Saturday, October 25, 2008

NBA Pre-Hibachi Fastbreak: Utah Jazz

I hate the Jazz. Like every other Rockets' fan out there I have to. We have memories that go back to Malone and Stockton being in the way of two rings. They were dirty then and they're dirty now, but lately they've gone Hollywood with their flops. I can't just write this from a hater's perspective though because they can ball with the best of them, Emmys aside. This is another team that seems to just be spinning their wheel in mud, but their stuck in a much better place, right behind the best in the west. Its difficult to gauge their improvement over the years since the last two years they faced an overachieving Warriors' team and an injured Rockets' team. That's not to say they've had it easy because they've battled some of the best also, but I don't think they have had the constant tests and pressure the elite teams usually encounter. Their achilles heel is without a doubt the lack of a true big man. they still manage to rebound well and use their outside shooting center as a disadvantage, but in the playoffs, you need something consistent down there, not 40% from the 3 pt line (as good as it may sound). They do have a nice roster though, with tough players who play their roles very well. Almond is a young, but promising player. Korver's a consistent shooting threat. Brewer and Millsap are impriving every year, while Price continues to surprise every one in a while. Koufos, a pick that completely fell in their laps like a gift from up above, might be the answer to their big man prayers, but he's still has some learning to do. All signs point to a bright (immediate) future, but let's not forget the Jazz spuns their wheels this summer as well. While other teams like Houston, New Orleans, and Los Angeles made improvements, the Jazz didn't really make any. At least not any that will help soon. Expect another great season followed by another 2nd round-ish exit.

Deron - Price -Knight

Brewer - Harpring - Miles

AK - Korver - Almond

Boozer - Millsap

Okur - Collins - Kufos

The 15th spot is still up for grabs and yes I definitely forgot to mention Booz. Can you blame me though? The guy has been forgettable for half a year now. We'll have to wait and see how he responds since he's up for a new contract.


Hursty said...

Its ok RV. Everyone hates the Jazz. Brewer is pretty athletic though and a good defensive player, he (imo) could have a 15,4,3 season this year, he seemed to really step up late last year. Time to trade Kirilenko imo. If he can't perform in the first month, then starting shopping him. Is Matt Harpring around still? I heard he retired... although Im probably thinking of Pat Garrity lol.

Hursty said...


RV said...

Someone didn't read all of my preview! Hapring is on the depth chart. I agree about AK, he's really talented, but the guy just doesnt have a role he can really fulfill consistently on this team.

Hursty said...

It was Pat Garrity then RV.
You know, I cant always be held accountable for not remembering everything you write, it's so damn full of Villegas goodness... ;)

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