Thursday, February 26, 2009

Appreciating Scalabrine

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Brian Scalabrine is very, very under appreciated. Well, I mean, you watch number 44 on the court, and you laugh. White. Carrot top. Sort of fat (for an NBA player). And you are entertained. The "PUT IN SCAL!" chants from the crowd might be mocking him, as I realized a long time ago. And I used to be entertained by the appearance and slightly bumbling play of Scallie (he does play great defense when you need it, though).

But the under appreciated part of 'Brine is that he is one of the most humorous, outgoing, funny players in the NBA. I mean, of course he doesn't play that much. But the guy is hilarious. Plus, he plays the game the right way. And he can shoot the three ball well.

So, here are two very entertaining (in a different way) videos from the press conference that Scalabrine participated in after they won the 2007-08 NBA Finals. Which he didn't play a second in. But that's beside the point. On to the hilarious and hard-to-hate redhead.

Now you'll watch Brian and not laugh at his play. You'll laugh at his personality and sense of humor.



Eboy said...

All I know is, whenever I see him play....I immediatley think of Michael Rappaport...playing in the old MTV Rock N' Jock games and the NBA Celebrity games now.

Collin said...

i agree with eboy with the whole rappaport thing. he kinda looks like matt bonner also.

AR said...

All white guys look the same to me.

RV said...

Did you see Rappaport play in the celebrity game this year? I thought the similarity was just physical, but they ACTUALLY PLAY THE SAME!, at least on D...

Moose said...

Did somebody say Matt Bonner? BEANTOWN REPPIN' BIG!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Moose, but I am NOT a Scallie fan. He was definitely pretty funny in those interviews and I like how he threw the questions right back in the interviewers' faces, but other than that I can't stand him. In fact, my brother actually makes fun of me whenever he drops a 3 on the Knicks. Maybe it's cuz he reminds me of this huge, slow teammate of mine who I hate playing against, but I just don't like Scalabrine

LeoneL said...

damn this youtube filter in the office. can't watch the video.

i can't say i laugh at his play. i laugh because he looks funny. hehehe

scal's got a ring though.

jameyburke said...

Scal does look like Rappaport. This guy is a great team player. he's smart, hustles, encourages others, etc. Just a good, solid bench player.

AR said...

@Hursty:To answer your question on the SLAM reffing thing:No it's not but,but after his two techs he refused to leave the court and proceeded to scream the ref down.The red showed the tech sign five more times,the game was abandoned and a fight ensued.

Hursty said...

Well....thats pretty funny, as long as you didn't get pwned by someone else.
That HAS to be some sort of record though doesn't it? I mean, our coach is bad...but thats just crazy. What was the reason for the 1st 2 tech's?

Justin Walsh said...

Scal is the epitomy of a guy who basketball wise has no business being in the league to be real, but because of his locker room chemistry, intelligence and all around positive impact on the team he earns it. Scal is proof that skills aren't everything

AR said...

I can't remember,but he got banned for the rest of the season and then got himself out of it.He has an,um,reputation.

Hursty said...

Sounds very much like my coach, head coach of the organisation, but gets fired up way too often, usually resulting in an ejection or technical (at least).
Sounds like the two of them should go bowling some time.

Hursty said...

Can someone please update the site? I'm sick of looking at this bloody rangas face (pun entirely intended).
Moose, no offense here, but I seriously don't think that Brian deserves 4 days of love as the cover piece on our beautiful site. Maybe if we just showed the back of his head that would be acceptable?
Especially when John Legend only gets 30 hours :(
HOWEVA- I do like the inclusion of video links, I think we should try and incorporate them more into the site ( I know RV did some great exercise videos a while back).

Also, Im mildy surprised Jamey Burke hasn't hit up this post with some semi spam like links haha.

PS- half yearlies coming up in 3 weeks....garghhhh! F.M.L lolol.

Moose said...

Hursty, it's not in my control whether YOU or some other poster decides to go over Scals.


lol at his concussion.

How did he get it? From riddin the pine too hard?

Hursty said...

True. However, I also thought that BET's post was about B.S too, so I was going to crack isn't so I'm not.

I LOVE YOU said...


Anonymous said...


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