Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Did somebody call for an auction?!

While some really terrible things have happened in my life, none are more terrible than what i have recently experienced. While i am in some emotional pain right now, i feel as though what has happened could not have been stopped and i need to keep on living my life. It will never be the same, but it doesnt have to. That being said....

Whats up America! Im just trying to chill now and think, and i figured i might as well collect some of my thoughts on certain 'subjects on interest' to all of us, or at least me.

I will start where the last piece (by Daddy 'bachi himself DP left off (irony of DP being a father? Someone with the intials of the way you become a father ( or dont become a father depending on the hole you chose) is something i didnt forsee until after i typed it). Enough of the tanget, i am talking about this blog. Shit is happening. We all have our own personal situations going on. The team here knows about mine, everyone knows DP and Hursty are both involved/getting involved with college shit. The rest of the group all have their own things, which i cannot speak to since i dont know the full story/facts behind what they do outside the computer. But when it comes down to it, we are all a bunch of unmotivated, semi-lazy, mo-fos with priorities that differ from the improvement of this blog or higher thinking society (those two go hand in hand, in case you forgot, in which case you arent a member of the later).

In my opinion, we are starting to try the tricks couples use to restore relationships. Have a baby/get new blood in the mix. Move into a new house. Not saying Collin and a domain name arent good ideas, but if we are using them to try and save a site it is most likely going to fail once it doesnt live up to our expectations. If we are really going to get this site 'back' to what it once was, we need to forget what it was and try and recarve it/get re-energized about writting for it. Living in memories about how great our shit once was isnt going to get us anywhere other than a bloggers retirement home, where we will eat soft food and play bingo. We just need to get back to promoting our stuff, and making stuff to promote. It will be a cycle the way i see it. And we need to get back on SLAM and comment (like DP already said) and also go out into the rest of the cyber world and bump our shit too. This doesnt mean go on a site you have no interest in and start trolling for attention, but just find some stuff you already are on/that interests you and find ways to advertize it their. Put it in your signature, link it to your domain name; get people to look at it by typing insightful comments that will make people see we know what the fuck we are talking about. If we can reconstruct rather than move on, i think this site can prosper and turn into something bigger. We shall see.

Gerald Wallace didnt win the dunk contest but so what. We are on pace to have the best year in our franchise history, and to make the playoffs. To sum up the season, we won the season series vs the best team in the NBA (the Cavs) and lost the season series to the worst team in the NBA (the Nets). We are the squad that leaves a lot of people scratching their heads, but i just am loving what is going on; we are a decent NBA team now with some respect from the mainstream media. Maybe next year we will get a game on national tv. Probably not, but one can dream.

Seeing us as a place where people want to come is also impressing me. Names of recently bought out guys like Larry Hughes, Kenny Thomas, and Mike James among others as guys that WANT to be Charlotte Bobcats is just really something i can appreciate. People are starting to see that Charlotte is where you can play basketball and be yourself, just as long as you do it 'the right way'. Look for instance at Tyrus Thomas, whose numbers have skyrocketed since getting traded, every catogoery is significantly higher. Stephen Jackson's stock has also gone up since comming arriving in the Queen City. For the first time in his career, Jackson is getting POSTIVE media attention. Just amazing.

Tracy McGrady is back.It is nice to see Tracy getting minutes. After the Rockets signed Ariza, i pretty much knew the McGrady era in Houston had come to a close. Then the Rockets did him dirty and didnt let him play. I will let RV give us the 411 on what really happened and what the build up was behind everything, but for the end T-Mac's stint in Houston he was not treated well.

I got homework to do. I havent been at school for almost a week. So on that note, Cat out.


DP said...

respectttt. I concur with you my friend. we just need to get back on our grinds and go back to what got us here in the first place. I got visions of the rooftop and I plan on you guys helping this blog get to that level. prayers going out to you to, Bet. I got your back homie.

Collin said...

I'm definitely in. There have been many times where I have wanted to post,but because no one else was posting, i didn't see the point of it. we got to commit to this as a team, cause if we do, I think we can go pretty far. Obviously I havent actually been "a part of this site" for too long, but I've been around Hibachi for over a year now, and yall know me pretty well, and i consider you guys my friends (or atleast "blogging buddies") i got my own stuff going on, like since im a junior, i got college suff to deal with, biz to handle on the basketball court, careers as producer/songwriter/sporstswriter trying to take off, the ladies etc. but if everybody commits to this, Hibachi will be back better than ever. I'll be sure and do my part as part of the Hibachi fam, and do it as best i can. Writing is still my number one love, and I'm in this for the prayers go out to you as well BET

Moose said...

I agree with everything DP said.

We need a rebirth in the non-weezy style. We need to come back and do what we had done earlier. Let's all pledge to post some stuff more regularly, and get back up on this.

BET said...

Nice to see all of us who have commented are still on the same page.

However, we still need at the very least Hursty and RV to sign on.

Hursty said...

signed on

Anonymous said...


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