Thursday, October 2, 2008

NBA Pre-Hibachi: San Antonio Spurs

THE OLD: Pretty much the whole team....but seriously though, Mighty Mouse and Brent Barry are both gone.

THE NEW: Picked up Salim Stoudemire...drafted George Hill and James Gist. Traded for rookie Malik Hairston on draft day. They just signed Charles Gaines, who was playing in Europe, this week. Ian Mahinmi was their 05 pick and he's been brought in as well.

THE TRUTH: That dynasty is over. Period. I can't see this team reaching the Finals in an extremely tough conference. Could they manage to squeak out a championship if they did reach them? Maybe. I could see them, if completely healthy, giving Boston, Detroit, or any other eastern team a tough series all the way to game 7. However, the playoffs start at round 1, not the finals. They can't coast through the season anymore, the rest of the competition is too tough. They can't rest their top guys in the first round anymore. Competition is too tough. To get to the finals the Spurs would have to fight their way to the top of the standings for almost all 82 games. Taking a month or even half the season off is not an option. Even if they managed to do that and face a lower seed, it still won't be easy. Do you think the young and deep Blazers are going to give up? Do you think Dallas, doesn't have something to prove? Do you think Denv-well, Denver isn't going to give anyone any competition, but all the fast break opportunities should at least make the Spurs tired. And it only get tougher from there. That's were the deeper and more well rounded teams like New Orleans, Utah, Houston, and Lakers come in. Beat two of those teams on the way to the finals, only to have Boston waiting? They have a better shot at the #1 pick next year...Ok not really, but i don't see it happening. Not when your most clutch player, and possibly best player, is out until December and you lost Brent Barry. Not when Bowen just turned 37 and Finley will turn 36 next spring. Kurt Thomas turns 36 in a week. Oberto will "only" be 34 next March. And guess what? They might have to play those guys 3o-35 mins OR MORE to win. Udoka never quite was able to replicate Bowen off the bench. Thomas has to back up TD and oberto because Bonner just won't get it done. Finley has to come in start for two month in place of Manu. Parker isn't old, but with Vaughn as back up, Parker needs to play almost the whole game.

That's a lot of negativity towards the former champs, so are there any bright spots? NO! Alright, alright, just a few. They acquired Salim Stoudemire from the ATL and he's got a sweet jumper. With their robotic offense he might actually fit nicely. Well, I guess that's the only bright spot actually. They do have experience and a great coach. Their dancers aren't bad either. Nice City. Black and silver are nice colors also. They're close to Houston, that's a positive right? Their fans will need a new team to root for soon, so that's convenient. I'll be damned, there were a few bright spots afterall!

Here's the team:

Parker - Vaughn - George Hill

Manu - Finley -Salim -Roger Mason

Bowen - Udoka -

TD - Bonner - Gaines

Oberto - Thomas - Ian Mahinmi

They definitely need some veteran depth to make championship run. Gist might make the team, but that doesn't really help in that department. .Horry was recently told by Pop they're looking at other guys to replace him as a back up 4/5, and if they don't work out they'll let him know. Horry may be old, but he ain't a fool and should be more helpful than anyone they have now or anyone roaming 10-Day Contract Road. The recent signing of Gaines might mean the end Horry's opportunity though. Gaines definitely has younger legs, but doesn't have the experience Horry does to help out in the playoffs. So why am i pushing re-signing Horry is he's just as old as the rest? Because i think this is the last real chance they have at a ring, unless they manage something crazy via free agency, but i dont think they have that flexibility in the next yr or two. After that the window will pretty much shut for them and leave them to rebuild mainly around Parker. So might as well go all out this year and use Horry. Plus Horry is upset about going out like a punk, so he really wants to redeem himself this year. Leave the young guys like Gaines for the future when mistakes can be afforded. This year, they're either perfect or finished.

Did I mention Gaines LOVES the Houston Rockets?? He's from Port Arthur, TX. He grew up being, and actually still is, a big Rockets fan.


DP said...

Free George Hill!

Hursty said...

Free DP from the shackles of no-post land! JK mate.

DP said...

patience. I will be up all night, but the post will be done by friday. and golden state by monday. Red Bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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