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Okay, from now on all my pieces that I do for Bachi shall be under the title, "Please don't shoot me down." Why such a controversial title you ask? Because it is what defines my life as a whole right about now. I'm flyin, I'm highup and I don't want all you other bloggers "shootin me down" or simply hating on my gangsta. But don't get me wrong, I have love for all you guys and do what you do...but watch my shoes. Don't hate me cuz you ain't me as an ignorant classmate of mine bellowed to me one day in class because he made a 40 on a test and I made a 95. Asinine things like that make me hurl to this day but anyways let's get along with the hoe down. In today's segment of PDSMD, I would like to discuss the rookie class of 08'. I don't want to discuss the the horrible choice of choosing talent(CDR why?) or the sleepers (CDR?) or the nice bust-it babies(J.R. Giddens over CDR?) But I do want to converse about the Rookies most likely to achieve stardom and failure once they enter the L. Of course I got this magnificent idea from Slam magazine as they have this section in their magazine every year for they season preview. Usually Slam has a panel of intelligent writers to vote on which rookie will be ROY, average 20 points, average 10 assist, average 10 rebounds and so on and so on. Since my panel of voters and I don't always get a chance to communicate at the right moments, I've decided to do this segment by my lonesome. Feel free to chime in after this post is over my squad! I will briefly tell America who I think will be the Rookies Most likely to...and I will maybe explain in detail why I chose that particular player. But I shouldn't ever have to explain myself because I am a basketball guru and you just don't question a guru's gurreyness. Anyways on to DP's 2008-2009 Rookies Most likely to list...If you didn't make the list than it sucks ass for you. Prove me to be sorely incorrect once the season begins. And for all those wondering why D.J. is my headline pic it is because he is the true darkhorse in this loaded class. The Bobcats get the best point guard in the country last year NOT NAMED ROSE. Without further interruptions my fellow goblins...

-Rook MLT average 20 points: O.J. MAYO

Now let's be frank, we all now that both Beasley and Rose have a chance to average a dub with the team that they suited with but that is an obvious answer. Most people would look at Derrick And Mike and say< "Yeah dog they have to score for their teams to be successful. Not necessarily. Derrick has Deng and Gordon to his arsenal while B-easy boasts D-wade and Trix. Who does O.J. have on his team that is remotely close in skill level to any of the players I just mentioned? don't even attempt to guess at that question.O.J. will have a KD type season his first year: 20ppg on 18 shots per game.

Rook MLT to average 10 rebounds: Micheal Beasley

Kevin love might not posses the skills and power to out-rebound anyone in the NBA the way he did those poor little ants in college, but believe me when I say that Micheal Beasley is no damn Kevin Love. Look for him to start right where he left off in college. I'll give him around 11 rebounds for his rookie year.

Rook MLT to average 10 assist: D.J. Augustin

Didn't I just recall saying that this kid the true darkhorse in this whole class? I'm sorry, but Derrick Rose said he wants to be MVP next year so I'm guessing he planning on putting the ball in the hole more than distributing to Luol or Ben. D.J. might lack size but passing the rock is one of his best attributes. Put him on the floor with G-force and J-Rich? It's going to be some problems for other teams containing this little fireball. Wouldn't be surprised if he averaged around for his first year. Raymond, those footsteps you hear are that of a thirsty long-horn aiming to kick you right in your tar-heel ass for your starting position. I believe he already has it.

Rook MLT unfairly get bench splinters: J.R. GIDDENS

Okay, so Big Baby and Leon Powe got some minutes for the champion Celtics but let's keep in 100, who the hell is J.R. Giddens? Besides an ex-Kansas player who barely shined as the best player on a sub-par New Mexico State team. J.R. being drafted before CDR, IMO, is just plain retarded on the part of the Celtics management. But J.R. is a hell of an athlete...look him up on youtube.

Rook MLT be MVP: Derrick Rose

He said that he believes he can be an MVP caliber player in just his first year in the Association. You know what, I believe his silent-night ass.


Can it be possible that we may see Derrick Rose win the ROY and the coveted MVP award as well.? Not likely but I feel that he and Beasley are the front runners for this award. Or is that just what you inquiring minds think to yourselves? I'm going out on a lime and I'm giving you a name for rookie of the year that you may feel is just plain dubious on my part, but this is my post so I could give a rat's ass. They rookie of the year will be the new WHIT HOT EBOY ON THE BLOCK: JOE ALEXANDER. Think of a poor man's Shawn Marion. He has a decent handle, amazing hops, a reliable jumper, and he can rebound and play defense like a homeless man out for some Churches chicken(and believe me, that is fucking hustle). Look for him to be more of a fantasy all-star than the mundane all-star but look for the stat line around...17 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals a game type of guy. Shawn Marion numbers no? Look for this kid to be a guiding light for the upstart Bucks.

Rook MLT to be hated by DP: Russell Westbrook

Hmm...out of all the UCLA games I viewed last year(and trust me it was a plethora of them considering my undeniable Love for Kevin Love at the time) I've only seen Russell Westbrook do tow things that really EVER impressed me...defending like a savage and dunking the ball like it disrespect his hood. That's all I see Westbrook as... a Bruce Bowen with a hellacious tendency to shit on you form time to time. He is only useful for a poster to hang on your wall and I see him being a journeyman in the L. Other than his broke shot, wish washy handles, and his inability to run a team from the point guard slot, Westbrook is perfectly fine for the Oklahoma City (Insert Blank here). I don't care if he led UCLA in assist because they should have given most of the assist to Kevin Love because he started the outlet every time and guess who he always threw it to on the break? That's right...Westbrook. That equalled either a shit or an assist every time down the floor. I guess I'm just a young ignorant hater but I'm just not sold on Westbrook yet. He has a lot to prove in my book. I do see Russell in the All-NBA defensive player mold. I guess I loathe him because I would love to watch Bayless and Durant light up the score board. Oh well...another steal for the fucking Blazers.

Average the L in turnovers: O.J. Mayo

At times O.J. tried a little "too: hard to force his way to the basket with fancy crossovers and relentless driving...which equalled into turnovers at USC. Expect the same in Memphis, Tennekee, where Mayo will have the ball in his hands for 23 out of the 24 seconds in the shot clock.

Lead the L in blocks: Joey Dorsey

Look at this dude and tell me he ain't bout business. He'll average at least 3 blocks per game coming off the bench...and there is always Dike to tutor him on the art and craft of swatting someone's shit and accepting being shitted on.

Now that I have laid the basis of the future stars and busts...wait a minute I didn't name the busts did I. Well hear are your top 5 busts in the 2008 draft. I ain't no Jay Bilas, so don't look for none of these motherfuckers to prove my ass wrong.

  1. .J.R Giddens
  2. Javale Mcwhatever
  3. Shan Foster(nice song though dog)
  4. D.J. White
  5. Donte Greene(Rockets fans, let me have it)

I would also like to give you'll my predictions for the 3 All rookie teams. If you believe I am delusion to the real truth, then please chime in on the comments section and make yourself known. I bet twenty bucks to any taker that I get the first team right. I'll bet 5 that I get the second correct, and the third I just put names I thought would make sense.

1st Team

  • PG-Derrick Rose, CHI
  • SG-O.J. Mayo, MEM
  • SF-Joe Alexander, MIL
  • PF-Michael Beasley, MIA
  • C-Brook Lopez, NJ

2nd Team

  • PG-D.J. Augustin, CHA
  • SG- Jerryd Bayless???, POR
  • SF Brandon Rush, IND
  • PF-Kevin Love, MIN
  • C-Robin Lopez

3rd team

  • Mike Taylor??
  • SG- Eric Gordon, LAC
  • SF- CDR, NJ
  • PF- Donte Greene, HOU
  • C-Jason Thompson, SAC

Man I'm sleepy as hell after this post so peace be to you and I'll holla at yall next week. play wit it. DP out.


Hursty said...

atta boy DP. just shit all over everyone :) Good stuuf (but what else was anybody expecting?) I really dont give a shit about the rockets rookies this year. All they need to do is contribute by passing the ball and running the offence. Nothing flashy. Just learn from the plethora of guys ahead of them on the roster. Peace.

Hursty said...

I mean if theyre good then thats excellent. But all they gotta do is learn and get better over time. They arent gonna steal minutes from Skip, tmac, Yao. Battier plays the most on the team so a few is good. Landry will soak up more of Hayes minutes and Scola will do his thing so if any rooks get bench splinters, oh well. Only rooks I like are OJ Mayo (the name) and Nathan Jawai ( AUSSIE PRIDE!)

Eboy said...

That shit was............colorful.

Eboy said...

I like it though.

AR said...

Kevin Love is unskilled?Riiiiiiiight

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