Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remember Way Back When?

Remember when Jerry Stackhouse was averaging 30ppg in Detroit?
When Rasheed Wallace got 41 Technical Fouls in 2001?
When LeBron was just a kid, not all bitter at the game?
When Kevin Garnett was a perennial MVP candidate?
When Greg Oden dominated all things, and everything?
When Jermaine O'Neal would have his way with anyone he wanted in the post?

Jordan's fading pivot to (seemingly) win the All-Star Game for the East in 2003?
The 2008 Giants?
The 2009 Steelers?
2010 Ole Miss Football team?
Joe Johnson as a Celtic?
Tayshaun playing in like, 400 straight games?
Hakeem as a Raptor?
Before Birthay Sex, and you had to ask 21 Questions?
Before New Orleans was flooded and Kanye spoke his mind. Truly.
The Jay-Z vs. Nas BEEF

Malace at the Palace
Ron Artest as a King?
Eminem before The Eminem Show
Tiger Woods as a loving, faithful father
Lady GaGa's first No. 1 single (name it in the comments)
That chick who sang the "right round" part in Timbaland's version? Yeh, that was Ke$ha

Remember where you were when Michael Jackson's death was filtering through?
What about the Twin Towers? (I was getting ready to go to school)

The Blackstar Album?
Before the Kardashians?
Run It - Chris Brown?
Breathe - Fabolous
Your first crush? Remember, that girl you couldn't ever speak to because you would say something really, really stupid by accident? Mhmm. Word vomit man.
When TMZ was about as well-known as UFC

The line "It's ok to lose your pride over someone you love, but don't lose someone you love, over your pride"
Shaq destroying fools in 04/5 with Wade, and his fall-off in the space of two years?
The Bulls of 2009 being almost the exact same team as they were in 06/7?
'Melo with braids? ... actually, everyone with braids?
Drew Gooden's ducktail soulpatch?
Mike Redd - All-Star
Carlos Boozer - Gold Medalist

Before ball was life, and life was ball?

When Hibachi 2.0 dominated the blogging world and brought the internet to it's knees? Yeah. This is just a reminder. We run this shit.


Collin said...

wow things really have changed in the past few years...and yes, Hibachi does run this!!

BET said...

.... .- .... .- .. ..-. -.-- --- ..- -.-. .- -. .-. . .- -.. - .... .. ... -.-- --- ..- .- .-. . --. .- -.--

That is morse code for you hos

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Moose said...

^a great resource it is....thanks anonymous....^

BTW BET....not like there's anything wrong with that...

As for your GAGA question.....JUST DANCE!!!

btw, i feel kind of ashamed that I can't relate to almost half of these memories. Too young for memories yet.

And, Ke$ha's been annoying the hell out of me lately. BUT, Tik Tok is also very catchy anyways. I don't listen to the radio often at all,'s hard to escape. It's all eighth grade girls listen to, anyways.But the fact is, there is absolutely nothing original about her at all. Lady Gaga, there's something original there/talent. NOT with her. And btw...."we kick them to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger"?? Has she SEEN Mick Jagger??

Middle/high school pop culture rant over.

BET said...

Moose, yes she has seen Mic Jagger. He is her father. Which makes it even creepier.

Hursty said...

My morse code sucks.
Does it begin with 'H'?
Um yeh, this was also my way of co-signing the previous comments section.

Anonymous said...


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