Monday, June 8, 2009

Ain't a blog post....I just feel the pain Courntey is feeling...

Courtney, I know how it is to miss a game winning shot. It sucks. It crashes your confidence and essentially you don't want to touch the ball at all during overtime. Your team is now down 2-0 when it could have been 1-1. Man, even twitter had you at number 1 on the trending topics...and that's a big thing my dude. Half the people in Orlando want to ring your neck out but I would ring Dwight's if I was them. Rashard...ballin. Hedo...ballin. You....ballin. Dwight...can't really say much about him. Don't hold your head down courtney. you guys have the next 3 at your magical kingdom. Redeem yourself. I guarantee a victory for you guys tomorrow and you will bounce back Lee. Just don't wake up on the wrong side of the bed wit it.


Moose said...

Good advice.

the make-pretend Courtney Lee said...

Dear Mr. Double Penetration Palmer:

Thank you for the advice. However, i shall not be needing it. For you see, i am a bawse. That is right my friend, a bawse. And we will crush the space invaders at the gate to hell. We will cum all in their mouths and eye sockets. We will take our revenge. And after we do that, we are gonna take a nice big shit in da toilet and flush like 30-40 times til it goes down. What happens next? Well then its time to call Mike Tyson in to knock the shit out of some people. Then Evander Holyfied's bit off ear is gonna show up, and we are gonna give it a gun, it will shoot Iron Mike dead, because that is just what it does. Then i am gonna get some real real real good stuff, that real talk stuff. We gonna put salt on that stuff and we are gonna set that bitch on fire. FIRE! FIAH! And you know what we are gonna do next? We dont either, but we do! We gonna go to the moon. On the moon we are going to do some spaceman type shit while rocking our McFly Nikes (like dat dat dat boy from Back To The Future wears). And then Jesus is gonna show up. We will all follow him. Then he will disappear, then reappear, then disappear,then reappear, then disappear,then reappear, then disappear,then reappear, then we are gonna stop.


Yours Truly,

In honor and servitude,

Courtney Lee/ Courtney's agent BET

Jameyb said...
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Anonymous said...

Bill Simmons had a great article about this shot. It might've looked easy, but that's a hell of a shot to make. Plus, it doesn't help when a Mr. Gasol grabs the rim during your shot (even the Zen Master himself said it should've been basket interference.) He made up for it though in Game 3 by playing some sick D on Kobe

Roy said...

Moose, did you get my email? I already sent it to you. :)

Moose said...

Yes, I did Roy.

Anonymous said...


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