Friday, March 19, 2010

The NCAA Tournament So Far


I'm going to keep it short & sweet.
This is a run-down of the games so far:
All the no.1 seed's are through to the Round of 32 (doesn't exactly have a ring to it though, does it?)
All the no.2 seeds are through as well, but Villanova had a scare vs. Robert Morris, eventually scratching out a 73-70 win.
The 3 seeds are where things get interesting. Georgetwown went down to Ohio (not Ohio State) by a massive 14 points, disappointing for the Hoyas and Greg Munroe.

New Mexico got a run for their money, in a tight win over Montana 62-57, and this game was a battle, guys giving hard fouls from the opening possession, until N.M pulled it out with FT's.

For me personally, the biggest suprise of the Tourney this year came with AJ Ogilvy's No. 4 seed Vanderbilt going down to Murray State on a buzzer-beater 66 - 65. Vanderbilt never looked dominant, or even in control of the game. Just letting the underdog hang around way too long. I guess that's the danger of a "one and done" competition, a bad game and you're out, no second chances.

Wisconsin & Wofford had the lowest scoring game of the Tournament this year in Wisconsin's 53-49 win.

No-one really expects the seeds 5-10 to go deep in the Tournament this year, but my personal suprise squad will by Texas A&M, led by Dash Harris. They just play well together, very good chemistry.

Peace, I'm out.
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