Sunday, January 17, 2010

Straight Fire

Hursty here,
It's been, oh a good few months since I posted here.

For that, I apologise sincerely. Hope you guys understand.

Anyways, to get you guys up to speed on me (otherise scroll down 2 paragraphs) - I've finished High School. Got a rank of 85.7 out of a possible 99.95, which means I'm in the top 15% of the country.

Probably attending the University of New South Wales and doing Exercise Physiology. That's the plan anyways.

I'm not going to use a classy change of conversation here, I'll just simply say that sports both within the USA and outside of it are a fu*king mess. '


The NBA is in turmoil, regardless of whatever spin Commish Stern tries to put on it. The League is still loosing money and as many stars are injured or underperforming this year as I've seen in a long, long time.

Just quickly -

Bryant - injured

Redd - injured

Tony Parker - underperforming

Josh Howard - injured, underperforming

Manu Ginobili - recovering from injury

Arenas - um, yeh

Deron Williams - inconsistent

Chris Paul - underperforming (by his super high standards)

Pau Gasol - injured

The list goes on, it's kinda ridiculous. Reminds me of the '07 season, but worse.

I mean, these guys are stars - you can't argue that. Sure, some are more valuable to the League than others, but having a group of star-calibre + type guys all riding the pine for extended periods, that just isn't right.
Then you've still got Arenas playing the joker.


I'm going to look ahead to the Superbowl. One of the biggest annual sporting events in the world, drawing in over 225 million viewers globally, the Superbowl IS America. And as such, is reflective of it. Financial crisis and all. The highest paying commercial this year is expected to be 2.8 million $ U.S. Last year it was over $3million. Yeh, it's still a lot of money, but in comparison to years past, it's a significant drop.

In other, brighter news;

Stephen Jackson - Welcome to the VIP Lounge, you now have an access all-areas pass.

Aaron Brooks - you too. Well done young sir.

Brett Favre - how do you do it? I'm not even mad at you, I'm just impressed at this point.

Tony Romo - still choking. The NFL will now return you to your regular programming. That was entertaining. For a week.

University of Virginia Basketball - 3-0 in ACC play. I like Landesberg a lot, he can play.

Duke - I hate you. Like everyone else. That said though, the Plumlee brothers are intriguing. Like semi-skilled Collins twins, but better. Not at the Lopez level, but they have potential.

Charles Hamilton & Jay Electronica - Om nom nom nom nom nom. (Pause)

Texts From Last Night - 'Nuff said.

In world sports, Australia is once again dominating Cricket after a 2nd test scare by Pakistan.
The Australian Open is just 'round the corner for Tennis.

In rugby, guys aren't holding to their contracts, snorting cocaine and getting into fights regularly, it's pretty much a joke and a blight upon society the way they conduct themselves at times.

Just quickly - Petanque is the greatest sport of ALL-TIME! (Apart from darts, that sh*t is legendary)

And now I'm leaving you with some Slaughterhouse, "Fightclub"

And Immortal Technique, "Point Of No Return"



Collin said...

great to have you back on here Hursty. Love that song "point of no return" - immortal technique is one of my top 5 favorite artist of all time.

I also wanna apligize for not being on here too much. I got school/homework/basketball season/social life, and since I'm a junior. i also got all this college prep stuff to worry about. I've just been busy. even though I still love this writing stuff (and I'm pursuing a sports-writing career), and have had millions of ideas on things to post about, i just havnt had the time for it. so sorry everyone for not doing much.

and Hursty, when you go off to college, your still gonna keep in touch on Facebook and twitter and everything right?

Hursty said...

Not to worry Collin.
And College/Uni is very different for us. We don't go inter-state to get a degree, we stay basically in the same city.
Like, for me, Sydney has 4 or 5 major universities to choose from:
New South Wales, Sydney Uni, Uni of Technology Sydney, Macquarie, Notre Dame (private) a bunch of other places.
So we go to uni every day or so for a few hours then come back home by bus/train. No need to board there (unless you really have way too much $ lying around).

So I'll still be here is basically what I'm saying. Think of it as being another 4 years of High School, with student exchange and much more partying haha.

Moose said...

Minnesota is rolling. We're taking it home this year. SUPER BOWL CHAMPS. And the Patriots absolutely choked this year. Brady kinda blows at this point in time...

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