Monday, June 1, 2009

Dont call it a comeback

So yeah, lots of stuff to catch up on. Too much. I will just sum it up like this: Kobeloversandlebronloversfeudingpissedmeoffandiwantednopartofit.
But now that one of them is gone and the other one will be gone soon enough, its safe for me to return and be cooler than anything you have ever witnessed, so cool you will need protective custody afterwards. BETCATS protects his witnesses, unlike Lebron, you are all witnessess to REAL greatness.

Anyway, this summer i plan on doing some 'stuff' so i most likely will not be here, as 'stuff' will be time consuming and tiring. What is this 'stuff'? Let me just put it like this: its 'stuff'.

The world is still a crazy place, and that is not gonna change. I would waste time writting/linking about it, but nobody really reads my shit anyway, they skim it and giggle, so why put in effort? But the desired result is skimming and giggling, or 'skiggling', and that is why i love my readers. Who/what else do i love:

Orange Soda (Kel does too!)
Gerald Wallace (no homo/ho nomo)
Having a 'home gym' (i financed a $50 energy bike from a thrift store and 2 20 pound weights, but it keeps me fit!)

As for the NBA finals, i am sure you all want my thoughts on them. Well i am not going to watch them. Their are no 'limitless possiblities' here. It will be 1 of 2 things:

1. Kobe will have a unreal series, LA wins in 4-5
2. the Lakers defense does not adjust from its usual zone, Orlando murks LA in 4-6 games.

For the record though, i am going with option 2.
And i wanted to make this 'brief' so its over.


Ps- have yall seen this:

leads me to this conclusion


BET said...

I am also going off the rails on a crazy train.

Moose said...

Hey BET, can we post this later so that Hursty's can get more time/comments/consideration? I think the other one is pretty essential. I'm not saying this isn't; but we can wait for this one so everyone can read Hursty's. Is that all right?

Moose said...

But that is classic NWA. "Straight Outta Compton" and "Gangsta Gangsta" is the business.

Jameyb said...

That clip looks pretty old judging by the model of the State Trooper's car. BET, I find it hard a huge hoops fan like you won't even peek at the Finals..? C'mon...But the real important question I have for you; will the 'Cats keep Hansbrough in the Carolinas..?

Blinguo said...

I wish you Godspeed in your future endeavors in busy "stuff" my friend. You'll be back at it before we know it. I must also say its very welcome to hear you say you have to leave however vague; I'm not even as courteous to places I've left - even as a moderator with a job to do. I left without notice and for quite a while. They may not take me back even after sufficient apologies and explanations. I gotta learn how to be more like BET.

Hursty said...

Blinguo, thats not necessarily a good thing lol.
Umm, as much as I appreciate your letting us know about your 'stuff' BET, I'd like people to read the previous post (mine). It is important.
On that note, I would ask writers not to make new pieces for two or three days, that way these two will be up for Monday/Tuesday and (maybe) Wednesday.
Thanks very much guys. :)

Eboy said...

Honestly, reading BET's piece first made me want to read Hursty's too. It's not a bad thing if the content is so disimilar.

LeoneL said...

may i share this here?

if you find it offensive, just delete.. lol

DP said...


BET said...

Jamey: no, from my understanding it is actually only 4-5 days old

Blinguo- Get like me

DP- bro i heard you was breathin that volcano taco fire monster type shit. Ya dig? Of course fuckin not.

Eboy said...

I'm still waiting on a Hibachi Finals preview.

BET said...

"It wont be from i" said the Bear. But i did have finals preview in my 'piece', it wasnt really much on the wordy side. Both teams played hard.

Hursty said...

You'll get one Eboy. Green light for posts is today :)
Thanks everyone!!

DP said...


Anonymous said...


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