Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy new years my brothers and sisters!!!! It's been a while and with good reason. I've been trying to clear my head and just chill these past two weeks and my reality is now just setting in. I have one more semester left in my high school career and then I'm gone like the dusty wind. My case of senioritis has gone from bad to severe. I don't even want to think about school right now and everyday I wake up it pains me. But I do have one plus that makes everything alright for the new year: your boy has a brand new car. Well....not brand new but it still is a chick magnet, hoe scooper, boopper topper, or whatever the hell you want to call it. 92 white cadillac deville in decent shape. I like to call it mr. wide body because I swear the back seat area is like a master bedroom. Ahhhhhhhh, I think you guys think where I'm going with this one.

With the new year comes resolutions and I say fugg them. I had a couple of resolutions last year but I broke them within 30 minutes of proclaiming them. I think I'm going to stick to goals from now on and I'd like to share with you guys my top goals for this year.

1.Go to college with a nice full paid scholarship
2.Rack up at least 10-15 chicks in my car.
3.Meet Obama in DC this summer
4.Actually meet the word called organization
5.Spread more love and not hate
6.Get my shoe and fitted hat collection up
7.Fly to the moon at least a couple of times
8.Tell the girl of my dreams that she should dumb her old man and get with a real dude
9.Make bread
10.Make a girl's bedrock
11.Post up on hibachi and slam daily.

That's just a few because my list will go on for days if I continue. I pray that all of you guys are successful this year and that you do everything to your full capacity. Look to see me on here more often this year than the past couple years of this blog. I'll catch you guys later on this week.

Much love,
DP aka play wit it

had to hit moose with some new hamilton. play wit it.


NBAfanCollin said...

nice to have you back DP. I know what you mean about the "senioritis", I'm only a junior, and I'm already gettin it haha.

and I love that Charles Hamilton!!! - Dude is ill...

Hursty said...

I think about 4 of those New Year's Resolutions are the same bro. Not that I dsapprove at all lol.
My NYE is usually a disappointment by my standards, most guys would be fine with it, but it never quite turns out the way I'd hope in my dream world haha.
16 days and I find out which Uni + course I'm doing for the next 4 years. Got some school open days tomorrow and the day after, then putting in final preferences.. then waiting.

Moose said...

Good luck, Hursty.

Congrats on the car, DP. Good luck with the rest of the school year, too....I'm already feeling some eighth-grader-itis, haha. You want to get an academic scholarship? And a while back you said you were applying to an ivy league school....which one? They're all pretty close to where I live, so I'm just wondering. Good luck with all your goals, I think you got em man. As long as you get some sox hats in your collection and rock em with pride.

Normalcy was pretty good. But thedarkphoenix: ALPHA>>>>>

BET said...

I dont have any new year resolutions for real life. I'll just let shit happen to me. But i did make some for here.

My new years resolutions for this place:

1. Find a new basketball site to post on (slam minus the post up is pretty much dead to me. Even the magizine is getting more and more annoying. Their formula is always the same. Pick 1 of the top 20 nba players + 1-2different up and comming players + 1-2 rotation players + 0-1 college players + the high school section. Their is no room for semi-stars and guys on small market teams)

2. Spread the hibachi gospel

3. Get us to 50 followers

4. Try and get more work done for this site and for bobcatsplanet (even though they all hate me their because i am not militant and panicky enough for their usual 'everyone is gonna die' type of standards)

We'll see how much of this list happens...

Anonymous said...

what kind heart of u..................................................

DP said...

yeah resoulutions are bullshit to me. those are my goals. hibachi will rise this year i swear. i'm working in the lab every day and i'm telling you guys i got some ill shit coming this year. and is the mickey tape really that hot, moose? i heard mixed reviews about it. play wit it.

Moose said...

It's PRETTY good, dp. it's only a half an hour, eight tracks....but it's good. i didn't love normalcy though, that was PRETTY good too. alpha's not bad; worth the half an hour.

Anonymous said...


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