Saturday, January 9, 2010

Free Gilbert Arenas, shit that's what I heard at DP house

Ayyyyyy. My people how's it going? I'm doing good like the clipse song right about now. I'm going to get straight to the point and say what I feel about the Gilbert situation. Two words: Free Gilbert. I'm biased about the whole ordeal so you can hate me for that or not. He deserves suspension but I still don't like the word "indefintely". Being that I got the inspiration for this site from mr. hibachi himself, I want to be on his side. People say he went too far on his twitter but honestly that shit was funny as hell to me. Every story that he was telling I showed my teammates and we cracked up with glee. It was Gil being Gil and I loved that ish. Maybe he went TOO far with all the jokes but he is still my boy and I'm repping the hibachi till the day I'm gone from this wretched earth. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks they will have the "free gilbert" shirts on the net.

Couple of my thoughts right now.

-Gil's teammates that were with him in that pic before the game against SA shouldn't be fined. Just fine gil and call it a day. and y'all can't tell me that picture wasn't funny!

-John Wall is better than half the nba point guards in the L right now. straight up.

-It's time for Fisher to pack his fuggin bags and leave my team. Farmar too. Can't wait for CP3 in 2012.

-Charles Barkley on SNL tonight. I have a feeling this could go really well or michael jackson bad.

-Okay I've been thinking about this for about a month but for all of you who have heard the young money song, "bedrock", when gudda gudda says, "I got her n%gga, grocery bags" wtf does that mean? I talking about the punch line "grocery bags". maybe BET, moose, or hurst can help me on this one.

-I need to contact Vinny del negro and tell him we have an opening for a coaching position with the Upward program at the YMCA.

-I don't like Artest at all. Ariza needs to come back before the end of february.

-Does Brandon Jennings get a cover for scoring 55 points or the rest of his up and down rookie season? I think Reke should get one before BJ.

-It's 18 MISSISSIPPI. again I say IN MISSISSIPPI. I feel like i'm in moose's neck of the woods. I had to ride the bus yesterday because my car door was frozen shut. fml I know.

I'm about to check out big chuck so I'll check back in next week with you fools. Whiie you're hear peep the joints I always leave for ya. I never steer you wrong.
play wit it.


Hursty said...

Look, I don't think Stern handled it that well, but Gil certainly didn't act like it was significant. Even his public apology was too casual and relaxed imo.
Give the dude a 20 game suspension (no pay of course) and Javaris 30-40 games.
There has to be some accountability for their actions, but if Gil was serious about it, he'd get a lawyer and point out that there was no precedent for the suspension e.g. Bassy, Sjax, West.

I have NO clue what the grocery bags line means, but semi sun dried tomato's are the shit. Real talk.

Anything by the Cool Kids is dope, Free Throws is no exception.

The little song Dope Ball by Pitbull is funny, I liked it.

Moose said...

Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert....everyone I know's been raggin on me this week cause I always talk about how much i like him. i think his career is about to go down the tubes and be known as the career that could have been, riddled by injuries and suspensions. I'm rooting for Gil, but I think Stern's gonna come down hard on the suspension. Sucks.

Yeah that line makes no sense. DP have you heard the Nike Boots remix with Lil Wayne? I can't understand a word he says on that verse. Swear to god he's trippin on something.

18 degrees in MS?? Jeez. It's 12 here as we speak....but I used to live in Minny, so this is practically a heat wave, haha.

Collin said...

damn 18 degrees? it's 45 way over here in Eugene, Oregon.

Gilbert's one of those players that I've always cheered for, but after this, It's kinda hard to. I personally don't find it that big of a deal, but he still handled it one very poorly.

No clue about the grocery bags line, but I still love that song.

you heard that song "no one else matters" by Gudda Gudda, Bow Wow, Ryan Leslie? <---Good song.

Cool Kids are aiight, they got some good stuff, not a huge fan though...

BET said...

Gilbert shitted on the NBA's conduct code like he shitted on Andray Blatche's shoe. I find him amusing, but when you are in the type of trouble he is in you need to shut the fuck up and let things blow over.

We still dont know the full story, and but it has nothing to do with why Gilbert was suspended. Gilbert decided to be Gilbert in front of everyone when everyone was watching him. I am sure once the police investigation is done/if charges are filed Stern will add more punishments.

The NBA has basically sent Gilbert into exile until they can figure out what to do with him. I am guessing he will never play in the NBA again...

KWAPT said...

Good point about BJennings DP. He's an arrogant punk. Evans is a better all-around player and doesn't run his mouth-just puts up numbers, and wins games(I know, not alot of love that. But we all know that the quiet, hardworking types don't get the press-the flashy aholes do. lol..As far as Arenas...very stupid. Anyone with half a brain knows that when the heat is on, you lay-low. He brought more heat on himself and basically made a mockery of the whole thing. Hopefully the Wiz will get rid of him so they can finally get somewhere in the L. He brought handguns to the arena folks-and pulled them out in the locker room. If you're ok with that, yikes. Good piece DP-thx.

Anonymous said...

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