Monday, March 29, 2010


Brackets are for suckaz. I'm glad I finally realized this over the past two weeks of my life. That and the fact that ninjas are blowing up my direct line trying to find out when my dues will be paid(Kansas go f&ck yourselves).I would choose this time to bash my "champion" pick, Syracuse, but I won't. Butler came to play and they are looking DAMN good right now. Honestly, I have only seen a little bit of them here and there because their games are always on when I'm chillin at my workplace but from what I've seen, Michigan State better be ready for a war. Gordon "G-time" Hayward and his bulldogs are ready to sink their collective teeths into this championship and they are my pick to lose it all in the championship to West Virginia.

Remember when I said in my tournament preview that I would explain later on why I like West Virginia? I think this is the perfect time to explain these things. West Virginia is the only team that hasn't dissapointed me and I expected them to go the the Final Four from the get go. I informed all of the homeboys and girls that if UK ever played WV, they would lose. West Virginia just reminds me of a better version of Misssissippi State. They are so balanced from the 1 spot all the way to the 5. Everyone knows about Butler and what he can do but the rest of squad shares equal success and they are clicking on all cylinders without their starting PG. Really can't believe Duke is still in this thing because I expected them to choke like they do every single year. I blame Nolan Smith for proving me wrong. This tourney has been one of the most flippiest shits I've ever witnessed. Wouldn't be suprised to see Butler win it all or Michigan State. I just truly believe that the team that comes victorious out of the Duke/West Virginia game will be our new champs. But who knows what will happen with alll the f*ckery that has taken place these last 3 weeks. I just pray to God that Gus Johnson is announcing one of the games.....

Man just wanted to drop by a little quickie(pause) for yall. I'm out....Im in need of some hot wangs..
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