Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tmac done for the year? (UPDATED)

(Don't forget to read Moose's new piece after this!!)


Tmac had an MRI done today and it revealed a freaking piece of cartilage missing! Where did it go?? Can't believe the doctors missed something like this, so I'm waiting for some kind of explanation. I have to put some blame on Tmac as well because he obviously was never "back", yet he claimed he was. I'm sure it was the pressure, but he still shouldn't have done it.

The doctors will further examine the MRI to see if he can play out the rest of the season or if he needs to shut it down and have microfracture surgery. The surgery will be needed only if the missing cartilage could possibly end his career.

Well once again there's drama unfolding in Houston. Here's what I know so far.
- Tmac sat out tonight's game against the Kings. A local reporter with credibility says Tmac held himself out of the game and neither the doctors or the team told him he could not play.

- prior to the game, the team issue a statement saying no further damage was seen in the MRI and that everything was the same.

-At halftime, Tmac stated he's looking for second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth opinions. He says for the last few games he's regressed back to where he was early in the season, the pain is back, weakness, etc.

- Trade Rumors- ESPN reported Houston was interested in an Artest for Carter trade and the same local reporter says Houston has been making lots of calls trying to make deals happen, possibly as many as 3 trades, but nothing is certain yet.

So what's the media and fans take? Well some believe Tmac is blocking a trade. Either one that's in the works or any that may develop. Kind of makes sense. If he's been slowly going back to his injured self for a few games now, why not have the MRI sooner? Why wait until the trading deadline talks heat up? So it's possible he wants to make himself seem like damaged goods so he'll stay put. Or this MRI could have been requested by another team who's already planning on trading for him, and Tmac saw it as an opportunity to block it. Others believe it's Ron who's going to be traded because he and tmac don't get along, and tmac is sitting out until Ron is gone.

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Moose said...

Oh, wow. Thanks for the news, RV. That's some crazy stuff. Cartilage, gone? Wow. Sorry to hear it, Tracy. 29 years old, and the career might be gone. Might.

jameyburke said...

Yeah, they should just call him T-Back. It's a damn shame. He had his chance in Orlando, but he was just too damn cocky. His window of opportunity is closing-very quickly....

Hursty said...

Cocky? Explain Jamey.

This is very frustrating. Would the trade be Artest for Carter? If so...that makes no sense. Sorry.

1 minute I look and the screen is white, the next BAM it's partly red.

RV said...

Hursty, u mean the update? what i originally wrote is in white text, my update is in red. As for the trade, i know it's not a great trade/fit. I guess the reasoning is, ron may leave this summer and tmac's career may be over or he just won't be TMac again, so that would leave Houston in a bad position for next year. So, getting carter basically gives us what Tmac was last year, so in a way the team will be the 07-08 version. Not ideal, but at this point they have to get what they can. It's just a rumor though.

Hursty said...

Yeh true, good point. Either way it's a messed up situation right now.
It'd be interesting to have Vince and Tracy on the same team again though no? In a strange, obscure way, but still. Full circle almost. Almost.

ps- I knew what the red meant, it was just that I refreshed from looking at Moose's comments, then there was all this white going around with red.

BET said...

IF i were Rockets Management i would stop wasting time and just buyout TMAC's contract. Dont even trade him, just release him and work with what ever is left. If you trade him, you need to worry about the new players getting playtime/gelling with the team, and you need to find a team that wants him. Add that with the fact TMAC has been acting strange as hell, i think he needs to leave Houston. I am not Rockets management, and their is a reason for that, im just saying.

Collin said...

why shouldn't they get rid of T-Mac, he only plays in half of the games anyway. The rockets would be better without all that drama. they shuold definitely get rid of him, whether it means a buyout, or a trade.

BET said...

i also think the jerseys are cursed/hideous. In my opinion, the Rockets have the least creative unis in the L. They should change em up.

jameyburke said...

Sorry Hursty "cocky" referring to 2002-03 when T-Back was in 1st rd. of playoffs vs Detroit. Orlando was up 3-1 and McGrady told the media he was "glad to be in the 2nd round." He was flexing for the cameras after dunks etc..Detroit then came back to win the next 3 games (all blowouts too) and knock T-Back and the Magic out of playoffs.....

Hursty said...

No worries Jamey. Thought you meant his time in Houston for some reason. Its ok.
Buyout? Never considered that before. If he did go to another club and make it past the 1st round, I'd still be happy for him...but the Rockets probably won't let that happen. Meh :(

jameyburke said...

Really cool D.Howard stuff here:

Anonymous said...


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