Monday, January 4, 2010

The Prototypical Four-man

A Moose Track

I'm sick of bonafide players cruising under the radar because they're toiling away on teams out of the playoff hunt. If you don't win, you don't get credit for any amount of numbers you're putting up. Lopez and Harris are both all-star threats on the 3-30 Nets. Love is averaging a triple-double on the seven win Wolves, if anyone cares. Andre Iguodala is throwing up 19-6-5 nightly for the Sixers, who have collected a dismal 10 victories this year. If you don't win, you don't get attention.

The same goes for up-and-comers; not just trapped superstars. Thaddeus Young for Philly. Eric Gordon for the LA Clippers. Anthony Randolph for Nellie's Warriors. But, on par with all in skill and production but below in exposure, Jason Thompson is overshadowed even in his own city (by rookie phenom Tyreke Evans).

Only two sophomores average more rebounds per-game (Marc Gasol, 10.0, and Brook Lopez, 9.7) than Thompson (9.2). His scoring is consistently among the leaders of his team (14.2). He picks up an adequate amount of assists for a power forward (2.1). He averages enough blocks (.9) and steals (.6) to be considered a tough matchup on D.

Thompson's build is perfect for his position. Standing 6-11 and weighing in at 250 pounds, he is on the larger side of his position. He runs the floor very well for a player his size, allowing his athleticism to shine through in transition and in the halfcourt game as well. He possesses world-class footwork, allowing him to shake defenders and take high-percentage shots. He's close to a sure two, with his percentage a hair under 50% (.496).

His consistency is underrated. As the starting power forward in just his second year on the Kings, the 23 year-old has started all 33 games so far, while averaging big minutes for a player in his situation (35.3 per). He has banged out 12 double-doubles this year, good for 21 in the league, one spot ahead of, ahem, LeBron James. His efficiency rating is high (+18.67), and he has developed into a large part of Sacramento's game.

Too bad he's stuck out there.



NBAfanCollin said...

great stuff as usual Moose. Jason Thompson's always been one of my players, even when he was in college.

and I agree, people think that if your on a losing team, your a bad player. Winning is the most important thing, but i hate how people overlook individual players, simply by their team's record.

A couple other guys who don't get respect they deserve...

Gerald Wallace: his team might not be as bad as some other teams, but he still gets overlooked, just because of his team's performance. I mean 17.9 points, 11.9 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 1.7 steals, and 0.9 a small forward. dude is a beast but because of his team, he gets overlooked.

monta ellis, derrick rose, chris kaman, danilo gallinari are a few other guys.

Moose said...

Thanks, Collin. And I agree with you on the G-Force comment, and the spike in rebounds is definitely impressive, but there's a great explanation for that. Look at Wallace's past rebound averages: 5.5, 7.5, 7.2, 6.0, 7.8 and now....11.9! This happened because they swapped Okafor (10.1) for Chandler (7.0). Their other biggest rebounder is Stack Jack, with only 4.9. Okafor goes out, Wallace gets to crash the boards without much competition. But it's still impressive. BET, tell me if anything I said is horribly wrong from a Bobcats perspective.

BET said...

Gerald would have got 12 rebounds with or without Emeka. Its actually harder for Gerald to get rebounds now, as Tyson Chandler and Boris Diaw both do not crash the boards or clog up the lane. Emeka clogged the lane and actually gave clear paths for Gerald to get rebounds last year. This year, Gerald has to fight for every rebound with 2-3 other players from the opposing team.

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