Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Double Pene...........nevermind on to happier thoughts

Daddy's home once again. I know yall didn't miss me but hey it's all good in the neighborhood. Good to see that the site is making a comeback and I must say I am thankful to work with a group of bloggers that share's my same passion for the game of basketball. I haven't really been checkin out that many games lately mainly due to something called Senior Project aka the most useless class that any student could ever have but somehow the principal thinks that it prepares us for college when all it is is busy work that test your patience and makes you sometimes want to drive your car into your garage and let down the door and keep the car running. Yeah it's that pointless. Every night that I have planned to watch some games, Senior Project comes and tells me I have a portfolio due this friday that is 60% of my ENTIRE grade. So, either I plan on spending time with it, or I can just stay at moms house next year and watch all the NBA I want when I'm not able to graduate. Pretty sure most of you guys don't have a senior project and if you do, it's not the f*ckery that I deal with on a daily basis. All I can look foward to everyday is Holly's Post up and even some days at school I'm unable to look at it. No need to worry, however, because I will be through with all things senior project after this friday. Just in time for Selection Sunday too. Expect a nice little spoiler from me about who I belive is going to bring the trophy home (hint: it rhymes with orange juice).

Big shoutout to Matt Barnes. He would have totally made me swallow that gum. Can't really say anything negative because his team came out with the W and my lakers are not looking like the best team in the west. I've said for the longest that Denver is the best bet to make it to the Finals if LA and I'm sticking by that. I wouldn't be suprised if they beat LA in 6 games. We all know Kobe will get his troops back in order and they will be ready come playoff time. But a quick message to Kobe from me, stop with all the bullsh*t and let's win some games. 2 game losing streak almost made me punch my TV. The last loss I had to be tranqulizied by moms. Get it together.

Russel Westbrook, Russel Westbrook, Russel Westbrook, Russel Westbroook. You get the point, homie is straight BALLIN. I love how the PG posistion is going to be held down for years to come. Westbrook, Rose, Reke, BJ, Dwill, and Paul are going to hold it down. and I'm sorry Darren Collison for everything I said.......

Dang, Senior Project is bothering me AGAIN. I'll hit you guys up tomorrow. I'm gone back to workin in the lab.


BET said...

My senior project got cancelled because of lack of funding. Ha!

Collin said...

damn im a junior and i gotta do that senior project thing next year...doesn't sound like very much fun, so do u wanna do mine for me? lol

Moose said...

dp, i dunno if we can be friends anymore. westbrook, rose, reke, bj, dwill, paul and RONDO. you really haven't watched much basketball lately, huh.....

DP said...

haha. Moose, I hate the celtics and I really hate rondo. I don't talk of celtics at all in my post. But best believe I respect the general down there in B-town. plus I actually have a rondo jersey somewhere in my room from one of my friends. Got it for me after LA lost to Boston two years ago. sorry but I was typing fast and I was trying to forge signatures at the same time. you know how it is.

Moose said...

any reason why you hate rondo except for your laker love? i hate the lakers, too. so we have a mutual agreement there, haha. i'll always hate your boy who wears my number 24. yeah its mine, not his. haha. but i respect your team too, don't worry about it.....except when Artest is yelling, Gasol is crying and Fisher is flopping. btw why are you a lakers fan when you live in MS? i'd assume you'd be a hornets fan or something....you're friend's move there was frickin' hilarious. haha at least i got you sorta reppin the hub down there in the south....

BET said...

Dear DP and Moose,

Fuck the Celtics and the Lakers. Pau is a crybaby that will destroy team chemistry and turn into Shaq part II with this new 'kobe needs to pass me the ball' attitude he has developed. The Celtics will be blown up after the playoffs, where they will make the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, at most. Your boys reigns at the top are over.

BET said...

^Somebody login and delete that fool. Im too lazy to do it.

Moose said...

done. didn't know that we were so popular to be getting spam....

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