Saturday, October 25, 2008

NBA Pre-Hibachi Fastbreak: Charlotte Bobcats

Alright, so we still have 14 teams left to preview and only 2 and a half days left until opening night. That means we're gonna have to spit these out D'Antoni style to make the deadline in time, so here they come, faster than NBA injuries are piling up.

The Bobcats, I thought, were going to be what Portland is right now. Young, full of potential, and set for years. They had Wallace, Felton, Okafor, Morrison, Hermann, Brezec, May and Carroll. All young and talented, ready to develop together and really make some noise in a few years. Fast-forward almost 2 years later and almost all of those those guys are still there. However, with injuries to most of those guys this team hasn't had much of a chance to develop. Back then, having a team full of versatile and solid semi-stars/stars players, like the pistons, seemed the way to go. Now you need some superstar power, which these guys don't have. They have made some moves, their wheels keep spinning, but these guys are stuck in the mud, going nowhere. This season should be a decisive one for them. Who do they keep long term and who is shown the door? Morrison is finally healthy, along with May. D.J. Augustin is in the mix now after being drafted this summer. Mohammed is still solid, but old, compared to these guys. Wallace and Richardson provide a lethal combo, but are somewhat similar and don't really provide superstar punch consistently. Should they both stay? A lot of questions for this team. Here's their depth:

Felton - DJ -S. Brown
Richardson- Carroll
Wallace - Dudley - Morrison
Okafor- May - Andre Brown -Davidson
Nazr- Hollins- Ajinca


BETCATS said...

comment #1, 1st, i had my bobcats preview saved and ready to send to hurtsy but kept forgeting too. #2 that was a good read RV, written well for somebody who problay only saw the Cats play when they were losing to his Rockets.

RV said...

Bet, sorry man, if you want to email me that preview right now, i'll post it for you :

RV said...

i've actually kept an eye on the Bobcats for a while now, Okafor is from Houston, and although i don't know him personally but I know some people who do and I played against him once in high school, so I can't help, but notice how he's doing. I also saw him once at 24 hr fitness, like at midnight, the summer he was drafted, I didn't bother him to be polite, but I regret no talking to him, since its not everyday you're practically alone in a gym with a future NBA star.

Hursty said...

Hey thats pretty cool RV. Were you as smart as him too? Lol. Dude was an Academic all american wasn't he?
@BET- why not just email it to RV or something and he'll re-post it for you? Spreading the catology (or whatever your ideology is) around the world.... :)

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