Saturday, October 25, 2008

NBA Pre-Hibachi Fastbreak: Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls...Chee-cah-go Boo-ls.....its rolls so nicely off your tongue. The Bulls are what a franchise should be. Located in a big city, a cool nickname, good-looking unis, several banners looking down. The most photogenic in-mid-air player in the league. They got it all. Except team chemistry. That's exactly what kept this team from building and improving after a good regular season and solid playoff outing just 2 years ago. They were suppose to be on their way to the good 'ol days when they were a force in the east. Unfortunately for them, Wallace didn't know the limits of his game and Gordon thinks he doesn't have any. So Wallace's time in Chicago came to an end and the same could be true for Gordon next year. This is another team that isn't going anywhere this year (really getting tired of saying saying this), but its true. Not when they have to figure out if Hinrich can co-exist with #1 pick Derrick Rose and what the future holds for Gordon. They also need to acquire a legit center and decide how to suffle Noah, Thomas, and Gooden at the PF spot, but that last part isn't exactly a bad thing to have to decide. This is one team who doesn't necessarily need a superstar because they have a collection of versatile semi-stars and a future star in Rose who can one day contribute on a consistent basis. As long as they keep their young talent together, get rid of Gordon so they can unclog the 2/3 spot and bring in true center, this team could go back to hanging more banners within a (not so fast) decade.

Deng - Nocioni/Sefolosha -Demetris Nichols
Gooden - Thomas - Cedric Simmons
Noah - Gray -Omer Asik

So far only 14 guys on the roster.


Anonymous said...
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RV said...

To whoever posted that, those links made no sense so i guessed it was spam and deleted it.

Hursty said...

Maybe it was Maria RV? lol, I have no idea who it was.

Hursty said...

Yoon, you should have commented. BTW, Larry Hughes should go to a no-named country that nobody cares about (like Siberia) and never come back.

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