Friday, June 27, 2008

Short Thoughts on the Draft

Chris Douglas Roberts didn't deserve that. Not at all. D.J White? pft. Prove me wrong kid. I was a little upset at seeing Nathan Jawaii go at 41 to the Pacers especially since he was such a force over here in the NBL last year, he (like C.D.R) was projected to go late first round. Hickson went way too early imo at 19.
I liked the Batum pick for the Rockets and I dont really know about the trades that occured. I LOVE the Jefferson trade to the Bucks. It really helps them right now, while the Nets are likely(obviously) building for LeBron and the future with guys like Harris being brought for Kidd.
The top 5 teams all did the right thing and got guys they needed at the relevant positions. Milwaukee did a great job getting Joe Alexander (even if he went too high) at 8.
I really didnt think too much of the other lottery players except that Gilliarni is going to be a puppet for all that goes wrong with the Knicks now Isiah has finally gone.
Neither Denver or the Lakers picked this year, the Nuggets got a protected pick from the Bobcats for their 20th, and I am going to be interested to know if something along the lines of a Memphis/Detroit event will occur as most people have the Bobcats sucking well into the future. Myself? 2-3 years they'll be in the playoffs with age and maturity.
Best job drafting/trading this year? 1. Portland Trailblazers. 2. Milwaukee Bucks. 3. Toronto Raptors. 4. These teams
Peace, Hursty.


DP said...

you stole my idea you crook! lol jus kidding hurst, but wonderful job on the recap of the draft. I think I might be having an affair with the trailblazers this year...I'm sorry LA. But it's only a MAYBE. I doubt I will still be feeling them once pre-season comes around.

Hursty said...

feeling who? L.A or blazers? Dude, that was a day after thing, just a short overview of the movement on draft day. Write yout thing broham.

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