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I know you people out there have been anxiously waiting and anticipating the arrival of a Hibachi 2.0 post and I am truly sorry for the long wait. Who knew that having five people doing a blog would be such a hassle? You have to decide who is doing what, how you are going to write the post, and pictures and details to make everything flow in circle. Damn it is like a 9 to 5 job in this MF! But as you guys will see my boy Hurst has already shitted on y'all with the draft preview of the small fowards so I told him I got next. The 1 is really the easiest position to cover because I only see one rose in the garden out of this point g class and that is Derrick. Rose that is. There are a few little whipper-snappers that could make some noise in the L but really this is ROSE'S SHOW so I guess all we can do is stare in amazement at the future of the L. No disrespect CP3, but get ready for some comp for that number one spot my man. Note that everyone on this list isn't necessarlily a point guard but that will be the position they will most likely play in the L. Enough talking, time for the rankings! Let's get it.

1. Derrick Rose/Memphis/6-4, 195 Season stats/ppg: 14.9/ast:4.7/stls:1.2
Potential: NBA all-star
  • What else is there to say about Chi-towns finest. He is strong as hell, quicker than the roadrunner, and he has size at his position like a little stocky incredible hulk. Think about D-wade's athleticisim fused with j-Kidd's IQ and you have a bonafide star waiting for his chance to blow up. He can get to the rim with ease and he makes everyone on his team go. The best quality he has is his ability to play with great players. CDR, Antonio Anderson, Joey D, and Dosier can all create shots for themselves because they are that skilled but when Rose arrived, he created a multitude of scoring options for the four of them. That will definetlely make any team he is drafted on better. Only concern with me is his Ray Charles shakey jumer. He improved on his shooting later in the year but it still wasn't on point. But it really doesn't matter because Rose WILL BE THE NUMBER 1 PICK IN THE DRAFT. Bulls fans, get ready for the second coming of number 23. 5 stars

2. Jerryd Bayless/Arizona/6-3, 193/Season stats/ ppg: 19


  • Shut the hell up! I know this kid is anything but a one right now but he will most likely play both positions once he gets to the L. We will rank combo guards later on in the week but I really see Jerryd playing point because I see his future with the Sonics. Along with Durant and Jeff Green? That could be a powerful trinity a couple of years from now. Think Gil Areans with more hops and a better jumper. Bayless, in my opinion, could haved stayed at Zona for another year to polish his skills and become a top 2 pick for sure in next year's draft but he did make the right decision because his celieng is getting no higher than this my friends. Bayless needs to gain a little more weight and more on his handles more because at Zona all I saw the kid do was dunk and shoot. Top 5 pick no doubt. 5 stars.

3. D.J. Augustin/Texas/ 5-11, 175 Stats/ ppg:19.2/ast:5.8


  • D.J. is as cold as ice, brrrrrr. Actually he is "Polar Bear" cold, even a more emphatic brrrrrrr. Please haters do not be deceived by his dimunitive stature, this fellow can straight ball out the damn gym. D.J. was the number one point guard in the country last year...hands down. I know about Rose and his skills trust me, but Augustin has been the best POINT in the land for two years running. Texas had a great year last season without their guy KD and it all started with D.J. D.J. can score the ball, he can shoot from outside, and he was one of the top assist men in the country no less no.1 in the Big 12. But unfortunately this will not be college for D.J. anymore meaning his size will eventually take him hostage. But I have faith that D.J. will suceed in the L. Just look at CP3 and AI if you will. I see him going to the Pacers in the lottery. Tinsely, move over. 4 stars.

Sleepers and busts

  • I know I only ranked three players but I feel that those are the only 1's in the draft that will make an immediate impact on their respective teams. These next players that I list will be either my sleepers or my busts. Don't hate because I didn't rank Russel Westbrook. Dude is more of a two than point so he has not been introduced yet. Look for that later in the week.



  • People claim that D-Rose is in the Jason Kidd mold. I somewhat believe in that notion but I look at T.V. and I see Jason Kidd putting up triple doubles on the regular. I then I thought to myself, "What college point guard has been putting up J-Kidd numbers?" Is it the slick cat Rose or the tiny mouse D.J.? What about the speedy gonzales they call Darren? No it is none of them but Mississippi's finest, Jamont Gordon. If NBA teams are looking for A DO EVERYTHING PG, Jamont is the man. He averaged 17 pts, 5 ast, 7 rebounds and almost 2 steals a night. Jamont ranked in the top 5 in the SEC in ppg, ast, rebounds, and steals. Damn, if that isn't close to Kiddd numbers than I must be on the dro. Only problem with Gordon is that he might not be able to guard the fast lane drivers in the L such as Parker, CP, Billups, Deron, Baron, etc. This is my number one sleeper in the pg class. Don't ever doubt the players from the SIP. MONTA, WHAT'S GOOD FAM? 3.5 stars.

Sean Singletary/Virginia/6'0, 185 Season stats: I just know kid scored a doozy.

  • If Jamont Gordon was my number one sleeper then Sean is a very close second. Now I did my research and I believe that Sean has been an all-ACC performer ever since his sophmore campaign. That is freakin ridiculous for any one player to pull off, especially one that is listed as 6'0 but might be 5-10 and 1/2. Sean is slept on because of his size but his ability to score is just uncanny. No 1 can score in bunches like him except Rose and Bayless and that is pretty steep company. Sean could have went to the L as a junior but he decided to stay one more year and it hasn't hurted his draft stock a bit. He is a a major sleeper but he is also a risk as well. Think of a smaller Ben Gordon. Sean has to prove that he can get his teammats involved as well as play better defense. Sean will be a valuabel option off the bench for any NBA team. Late 1st to second round pick. 3 stars

Jeremy Pargo/Gonzaga/ 6-2, 219

  • If Jannero can have a breakout year like he did with the Hornets this year, than get ready for his little brother to follow suit. Jeremy is my sleeper/bust because I not quite sold on him yet. He is a better athlete than his brother but that is where it ends. Jeremy is not that fast and his jumper is at the least suspect. Jeremy was a decent passer and distubutor but turnovers killed his team at times. But I believe that he can be a solid third string or even second string backup point guard for a good team. Like Jannero, though, it may take sometime before we see Jeremy light it up in the L. 3 stars


Tywon Lawson/North Carolina/5-11, 193 Season stats/ppg:12:/ast: 5.3/stls:2

  • Can I rate someone a bust just because I think he should have stayed at school? Maybe not, but in Tywon Lawson's case yes I can. Now if I am wrong please feel free to bash my face in but I think Lawson is still in the draft no? I believe he is and if this is true, this is a mistake by Ty. Now I will give this dude some credit, he is the fastest point guard in the draft behind Rose. He kind of like D.J.'s twin but bigger and stronger. He has a great handle to go with marvelous court vison. He reminds me of Raymond Felton in some sense of size and speed. His downfall you ask? That broke-ass jumper that makes Bill Cartwright look like Ray Allen. Lawson and Ellington should have both stayed in school so they could mature their games a bit more but what do I know? I just know that Lawson was injured most of the year and he didn't have a better year than his freshman one so I don't see what caused him to make this desicison. I love him but I believe he will be my number one bust of the 1's.

So there you have it. Hibachi 2.0 draft preview of the Point guards. It was oh so excellent don't you agree? Tune in later on in the week for the rest of the positions and even a mock draft. If I can ever get off of work to accomplish it. DP out. play wit it.


AR said...

Tywon ain't in the draft,DP.

DP said...

I KNEW IT! thanks AR. something told me kid went back to college. What about Wayne?

AR said...

All three went back to UNC

DP said...

UNC...champs. watch out for Zeller. I love that kid. plus he is way better than his brother.

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