Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top 9 characters in the League... right now... sort of

These dudes don't all play massive minutes (most do though) but have over the seasons developed their personalites as NBA players. They are funny, controversial and opinionated and for some, a combination. Naturally I will have left some legit. players off the list (my bad) so comment and leme know.

The spacing is whack ( stupid wordpress).

1. Gilbert Arenas- You didn't think he was going second did you? On this blog? Ha! 'Hibachi', 'Agent Zero' etc, he has almost as many names as Darryl Dawkins dunks. Arenas plays with a flair and exuberance missing in the league now, its presence declining after Barkley retired. Dude cheats at Halo, plays paintball inside his house, rips on team-mates and carries a permanent chip on his shoulder- something that the common man can relate to making Gil the Peoples Champ. (Black President is probably too far but whatever).
2. Rasheed Wallace- The most outspoken individual in the League and always has an opinion which can rub people the wrong way. 'Ball dont lie' 'You can put it on *insert page no*. 'Young black men'

Fun fact: He's the only player ever to be ejected from McDonald's All-Star Game history.

3. Dwight Howard- Quirky and eccentric, Howard hasn't been afraid to throw his weight around either in the post or on the dance-floor.

4. Kobe Bryant- He's not as funny and certainly not as loveable as others. Bryant is as strong-willed as any individual to ever play the game. He puts his heart and soul into the game and shows an appreciation for the intricacies that only the upper echelon of sports stars can truly achieve.

5. Shaquille O'Neal- Gone are the days of Shaq Fu and his Ninja metaphors but the Big Aristotle is still around providing his humour ( and, um rudeness ) for all to hear. If Shaq was playing even 05'6 level basketball he would've been No. 1 on any other site. But not here. Here me? Chi Cho Way Fu Yao Woo!

6. Kevin Garnett- Passion. Fire. Desire. Drive. Ambition. Hunger. The complete package as a character.

7. Stephon Marbury- What happened starbury? You were doing so good for a while there man. What happened? Was it Isiah? Brown-Sanders? Keith Van Horn? D'Antoni? Colangelo? So many to ask and question where it all fell apart fo you. Your barely 30 and now you gone done the head tattoo. Man.... just insert any ridiculous quote at your leisure.
8. Pat Burke - (former) Funniest man on the Suns roster. Anyone who has read 7 seconds or Less knows what I'm talking about here.
9. Eddie House, ('House always wins')Damon Jones (dude is a fool/clown/joker)/Drew Gooden's Ducktail/ Chris Kamans hair.urghhh...
I spose Sam Cassell is around somewhere 'big balls' dance, and hes is ugly as anything.
Yeh, I got lazy towards the end but F it, you get the point, the fellas can clean it up if they got anything worth adding.


TADOne said...

Hursty, this idea would work WAY better if you added some comments for each player. Or did I just jump in too early?

Hursty said...

Yeh.... I didnt post this, its been in drafts for a week or so now. I sent an email to the 'team' asking if they wanted to finish it- but someone just posted it. Not sure why its here but.... FINISHED!

Eboy said...

I like the list but how can you not have Ron Ron??!!!!!! He's easily top 2!!!

Hursty said...

told you I'd forget someone E.

Jakob said...

dude there only 7 and whats up with the green font any way visit my blog if u want to see a real blog....

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