Monday, June 30, 2008

When Sweet is Sour and the Bread Becomes Dour

Odd name huh? Yeh, yeh it is. But so are some of the draft picks that have been made over years by general managers of the NBA.

Yes, I understand that people sometimes enjoy sour lollies and 'sweets' but it leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth when a draft pick goes wrong.

There are numerous players in the NBA still hanging around as trade bait for teams ( I see you Kwame). And there are those who over the years, become so ashamed of their ability to play basketball they've left the League, either through retirement (to the benefit of us all) or Europe or Asia (to the benefit of some).

This is not a comprehensive list by any means. This is just a few names in no particular order. As always, leave your comments and lemme know if you think its shit or on par or ( to stroke my ego) amazing.

This list is not including players who were robbed of their physical gifts and ability to play through injury (Sam Bowie) and drug addiction (Chris Washburn).

Kwame Brown, 2001, 1st pick Wizards. Can't catch (graphic shows otherwise), well known for throwing a cake at the WRONG person. In a word - a 'pussy'. Unlike Milicic (see below) he had everything coming out of H.S and looks like a dominant basketball player off the court (albeit one who has a slight lizard appearance). He just isn't. Had the skills and force to be a major player and the draft was weak admittedly but his decline (was he ever going up?) was so.... noticeable that hes copped more shit for it than any other player in the L today. Thanks Mike. You a real deserving award winner.

Michael Olowakandi, 1998, 1st pick L.A Clippers. British. Enough said. ( Was it because he was a Clipper pick?). His nickname is where I got the headline off. Real GM says ' The Kandi Man was a bold risk selected by the Clippers who are always looking to get better, but seemingly always manage to get worse.' Too true.

Shawn Bradley, 1993, 2nd pick, Philadelphia 76ers. At 7'6 you'd hope he could fill the paint and block shots, or at least stand there and be a presence. Not reall. In all fairness though, he does rank 11th all time in block shots. For his College days, he never got close to what he could have in the NBA - this was just the final straw

Rafael Araujo, 2004, 8th pick, Toronto Raptors. No longer in the league but last seen with the Jazz (apparently). Pity the souls in Europe. Theres a reason he didn't play any minutes in the NBA. He can't play basketball. At all. Its really that simple.

Nickoloz Tskitishvili, 2000, 5th pick, Denver Nuggets. Has the most unpronounceable name EVER in the League. Never averaged more than 4 points a game. 'Nuff said. Was last seen quietly talking to James Jones on the end of the bench for the Suns in '06.

Kent Benson, 1977, 1st pick, Milwaukee Bucks. A star at Indiana. Insane bust. Correct me if I'm
wrong here, but Benson was the last white player selected 1st overall in the NBA. Does Andrea Bargnani count? Yes? ok, my bad. (He's heading for a bust too, or at least not no.1 pick potential ). Andrew Bogut? nah, hes a wangsta with those reverse psychology 'bling' comments.

Robert Traylor, 1998, 6th pick, traded on draft day by the Mavericks for...... Dirk Nowitzki. Possibly the MOST lopsided single player trade in the NBA.... ever. Big, fat, round and a cheque full of donuts.

(Dis)honourable Mentions: Patrick O'Bryant, Robert Swift, Raef LaFrentz, Cherokee Parks, Stromile Swift.

I didnt include Darko Milicic because 1. He still plays in the NBA and has meaningful minutes. 2. He's only 23 and still developing. 3. That Pistons team was stacked AND he had Larry Brown as a coach. 4. He can play. when over 30 minutes of game time his FG% is over 55% and he averages a double double with 2 blocks. Most starting centres can't get 10, 10 and 2 in 30 minutes so just lay off the hate for a few years. At some stage there will be reviews/opinions of steals in the draft and the dudes who could've been a somebody except for injuries and drugs.

As always, Peace. Hursty.

Just for kicks, this dude is certainly not afraid to take the big shots and well, has a snake nickname. You've probably seen it before but its pretty funny.


DP said...

creative post, Hurst. Keep up the good work for Bachi my man. Don't worry about my post. It should be dropping today and it is going to be pretty swaggerific if I say so myself...Darko? really? He still has potential? He is 23? I thought he was like 27 or something like that. Wow. He should start over Kwame because he plays for Memphis no?

Hursty said...

Darko is only 6 months or so older than LeBron James. Which I spose would make him just 24. He does start over Kwame (I think) but he was injured late last year but he's more skilful than a lot of other centres. He just lacks confidence and physicality. Im not a Darko apologist but I think he'll become a seviceable centre, capable of playing minutes at the power forward because hes athletic enough and played 4 in Europe before the NBA. Thanks for the props dude.

TADOne said...

Good stuff guys. As for Darko: Being a Pistons fan, I had a few seasons to follow him. I'll be the first to say that the kid has plenty of talent to spare. And yes, he is still only 23(he was the youngest player in the draft). So I agree, he still can come around and prove his worth.

The problem? Heart. He has none. Less than Dirk or Kwame, and that is saying a lot. Now, being so young, he could build up some resiliency and actually become the "Serbian gangsta" Sheed dubbed him. I just don't see it.

Anonymous said...

what up fam. This is your boy BET. Hursty, Marv should have been on that list. The Hawks picked him over CP3 and he seems to be just a role player. Also Adam Morrison over Brandon Roy was a H-U-G-E mistake. As the man Plies says: Bust it baby.

Hursty said...

Yeh but if Im giving Darko time then those two need patience too- look at Chauncey Billups- 4th pick in 96 or something and only found a home in Detroit in 03. Besides that draft was sh*at, Marv was an all american and Morrison owned college.

Anonymous said...,0,450,450_SS100_.jpg

Ceana said...

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