Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Furious Five....Links of the Week

A Moose Track

Okay, I need something new here that I've been thinking about for a while. You know how Lang Whitaker does "The Links" on SLAM? And, BETCATS semi-regularly (all right not THAT regularly, but it's his idea) does/did the Ten Deadly Links on here and The Cat's Meow? Well, I'm going to build on what they've already started. So, guys, I'm not stealing your idea, I'm making my own version.

I realized that I wanted to contribute more to this site, but I couldn't think of how to contribute more regularly without constant ideas of epic writing pieces. So, I'm going to go with a constant weekly post as well as the normal posts that I.....post. So, I bring you, Grandmaster Moose and the Furious Five....Links of the Week. It's going to try to be funny, tell me what you think about the idea and how it'll work. So, with all of that to think about....here we go. Oh yeah, and every post ends with some music.

1. Usain Bolt broke his own world record. This is obviously the way to celebrate it.

2. T.I. knows where he's from, right? Whatever. I'll take the free fake reppin'.

3. Thank you Captain Obvious .

4. For a second, you thought Biggie had it right.

5. This is a damn shame. Too many famous people make mistakes like this. But this is a topic for another day; I just posted it because it was news.

To finish it off.....



Hursty said...

Hursty "likes" this, especially link 3.

Blinguo said...

Someone in a hat topic Niketalk, some guy says:

"I get asked all the time when I wear my Boston hat if I like the Red Sox, man I just wear it because the B is the first letter of my name and I like the style. :/"

Thanks, weirdo vain fashionista not a fan guy. Why he thought anyone would know that about him or how he gets annoyed at people thinking he's a fan of the Sox, the world may never know.

That's where it can go - at worst with people and New Era. Or the press postu-speculating about Iverson wore this hat/team, LeBron wears this now blip-a-de-bloo-blah.

But its all LL Cool J, he of the claiming most hats owned unofficial record. And claiming too many teams. Snoop = Lakers, Warriors (only in the playoff year, bandwagon Dogg) Steelers, etc etc etc.

Moose ye guilty too, your last post, Washington lid. Bet you like it because its the W font and 1st letter, Michael Wilbon... :/ (satire, ie: j/k)

Hursty said...

Blinguo I appreciate you being a fan of the site, and you seem like a cool dude - but I have NO idea what it was you were just talking about haha lmao.
Your a funny dude :)
Honestly, nada. 0, zip, keinen haha. Sorry mate.

Moose said...

Blinguo, yeah, I'm guilty. What can I say, I like the hat. I have no problem wearing a hat of another team, but it better not be in the AL East. I wear a Red Sox hat all the time, gotta stick to the fandom. But if I like a hat a lot, don't mind the team and don't mind the city, then I'll buy it and wear it.

BET said...

i think i am going to start using 'A BET Track' to startoff all my posts now.......

Moose said...

BET, sorry if you're offended by my kind of borrowing your idea. If you want me to stop, I will.

Blinguo said...

I'm hardly the joker of blogs compared to the fantastic BlowTorch NBA humor blog, Free Darko All Stars, the rest. Eddy Curry dieting tips, Phil Jax and a very surprised and happy (which hurts CATS fans more) Emeka doing "acting pose Summer camp," Birdman not shaving until his wedding next Summer(!) the other day's update, LeBron dancing.



The 4 types of people NBA players can befriend (imaginary, celebrity, bros, etc) Z-Bo's pranks, Kobe's new super lightweight shoes, etc.

And from some game sites, there was a dude crazier than I, hailing from Australia. Great humor this guy. Playing a World War 2 PC game called Hitler's elevator or some such, taping it and commenting during how there's only 2 people to fight. Soldiery guy and the guy with the hat. Making fun of their voice acting. Some unarmed guy in a huddled animation, what is he wanking or something? Non stop humorous commentary.

So I concede people from California, including me, are crazy. As are our Australian contemporaries. The Internet bridges the gap.

Blinguo said...

*creates Bobcat colored/flavored Moose Tracks ice cream*

Anonymous said...


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