my own and B)weights just aren't my forte ya dig? I think i'm also finally developing a six pack for the first time in my life so ladies give me call cuz gonna take a shot like Pau the rhyming? Yeah I know I'm dope. In other news around my school, we have aquired Lindeys Hunter's son onto our team. The kid is only a 10th grader and he is pretty good. Sometimes I feel he thinks he is LeBron or Kobe's kid sometimes but all in all he can ball and I'm just ready for the season to begin. My prediction for my boys is that we will make it to the playoffs this year and go from there. Of course I want to win it all but I've got to be realistic and take it one step at a time.

-Shit that is rambling my mind

1.How do you "fail" the ACT?-directed to derrick rose
2.Why do I like the "TO show?"
3.When is Hibachi Tv coming?-real soon...just got into broadcast journalism at school and the cameras are at my disposal. get ready for some ish in the next couple of weeks.
4.Is the Blueprint 3 worth the hype?
5.Is "Relapse 2" even worth hyping?
6.How many chicks will I bag at the upcoming football next week?-my answer...every girl in the world. Don't hate me for being a dog.

Aite I'm about to bounce and watch some "disney" channel. Kim possible sounds like a good idea but who knows, i might just pop the family guy in the system. Hope you guys are ready for bachi tv because it's about to pop off. and don't expect anything basketball....for now. It is still the offseason peeps. holla. play wit it.


Hursty said...

Good isht DP.
Looking forward to getting some TV going..
Umm.. the white girl referencing? LOL
Relapse 2.. is that the Eminem thing? I haven't even heard of it...
The Taking of *#$&*(# 123 looks like a sick movie btw.
District 9 not so much.
Inglorious Basterds was funnnny.
Just letting y'all know that I'm going to be throwing a game report up on here tomorrow/the next day from the AUS v NZ basketball match. Some NBA players featuring, as well as my boy Ater.
ps Welcome back DP!

Moose said...

Nice to have you back, DP. Personally, I'm excited for The Blueprint 3, we know there are at least a couple of strong tracks on there, and, hey, it's Jay-Z. We expect the best. Relapse 2....well, I read that most all of the songs are produced by Dre, so It might be some interesting stuff. Because you brought it up, I'll do reviews for both of them on here, just like the review I did for Yeezy's last CD.

BET said...

1.Idk lol roflcopter attack (i love this new internetz language!)

2.Because TO is the man.

3.It already is here/seemed to be a epic fail

4.Nothing is worth hyping, its either good or bad, but generally when people set the bar high in advance, no matter how good it may be it is not what you will expect/you will be dissapointed.

5.see #4

6. 2 at the same time. High five for that in advance.

BET said...

and why do you have Charles Hamilton's song up here. Charles has been dead to me ever since Rhymefest dropped 'Supersonic Chucky Cheese' aka the greatest diss ever...

DP said...

who is rhymefest???? and listen to the pink lavalamp by charlie. charles shits on the fest of rhyming. reat talk. play wit it.

Jameyb said...

Mr. Palmer, your use of metaphors are brilliant and hilarious. I hope you have a great season and it's too bad you are already back in school. I remember high-school not starting back up until at least the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend-but that was IONS ago! lol..As far as you guys getting Hibachi TV going, I know some of you are not too keen on "showing your faces", but for those brave enough, UStream could really open your readership/viewership up. It would give you guys the possibility of live video blogging, and getting real-time feedback on your stories. Not to mention it would enable you to get Hibachi out there to a few million more heads, as UStream is huge right now. You can thank Starbury and OchoCinco for that. And to top it off, IT'S 100% FREE. I have done a couple of live broadcasts and I can tell you it's also alot of fun...!

Blinguo said...

Enjoy working with those video editing programs DP, putting in music and splicing clips will become second nature.

Also, don't look at the home version one copy price of that Adobe Premiere editing program. It'll surprise you how expensive that thing is!

Windows Movie Maker at home, standard on PCs, will have to suffice until you make the big bucks.

Anonymous said...


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