Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's only one game, but it's more of the same...

How many of you said AB couldn't handle the minutes, the pressure, the responsibility??

How many said Rafer would fit in perfectly with Orlando because he could shoot the 3??

I'm guessing y'all were in the minority...

Like the title says, it's only one game, but it's more of the same...

Brooks once again came through, like he always does when he starts. He posted 19 points on 7-15 shooting, 3 of 5 from downtown, 6 rebs, 8 asst, 2 steals. AND he drilled two big 3s in the final minutes:

Rafer? Well he had 8 assists, but then again Shard and Hedo were a combined 8 of 17 from downtown, so who knows how many of those assists were to them, he did have 3 stls, but that's typical Rafer, and he was 1 of 9, yes 1 of 9, from the field, 0 for 3 from downtown, also typical Rafer.

There's some Magic fans out there who believe Rafer needs a few games to get his shooting straight since he's on a new team. Sorry to burts your bubble, but that IS how he shoots most of the time. I'm not trying to hate on Rafer cus i like the guy, and he was always professional here and he does have certain skills, but there's a lot of fans that don't quite understand why he was traded. Well that's why, he can't shoot consistently. Brooks is the real deal and Lowry brings a new look at point guard spot as well. He did well last night, and i think Houston fans will grow to like this trade as the season goes on. And Orlando fans? Rafer will be better than anything you have healthy at point, but you'll have to live with his shooting and understand this starting now. I swear whether he's on or not depends on things beyond his control, maybe there has to be a full moon, maybe there has to be a kid, a woman, a businessman, a teen, and a celebrity sitting on the front row all in that order, who knows....


Moose said...

LBJ, 55, 9 and 5. And 8-11 from downtown. Who says he can't shoot?

Roy said...

Co-sign Moose. Bron's shots have improved especially from 3-point land. :D

Hursty said...

1-9= typical Rafer. So true unfortunately.
And Brooks was very good too. I got to see the 2nd half (*yay*).

BET said...

i saw the last 4 minutes of that game! I like Brooks. If yall just rid yourself of TMAC and bring in a better shooting guard that will compliment Yao (say Micheal Redd) and change the jerseys back to these:

but also with a Yellow/Red alternate, i would become a fan!

Hursty said...

BET- the link is broken, but sometimes the rockets do play in those old school yellow/red alternates (or at least they did last year. Or maybe it was '07?) I forget.
Either way it was a good game.

BET said...

it was the championship team jersey. The classic red ones. They switch back to those, do what i say, OR keep doing what they are doing (THEY BEAT MY CATS TODAY) i would like them

Anonymous said...


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