Saturday, November 22, 2008

The 'Dont' forget about ME' Post

What up everyone. Its been a long, long time since I posted here. Almost 2 months now since I've produced anything.... and we have to waaay back to the off season to find anything of literary merit that I've produced.

A few points:

1. Jose Gonzalez (pictured above) is one of the best folk/alternative musicians I have ever heard. He's been around for a while and I've always liked his music, but DAMN I love what he's doing right now. I guess it's one of phases I'm going through right now. But, if you're inclined, google 'down the line' by Jose, that'll take you to a bunch of other links of his music. The man is just something else. His album is called 'In Our Nature'. Check it out.

2.Ron Artest is struggling. Badly. He hasn't found a groove yet and is shooting a terrible % from the floor. Something like 35% as of right now. his D has been there so thats a positive. I was worried about Yao there for a bit with him missing the Mavericks game but he seemed ok against Washington last night.

3. Metallica's album 'Death Magnetic' is ridiculous. It's like someone has said 'ok fellas, you can go back to 'And Justice for All' and 'Master of Puppet's' ". Its great to hear that sort of stuff again.

4. Opeth is definitely leading the alternative metal/progressive rock charge right now. Their new album 'Watershed' is just insane.

5. Gotye is going to blow up in a few months. I put him in the same category as Jose re. the folk/pop/alternative type of music. If you haven't heard his stuff in the States, it's only a matter of time. Same goes for 'Dead Letter Circus' and 'The Butterfly Effect'. Aussie Bands represent.

6. Yes. Kanye West can apparently sing. Never mind that his voice has been electrified and synthesised on 'love locked' but I am (still) going to get his new album '808's and Heartbreaks'which brings to a close his series of college themed albums and gives rise to something else entirely.

7. The Knicks made 2 big moves today. Sending Crawford to the Warriors for the frustrated Al Harrington and Randolph to the Clippers for Mobley and some other bloke called Tim Thomas, who, apparently was good at one stage. (Yeh, I know who he is). Dude balled for D'Antoni in the '06 season (after leaving the Bulls(?) after not recieving a buy out. The suns called him 'the rental' but he proved his worth over the last 40+ games of the season and into the WCF.

These trades mean:

a) the Knicks have officially started going for the 2010 sweepstakes

b) they have around 30 million $ in cap space.

c) they lose their two best players (Marbury doesn't count).

d) David Lee is going to get playing time again.

e)...... They are still going to suck.

8. Ginobli could be coming back in the near future for the Spurs, who have somehow managed to stay around 50% without him and Parker. George Hill is going to be good someday. So is Ian Mahimi (sp?). Roger Mason Jnr! Stepping up big time.

9. Aaron Brooks for MIP! AND/or 6th man.

10. I am coming last in the slamonline fantasy league. I blame Ron Artest and Jukai for this.

11. I am doing my HSC this year, which is, for those in the States, the final year of High School and the associated exams. This is a period of flat out lunacy for the next 12 months for me, so excuse the lack of posts here and on slamonline. I hope you understand..... :)

12. Fleetwood Mac is pretty damn good. Respect. So was Jeff Buckley. Such an untimely death. RIP.

13. Poor Leandro Barbossa. My heart goes out to him and his family. It's tough to lose family members and he is one of the shining lights of the League right now regarding humanity and and community work.

14. Thats twice (!) that Chris Bosh has had 40 point games and lost this season. Both losses came to teams that have high flying shooting guards in the Heat and Nets.

PS- Vince can still get up (see the game winner yesterday? That was nuts.) So was the tying 3 ball at the end of regulation. I remember him doing it last year off of Kidd on an inbounds (or was it 06'07?) and Dwight did it too. Thats how you make an inbounds play folks.

As always, stay well, stay safe.

Peace, Hursty.


Moose said...

Nice to see something outta you again, Hursty. Good luck in the next 12 months and all, we'll hold it up :)

Roy said...

Yo Hursty. Great piece. I agree with you on that game winning dunk by Vince Carter. It was bananas. I could watch that play over and over. Shades of the VC15 years ago when he was a Raptor. And yeah, the Knicks still suck despite those big moves they made. They're in the race to get LeBron in 2010. Oh and good luck with school, by the way. :D

Hursty said...

Thanks fellas. Oh, Did I mention that the game VC played in was in Toronto? Yeh.... good times ;)

Teddy-the-Bear said...

Wait, if you are last Hursty, what place am I?

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