Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Playing For Change: Stand By Me

A Moose Track

Hello, everyone. OK, this is not a basketball post by any means, so I apologize if anybody has a problem with that, but I wanted to post this anyways. I stumbled upon this video by way of a friend (lil' shout out to HB for that one) and I wanted to share it with you guys. "Playing For Change" is "a movement to connect the world through music". It's great stuff. Enjoy a great rendition of an absolute classic here.

In basketball news, Felton-for-Tinsley trade talks are very much in-the-works, and they appear to be serious. Also, we get J.R. Smith instead of Rudy Gay for the Slam Dunkeroonis, because Gay strained his left hip. That's all that you might not have heard about. Also, the Battle of the Zero Defenses happened yesterday between the Knicks and the Warriors. The score? 144-127, Warriors. Go figure. The game of GEICO (cringe) will be between Kevin Durant, OJ Mayo and Joe Johnson. Ehhh.

Anyways, I want comments on both of the basketball stuff and the non-basketball stuff please, the point of this post was to show the video.



jameyburke said...

Am at work-will listen when I get home..Stat trade rumors are really heating up today. Would be sweet if Shaq fell into our laps. Imagine a Lakers-Celtics re-match with a Shaq/Kobe re-match as a subplot...THAT would be sweet.

Collin said...

cool video. A lot of people forgot abot tinsley because he was getting "marbury'd" by the pacers. he is a sold point guard, someone who could probably get 10-15 points, and add 5-10 assists a night. who knows how rusty he will be. if for some reason this deal does go down, how will the pacers distribute minutes to ford and felton? jarret Jack might have to sacrifice some minutes too. and with the whole STAT thing, i love the blazers, and if he gets traded there; especially if it is for aldridge and bayless or something like that; i would be PISSED!!! if the blazers want to be consedered elte, they should keep stoudamire far away.

Moose said...

Jamey . . . no. Shaquille O'Neal will not be a Boston Celtic. I will put a lot of money on that. And Collin, I think that Tinsley for Felton would be bad for the Bobcats. I have this confidence in Felton. The dude can ball. Anyways, the trade would be GREAT for the Suns. Not so great for the Blazers. But still, won't ruin the team. I'm a Blazers' backer too, and I'm going for them to not make this trade.

Anonymous said...


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