Monday, June 1, 2009

Pipedream - A thought revisted

This is an open letter/statement to all those interested, most specifically the writers of this blog.
I recognise that you may (or may have not) liked to recieve an email about this but I think it is time to regurgitate something, since positions have changed (a little anyways).

By Hursty:

Dear brohams, and sheilas,
Today I had my careers convention at school. It was mostly boring shit. It looks like I'm going to do exercise science, then do physiotherapy and sports management etc, anyways, what I want to talk about is what happened next...
... I went to speak to a guy at Sydney University who is doing his PhD in media marketing.
This got me to think 'maybe he can help our blog out'. Turns out he can. He gave me a lot of advice regarding advertising the site etc.
Here is a large chunk of it.
1) Stop using blogger as a site.
2) Use a '.com' url, this is because it is much easier for someone searching the web (e.g. google) to find a site, than it is with a blogger account (seriously have you guys TRIED to find this site on the interwebs?)
3) This will cost money - all of $8. I would be perfectly happy to pay this domain name fee because:
4) We would be using wordpress - I know, I know, it sucks on slamonline, but that is a different form of wordpress apparently, and we would have no issues with it.
5) I don't know how much you guys know about computers (BET knowing the most I imagine), but the impression that he was giving was that, because blogger acts as our search engine/finder, it is hard for us to generate hits, because we reach such a small market.
6) He strongly suggested some search engines/affiliates which would maintainn our site (not edit work, but make it legit, so it's always running). I have them with me, so if you want to know what they are, hit the comment section up.
7) We would have to change the site name, because apparently numbers and letters are really awkward for a search engine to process (unless someone has deliberately placed them in the search box). It could just be 'Hibachi' or something, but anything 12 characters or less is the best.

I understand that there will be some very mixed responses to this, but it is worth a mention, and the PhD student said that the site (in total fees) would cost less than $30 Australian (about 17-20$ US) per year. I'd pay all of this. HOWEVA:
I need to get feedback, not just from the writers, but those who frequent the blog/site, to guage interest.

So, if this were all to go ahead, I assume the questions of $ would arise. We would NOT be forced to finance the site, however, this could be an option through paypal if we CHOSE to. I personally have no issue with paypal, as it has been very consistent and reliable when I've used it. I understand others may however, because of age, location, creditcard details and so on. This is why it is purely up for discussion. Just email me if you have anything that you don't want said on a public forum.

When I first came up with the idea of asking the PhD student about the site, I was NOT thinking of financing - don't get it twisted. It was purely to increase the flow of people who check out the site, and to generate more of an audience - honestly thats it.

Peace, Hursty

PS- We would just use our site name instead of hibachi when leaving slam comments. Duh! - If this ever actually happens :)
PPS- Read BET's video links below, they are pretty funny, if a bit um, rude


Roy said...

I was actually thinking the same thing for my blog since it's gonna turn 1 in a few days this month. Having a '.com' for a domain name is good. For me, I'm not financially ready to pay for new domain name for my site, if someone will sponsor me for it that is. I've tried Wordpress because Exquisite Courts (I write for that site, too) uses that as blog host but there are times that I have a hard time using it. Blogger so far, has been great for me since I started blogging back in '03. Whatever you guys decide on Hibachi, as fan of your site, I'ma support it.

BET said...

just because i go to computer class doesnt mean i pay attention in it.

But i recommend the name 'Bronkawonkachackamamaka' as the title of the new site.

Justin Walsh said...

Great idea, blogger really does limit quite a bit. HIt it upppp

Collin said...

me and jameyburke have been wantin to do this for Truly Hoops for a while, we want to do it sometime over the summer. When we do it, we will have the same name ; it would be You guys should difinitely do this, your guys's site is way too good for blogger, it is very deserving of an actual ".com" adress. If you guys did this, i would still check out the new site daily like I do now.

hope it all works out.

Moose said...

Sounds like a good idea to me, I guess. I'd have to think about new name ideas.....

Jameyb said...

Go for it. Wordpress actually is awesome. If you don't like the layout though, TypePad and Yahoo Small Business have some decent blog/domain set-ups too. "TrulyHoops" will be going the Wordpress route in August (hopefully). As far as a name goes, have that be Hibachi 2.0's last post: a contest to name the new site...?? Good luck and I'll be checking the site out whether you stay here or go somewhere else-you guys are great.

Blinguo said...

I've only come on here sparingly, or late into your history of the site, but the content is great enough that it can be its own dot com, sure. And I'd bookmark and follow along to see your writing. Financing it all yourself Hursty, doesn't sound like it should fall on one person - regardless of the amount that you said is not a big deal. But glad you have ideas to work it on as you get to it, Paypal donations, etc. I could explain to you about how works (SLAMonline shop recently went up-uses this business) if you wanted to make some "Hibachi" t-shirts or gear, in regards to profits (over base pricing) in a monthly check that could amount to $30 a month. Or whatever the new site name is, considering a "Hibachi2pt0" or other variant is hard to remember as a url, easy to fudge up.

Hursty said...

Thanks for all the supportive comments everyone.
I don't really know how we could work the t-shirt type sales just yet though haha.
But if you all think the content is good enough to become a 'dot com', then it is something worth exploring more.
I honestly havent even heard of some of the names you guys have thrown out, but again, it is worth me having a look.

When I/DP/RV/PP (who is gone) started the site, it was mainly just for kicks, but if we can develop a 'fan base' maybe we can make it a semi-successful business - over many years though haha.

Moose said...

I'm pumped for this, Hursty. I'll brainstorm some names as well. Everybody should brainstorm some names and throw them out there. GO!

Moose said...

We need something cool, like "Odenized", "Basketbawful"...."Need 4 Sheed"....."Basketball Jones".....but those are already taken haha.

DP said...

You know I'm down like Jon B. hurst.

Jameyb said...

How about "The Dream Team". I like it because it references the USA Men's hoops and the movie, which featured Michael Keaton as the leader of a bunch of escaped mental patients/friends. (you guys)

Hursty said...

Are you implying Michael Keaton is BET? If so, kudos hahahah

BET said...

the Dream Team sounds legit.

other possible names:

Since everyone uses the internet to get porn sites, this might raise viewership by a lot

BdubbleU said...

I'd definetely follow if you made this a .COM

Jameyb said...

Yeah..I could see BET as the Keaton character..."ah, it's great to be young and insane.." Look for me at :01 playing ping-pong vs BET...

Moose said...

Guys, I'm down the The Dream Team....or maybe "The Sixth Man"? I'll get some good pictures for a backround to the title as well....

Hursty said...

Wowowow, things are moving pretty fast here fellas.
For one, the dream team sounds ridiculously conceited, so no, it's not happening.
Secondly, I still have to work out all this stuff, set up a paypal account and a bajillion other things. So, you can mull over ideas and whatever, but it will take TIME, like several weeks MINIMUM for me to get around to it.
I have 'assessment' time now = me getting stress dandruff = not good for my mental health. So, try not to stress an old man out more than necessary ok? :)
6th man is better, but give it time, we arent going to rush into getting a stupid name just for the sake of it mk?
Besides, RV and a few other guys havent said anything yet. We need their approval on this remember?

Blinguo said...

"Ridonkulous" a classic compliment that gets approval by John Leguizamo as one of his faves from his friends in his heyday. Or even turn that into Ridunkulous. Okay not as good. I had more name ideas but forgot them by the time I got back here to post. And of course the making money, networking, job opport. blog example to follow is the FreeDarko group of All Stars no doubt. Their sweet picture-supplemented book is up on Bling.

Blinguo said...

Oh yeah, I remembered my train of though. I remembered that one blog, "Bench Renaldo(Balkman)" - who is so similarly named to Rolando Blackman, who was dope and one of the best names on the back of a jersey in jersey history. Which probably would scare David Stern and his red state appeal today. Then I thought back to the Russ Bengston super pun, "Del Negro Please" but this isn't really the place for that satire and its not a "Hate the coach" Bulls blog or anything. But yeah, just to remember and write down brainstorm. More ideas never hurt, if however bad and unpossible anyway.

Jameyb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joeloholic said...

Hey Hursty,

First of all, hope you somehow get to read this comment since this - your latest post - is all of half a month old. My apologies for this late reply of your comments on my blog; I've been busy with graduation (last Friday!) and the farewell parties and sappy stuff that's been going on over the last fortnight.

Regarding Wordpress, it isn't very hard to use at all. I've had no problems at all using it, and the migration process from blogger to wordpress is essentially painless. It is a misconception that wordpress is troublesome or not user-friendly, so don't let that stop you. Of course it *does* take a bit of getting used to, but Wordpress vs. Blogger is a lot like driving manual vs. auto shift. Once you get used to manual shifting, you really can't go back without feeling really... lazy and powerless.

Hursty said...

Thanks joel. Good analogy too.
I'll be checking out my options for these sites and whatnot, probably in the december holidays after I graduate.
Well done on your graduation as well :)

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