Friday, February 13, 2009

All-Star stuff

G'day rock n rollers!

News: Over 180 people have died in bushfires in Victoria (a State) over the last week, some of which were deliberately lit (bastards!). Please send out your prayers and thoughts for those afflicted.

Onto brighter news:

All Star Game MVP: LeBron. Just cos.

3 Point Shootout: Jason Kopono. Even though he's had less than half the 3pt shots made than almost every other player competing, dude's won it twice in a row. 3 is magical anyways.

Dunk Contest: Anyone but Rudy Fernandez. Not a highlight reel dunker. He's got some flashy alley-oops, but thats it. Nate takes too long to get a dunk down so he's out too. JR and who else? Um, Dwight. I go for JR though. Dwight should win, but I'm going with JR.

Rookie Challenge MVP: Durant. Who the hell is gonna guard that man? Beasley?! LOL, If it were a rookie I take OJ purely because he's a better shooter than Rose and you know there'll be plenty of open looks from downtown. Driving lanes are going to be exposed as well, but both are explosive enough to get to the bucket as well.

HORSE (not GEICO) winner: Joe Johnson. Cos he's awesome. And it'd be wrong not to support a guy who's jersey I just got.

Celebrity Game MVP: Chris Tucker or Donald Haison (scrubs) at least, those guys I hope will win. Terrell Owens will probably win though. Does that make sense? Meh haha.

So who do you guys have for the events? Post em below.

What else? Oh! Marion hit a game winner! A dunk. The Bulls let Shawn go in for a win the game...wth.

Deron Williams is explained on SLAM. Props.

Rajon Rondo with a LON triple double : 19points, 15rebounds, 14 assists.

Shaq and Kobe are playing together again. Should be interesting.

Devin Harris is still balling, strangely so is Vince. Coolness all round.

Mike Brown is a hater. Who doesn't love Joey Crawford?

Bill Russell is 75. Happy Birthday! Which reminds me...

HAPPY VALENTINES! Hope everyone had a nice day/is having one. Mine was good!
DP- How goes it with the bycicle lady? Still spinning with her?
Moose- My sister is your age...she likes guys. Reciprocal yet lol?
BET- We've heard about your adventures. Answer this as you feel fit ;)

Much love to everyone over the All-Star weekend!

Peace, Hursty.


Moose said...

RONDOOOOOO!!!! You know it.

3-Point Shootout: I think that this is going to Kapono. I'm rooting for Roger Mason, but Kapono is going to win IMO.

Dunk Contest: Howard. But I'm rooting for Lil' Nate.

HORSE Winner: OJ Mayo. I've read that he's cooked up some crazy stuff.

ASG MVP: LeBron. He's the real MVP. Why not be the all-star MVP?

@Hursty: That was some leave of absence haha. Glad to see you back on here. And, as for your last question . . . reciprocal yet? Of course, but, I hate to bring this up about your sister . . . she lives a frickin' long ways away. But we'll talk about this over email, no? And what is this stuff with BET that you're talking about?

@DP: Fly Society coming soon?

Moose said...

Oh yeah, and my prayers go out to the people affected by the tragedies in AUS.

BET said...

I = happy as hell. Hooked up some special special.

Collin said...

3-point: Roger Mason

Dunk: Superman, but i am definitely rooting for fernandez, but that's only becasue he is one of my favorite players.

Horse: Joe Johnson

ASG MVP: Dwayne Wade, don't know why I think he will win it, but I do. I'm rooting fof my number one favorite player though; Brandon Roy.

Hursty said...

Moose- meaning that she likes guys at 13/14, so wondering whether you liked girls- not her you gronk :D
Also, I'm still on leave of absence. This was 1 post and it took me, like, 20 minutes to do so it doesn't count.

Moose said...

Of course I knew what you were talking about, Hursty. I know what the word "reciprocate" means. I did that in math like a year ago (with reciprocals and all of that, haha). I was just bringing it to a new subject. Don't think I didn't understand you.

Hursty said...

... ok haha.

DP said...

yes, fly society is coming...soon. I agree with all your picks hurst and seeing that the durant prophecy has already been fulfilled, I think you will be on point for the rest of the weekend. and as far as me and bicylce lady? let's just say she got me going in circles haha

Moose said...

Excited for the FS, dude . . .

Anonymous said...


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