Saturday, February 28, 2009

Research Papers, Kicks, Drug tests, and overrated class of 2011 players: just another day for ya boy.

Okay, so I'm finally back at it after a few weeks off and let me tell you guys, these have been the two most stressful weeks that have ever graced my life. Through these last tow weeks, I have barely seen any basketball on T.V. or in person(except Tuesday night). But I will get to that later on. I really don't feel like explaining in thorough detail why my life is on the edge right now but I will put out little points that cut to the chase and display to my audience my disposition at the moment. That is all you can really ask from a fly dude like myself anyway, right?

Things that have stressed me out to the point where I'm ready to pull a trigger!

  1. Research Paper

I know mostly all of you guys have had to write one of these pain in the anus's at least a couple of times in you school years( Hurst, Moose, and BET are probably doing it right now) and let me inform you, all the commotion and hooting and hollering from this paper has taken at least 6 good years of my life away. First off, I am currently in AP Language and our papers have to be 8-10 pages compared to a pitiful 4 pages for regular English. Basically comparing the strenghts of the two English classes, AP is like a Dwight Howard. Regular is like a Kevin Durant. You do the math on that one. Secondly, I didn't even finish my research book, Native Son. It's not that it wasn't an interesting book, because I was very intrigued by it. But my laziness is like that girl that I know is a gold-digger, but I'm content with her because I'm just become accustomed to her style. So because of my laziness, the last two weeks I have slept an average of 4 hours a night. Most nights consist of me reading diligently on sparknotes and me frantically rummaging through my notecards trying to find key facts. I don't really know if I did well on it but let's just say my ability to BS a literary criticism isn't so shabby if you ask me. And to put the icing on the king cake(shouts out to the NO and Madri Gras) I only had 5 percent plagiarism on my paper when I used That's just wavy baby!!! I just hope I don't fail because my teacher let us in on a little secret the day we turned our papers in...if we fail the paper, we fail English. Damn.

2. Kicks Drama

I know I sound like a woman expressing these emotions but I cannot find a pair of shoes that define me! I've been saving up for the past 3 weeks for a fly pair of footwear but I'm not satisfied with all this bullcrap I'm seeing. Either they don't have my size or I'm just not willing to cut some more cheddar to make it happen. But I realized as I bought myself some Nike air max's today on that if I am to be an aspiring sneakerhead, price should not inhibit me. I don't believe it will stop me now as I am somewhat pleased with the shoes I just bought. They still don't define me, but I'm not trippin anymore. Money is not even an issue with my moms either. She said as long as I give the Big Man his 10 percent and put money in my savings, i can blow the rest. Well, my response to that? My income tax needs to hurry up so I can go on and purchase the shoes THAT WILL DEFINE ME...YEEZY'S!!!!

3. Drug Test

Yes, I smoke weed and yes I was called for a "random" drug test yesterday afternoon. My heart stopped as I heard them call my name on the intercom and I was in shock. Out of 2,000 people in the school, my name came up. And I haven't even smoked in like 4 weeks while half the school is blowing on fruity everyday. But let me stop getting on another cats because it is no one's fault but my owns. I shouldn't have done it and I have to accept that I made a mistake. As far as percentages go, I think I have a 70 percent chance of passing the test. 4 weeks is ample time to get that stuff our of my system but you never know. This has really put me into a funk for the past few weeks and I just pray to God things turn out a brotha's way. I'm officially done with weed for a while now so that means I got to move some people out of my life. Just got to keep it moving bro...

4. Class of 2011

Finally, enough about me and on to some hoops! Tuesday night, me and tow of my homeboys went to the Big House AKA the Mississippi High School basketball state playoffs. We thought we would go and check out the action since we got put out the week before. Don't worry, we will make a deep playoff run next year. Anyways, as we were riding to the big House, this is how the convo went down.

Me: So who's playing tonight?
Gerad: East side and Hazlehurst.
Me: Ay, doesn't East Side have that big mammoth Johnny O'Bryant?
Ife: Yeah, if you ask me he is overrated.

Gerad: Dude, everyone in the class of 20011 is overrated. They underrate 2010 for some odd reason.

Me: Maybe because half the dudes that are in the 10th grade are supposed to be in our grade or freakin Seniors right now.

Ife: Hell yeah.

Gerad: Just like LaQuinton Ross(Rivals no. 1 overall player in class of 2011). Dude is like 18.

Me: He wasn't even that good when we played Murrah two weeks ago, scouts are just on 2011's dick too hard.

Ife: And to think the dude we are about to see is in the top ten in his class.

Me: Cant wait to see this hype fizzle out.

  • And how right I was as big Jonny O'Bryant proved that not all hyped up big men are as good as praised. When I first glanced at Johnny, I had an instant player comparision for him. Hasheem Thabeet. Fresman year Thabeet to be exact because this year Thabeet is tearing up the Big East more than my little niece dows Chris Brown posters. J.B. started the game by missing his first 6 shots from the flooor and getting hung on his first dunk. Let me point out to you that the tallest player for the opposing team was 6'1. And Johnny is freakin 6'9, 220, I believe. J.b. was rattled the whole game as he was trying to "flash" the defenders by using Chris Bosh fadeaways instead of dominating the little midgets like an Amare in the post. the only thing I can possibly see that the scouts like about this dude is his athleticism. He did have some nasty alley's and he double-windmilled one of them. If that's even possible. He was also a swat machine as he racked up 7 blocks. But with that little good came much worse screw-ups as he had 6 turnovers, only 10 points, and he fouled out of the game early in the 4th quarter. His team, Eastside High, lost by 7 with him sitting on the bench in pity crying his eyes out. I'm going to back off of Johnny now because he is still just a sophomore and a season of tough AAU basketball outght to straigten him out. Just like Thabeet, hair and all, he is raw offensively but a menace to society on defense. I'll give him another yer to prove his true dominance but if the class of 2011 is so much more dominant than 2010 then J.O.B. cannot be in the top ten. Sorry scouts.

So that is just a brief run-down on what's been going on in my brain for the past couple of days. this post was supposed to be done days ago but I'm such a busy man that i rarely have time to do write-ups about anything anymore. But as usual, I thank you guys for the time to share my soul through this blog. Oh yeah, Fly society...

  • Nate Robinson

  • Camron( Welcome back, killa)

  • Deron Williams
  • Wade(Player of the week)

  • Shaq(45 and 10)
  • The clispe

  • Asher Roth(Thanks B.long)
  • Gucci Mane...sike!

  • L.O.
  • Mo Williams

That's about it. If you have anymore suggestions you know where to hit me up. play wit it.

P.S.: I you haven't seen VH1 storytellers with Kanye west, you are not on your job and you need to check it out asap. it is truly amazing. shouts out to Mr. West.


jameyburke said...

DP: A very nice site to find some kicks. They have everything:

Also, you will need your income tax returns for the Yeezy's-they're going to be about $300 a pair...(riDONKulous). Good post, but you keep spelling two "tow". Maybe it's that "fruity" lol...

Hursty said...

Ahhh, research papers...I wish I was a junior (2nd last yr of school again...) no offense mate, I KNOW you worked like a demon on crack cocaine for this assessment, but over the last 4 weeks of school I've had
4- count em- 4. 1,2,3 4(!) term papers, including a 6000 word assessment on the metanarrative and existentialist thought with an 8 minute presentation INC. Visuals. Yes it was a bitch.
The other stuff was like 2G to 4G projects, which paled in comparison to the bitch that was ext 2 english *shudders*.

Of course we just had a maths assessment, an english core task due tomorrow and ext 1 english last week- but they're ok- I got em on lock.

If I was to give you advice...If you know the texts that you'll need to read for senior year, read them in the holidays. That'll help you sooo much, as well as highlighting key sentences and QUOTES (those are the bane of my life right now ). Making study notes as you go helps for yearly exams or whatever you call em in the States.

Re. shoes- Huaraches? I dig em like a bunny rabbit chews carrot.

Re. Dope test, good that you're staying off it, it does have long term psychological and psychophrenic impacts if you use it too frequently.

it SHOULD (not always, BUT SHOULD) be out of your system within 2 weeks, BUT it also depends on the form you took it. Cookies, inhaling from a bong etc.
If you don't clean your teeth well, the residual effect of the biscuits can stay on for longer, and naturally it will have trace amounts in your system. Unfortunate if that's the case....
Hope you get off, but like you said, stay off the ganja, smokers are tokers eh? :)

Good luck with the studies mate.

ps- guessing that your team didn't make it to the state finals?
That shit in Alabama was too messed up btw.

Open question: Can NBA scouts view a college team's scrimmages/practices? I have a very, very interesting story if that is the case lol.

BET said...

i think everybody up here (besides moose) has at least TRIED weed and suffered some ramifications because of it. But i think you will pass that D-Test, although it doesnt really matter. The only reason i am so anti-drug on these internets is because double standards are fun as hell!

Also, i am gonna delete my Shaq post and let this shit get to the top.

As for shoes, you like Air Yeezys, which is terrible? Are you a hypebeast now or something? Come on man!

I took the liberty of going to pickyourshoes and finding some hot ish for you! DONT BUY THE YEEZYS! NOOO!

Please DO NOT get the Yeezys. If you buy them you will be part of the problem that is the society who incourages Kanye to act strange on purpose. Sure he had a hard couple of years but he has now become a attention whore and i HATE IT

BET said...

and dont steal my swagger:

3 weeks from now, these will be on my feet.

BET said...

"Gucci Mane...sike!"

How you play with my heart amazes me. Keep enjoying Mr.TourmentedAutoTune while i keep my hotbetterthanyourshit taste in music.

P.S- Combinding words is the new 'thing'

Moose said...

Tough breaks here, DP. And BET: I've been offered, but I'm not accepting ever. Count on that.

Moose said...

And DP, can we get some more conversations with your friends about the blog? That'd be dope.


i got a snow day, but what the fuck is moose doing here? GO TO SCHOOL

Moose said...

Dude, Massachusetts is covered with a foot of snow. We got it off too.


"scouts are just on 2011's dick too hard." I didnt catch that before, but let me assure you YOU DO NOT NEED A SCOUT OR BE ON A HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM TO BE A 2011ER WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE RIDIN YOUR DICK TO HARD. Ex: me


since we are once again calling money 'cheddar', can we call cheddar 'swiss' and swiss 'parmigiana'

AR said...

@Hurst:That psychological harm stuff is either unproven or shoddily prove at best.

BET said...

after doing 'research' by looking at people in my neighborhood i have concluded weed will only have physiological impacts if you lace it with something

DP said...

yeah, weed had never been proved to kill brain cells are anything close to that. I don't see what the big deal is with it but oh well

DP said...

and thanks jameyburke and Bet for the kick info. I will definetly check it out.

DP said...

as for the yeezy's...they have too much swag for some people to handle.....I love gucci! no, really though, i don't hate the dude but I don't necessarily like him either. he is like a 6.5 out of 10 BET.

RV said...

Random drug testing at school?? Is this common there, because I've never heard of it unless you're an athlete, but it sounds like it's school wide where you're at..I've never smoked weed other than through second hand smoke, but it's more out of not liking to smoke than not wanting to try it. It is suppose to be fairly safe compared to other drugs, but i think the problems come when you smoke it so much that you're brain doesn't experience anything else but being stoned, so although it may not screw up your head, it may keep you from developing your mind, but spotty use probably ain't a big deal.

yardbird said...

Shiiit man I know exactly where you're at right now.

14 page research paper on the history of Japanese theater has permanently killed me for the past three weeks.

Illinois state playoffs, here I come!

Hursty said...

Izzo- maybe your right?
Either way, it's better to stay off the stuff regardless.

AR said...

Hurst:I disagree...let's say no more.Except if you drink and don't do weed because of its harmful effects,you're a stupid person.Not calling you one,but it don't make no sense.And if you do do weed,do not do it during school months.Summers are there for a reason.

Anonymous said...

BET, add me to the list of people who've never touched the herb. Or drank. A lot of my teammates have, but I just have no desire to do any of that stuff.

@RV: In our school, we've never had any drug testings, and there's tons of kids that are known to do drugs or 'roids. DP, if you're so concerned, maybe you should move up here, haha

jameyburke said...

Yeezys will only be about $200 it looks like. Here are the 1st three colorways:

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