Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm feelin really inspired right now to do this. I wasn't going to do another blog post for a minute but as I speak I'm watching my lakers do a pretty damn good job of hanging with the celtics without Kobe. Sure, I knew that they were going to put up a fight from the get go, but I love the energy they are playing with and how players who usually don't do much are stepping it up big time. I'm especially amazed at how Ron artest is just schooling Pierce on the lower block. Artest should have been playing like this all along and he looks the guy that La traded Ariza for. Perkins, eat your breakfast!!!!! Yeah I know that Ray made Shannon eat his but I really don't care for that ish. I just have a hatred for Perkins I can't describe. Maybe because he always looks like someone just robbed him at a liquor store or something. I don't know. LA probably won't win if they don't give Pau and Drew the ball more but it's cool. I'm just glad that LA is actually an alright team without Kobe and that some people still deserve their contracts(Sasha, you are STILL not included). I digress.

What I came to vent about is the life of this site. I probably won't even get any comments off this but this place is D.E.A.D. This wasn't my hopes for the new year but hey you can't plan things like this from happening. The song up top I got from Chucky Ham pretty much describes what is going to become of this site. It might actually be time to dead this site and start a new one. One where we can actually blog weekly and get more people reading our material. I sent an email out earlier talking about this and Hurst suggest we go with getting a dot com site. What you guys thinking? I think it's a great idea and if we actually start commenting on Slamonline more I think we can start a following like we did with hibachi. I love this site dearly and I've done some great ish on here as well as the rest of you guys but I know we can go to bigger and better things with a brand new site. Maybe even get some moola. But that's if you guys are with the plan. Hit me back up in the comment section and tell me how you feelin. play wit it.


Moose said...

dude, I don't want the site to go. we don't want the site to die. I think the reason why people weren't posting as much was because we weren't getting any comments, and there was no real motivation. This is our fault and I think we should take responsibility for it. But i don't want the site to go down...

Moose said...

....(cont) There aren't many sites that I check REGULARLY, like every time I log in, and those are my email, SLAM, (maybe 2dopeboyz) and this site. We can still write good stuff, and I think we're still interested, but we've all been slacking. And DP, did you change your email address? We've tried getting you but you haven't responded.

Roy said...

This shouldn't stop the site from running because only a handful are commenting. To be honest, my blog hardly gets any comments but that doesn't stop me from posting my stuff. Why? Because I'm having fun doing it. I'm always pumped up whenever I write new stuff. You guys are perhaps one of the best when it comes to doing this kind of thing. Only a few young writers can bring this kind of quality writing. I have to agree with Moose with his comment(s). Slacking comes to the best of us even the established writers. Don't let that sort of thing hinder your group. Just keep the fire burning guys. Whatever the group decides regarding Hibachi, I wish y'all the best. I'll be missing it for sure. :(

Roy said...

Just have fun and keep writing guys. Oh and Moose, it's not your group's fault -- it's nobody's fault. Like I said, just have fun with what you guys love to do. :)

DP said...

I feel ya moose and roy. Honestly I don't want the site to go either. I was just making a suggestion but if we can start getting back on pace and writing again on the regular, I think we will have it running back to normal.

Collin said...

I agree with Moose, but I'm fine no matter what we do. i'll try to "step up my game" and get back to my normal daily-posting self...

BET said...

honestly, now is not a good time for me. Everybody who i felt needed to know about my situation knows it.

But i will say this, if we want a following, we need more than 1 source for readers. Sure we got slam, but their are more sites out their that have people interested in reading what we have then just slam. We need to comment their too.

Moose said...

and btw dp when's the binge vol. 3 coming out anyway?

DP said...

real soonnnn moose. real soon.

RV said...

I think i missed your email DP, but like i've said before, i'm not really into writing, so i'm not very dependable. Sometimes i get an itch and i'll write something, but it's not to often. i would suggest though that y'all start a new site here. A would be nice, but then you'll have to deal with the layout, unless anyone here deals with that it can be a pain. I think a new url/page name is all y'all need, afterall this was never just about Arenas. Perhaps change it to a more general basketball term.

Anonymous said...


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