Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Recession: Back on my Grizzy

Uh..Oh...He'ssssssssssss Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a brand new moniker(you can call me D.Preezy now or just Preezy, if you just want to call me DP, that's fine too). Yes, this is the one and only, mr. lova lov himself, DP. I'm one of the lost boys of this fairly upstart blog(PP please give us some word, it's not the same blog without you) hibachi 2.0. I know you've been wondering where the hell I've been hiding but I thought I should go on a little hiatus seeing that RV and Hurst have been holding it down. Thanks guys, I appreciate y'all more than you'll ever know. But since I'm back I might as well tell you all why I've been gone for so so long. One dreadful word: school. Yes it's back in session and so fat it's been a mothaf*ckin b*tch. From AP Language to Chemistry to ceramics(Yes I said ceramics because I suck something terrible at making flower pots for Mother's Day" it has all been a freaking drag. Not to mention that your boy has had to run 7-10 miles each day for cross-country. Special shout-out to my ego manic coach, Coach Black. What track coach do you know drops you off in a huge neighborhood and while your running through the place four times in a row, follows you in her Cadillac to make sure you're running? Crazy I know, but that's the life of a yound black man in Mississippi. As you can see so far there has not been any mention of a basketball and guess what? There isn't going to be. This is the dead time of the year for L so you won't see any real basketball posts unitl October. Just to inform all, there will be team previews on Bachi 2.0 by mlyself and my crew. There might be even a few guest appearances, I hope(EBOY, IZZO, TAD, TARIQ, BET, B-LONG, JUKAI, JOEL O'S, MONEY BILL, PP! HIT ME UP!) so just stay tuned. So let's get back to the events that have happened to me in the past week The craziest thing occured last Friday and it just freaked my mind. Every Friday we have Pep Rallies for our football team, the Northwest Rankin Cougars(google us haters). Well with every Pep rally we have a particular dress "theme" that everyone goes by to see who "school spirit." I usually don't mess with Pep rally "themes" because most of them are of the lame type but this year I VOWED I would be a happy trooper and do anything to show this overrated thing called "spirit." Last week's theme was our school colors, black and gold. I prefer gold and purple because I'm a weird laker fan like that but that's my forte. Anyways in the process of getting rev ed up for last week's rally, a very sad and tragic thing took place. One of my friends, Melvin Stamps, who was said to have a brain tumor, died in his sleep as he had a seizure and stroke at the same time. Melvin was only 16 years old. When I heard the news early that Monday, I thought it was some kind of crude joke. I knew Melvin couldn't be dead and I wouldn't believe such bullshit. But reality smacked me in the face as I saw one of his best friends crying like a baby and someone came behind me and told me that the news was true. Right then at that moment, I was shook beyond imagination. I mean a dude that I JUST WENT TO SUBWAYS WITH A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO was gone and out of my life. Let me tell y'all, that was a reality check for me because it made me think what the hell I was doing with my life. I know Hursty preached this(great post beneath me my dude) but we take so much for granted. We think that it cant' happen to us, that meaning death, but anything is possible. Life is just too short to be stressing the little shit so live each day to it's utmost potential. I'm sidetracking to the meat of the story so let me get back on my grizzy. So after Melvin's death most of the "black" people were shaken up. I say black because Melvin was obviously black. I'm not saying the white students didn't have any compassion but most of them acted like nothing happened and they kept on moving. I could understand if they didn't know the dude but you would think they would have a heart for the man's family. What was so effed up about Melvin's death was that the school didn't even acknowledge it. Now don't get offended if I use the race card but tow white students, brother and sister, died in a car crash last year from our school. The whole school, white and black, was in mourning. I didn't even know either of them but I felt for my friends that were close to them. Well when this happened, the principal had a big assembly and the whole nine. People were leaving school, praying, crying like it was the end. We even had a moment of silence, which I understand was needed. But since they did all this for the "white students", why not respect the "black students" death as well? As you can guess, all the black student body was enraged and we took matters into our own hands. We made posters, t-shirts, rags, and even put a hug memorial poster in the cafeteria for everyone to sign there thoughts of Melvin. I'm going to stop this rant and move on the what happened at the rally. My friends and I painted shirts the night before that quoted, "Melvin Stamps never forgotten RIP" and wore them to the rally. Let me say that that pep rally was the best atmosphere I've ever been in. period. As soon as I hit the gym door, I saw everyone in the school in either black, gold, or all white. I myself am a Junior(2010 hoe!) and every year at the pep rally the Juniors and Seniors duke it out to see who is the livest. This is corny, I know, but the whole object of the pep rally is to see which grade has the most spirit by singing the school fight song. School fight song, you say? Yeah, it's like a cross between LSU's fight song and Usher's "love in this Club." crunk. So the Seniors wanted to show the Juniors up by wearing all black and having their own little blackout. Damn, well what's the polar opposite of black. Yes. We the Juniors by the Juniors and for the Juniors rocked all white and had a dope white-out going on. Throughout the rally, the whole school was into everything from cheering to the cheerleaders wack routines, singing, and even dancing to the band's weak imitation of Yung Joc's "Coffee Shop". One of my favorite parts of all our pep rallies is when the Seniors yell out, "C-HOUSE!" and we say with such buckness, "YEAH HOE!" This pisses the principal off like hell but he can't suspend all of us right? After all the bs was aside it came time for each class to sing the fight song to see who was the class that was the loudest. The band came in and hear's what went down. FRESHMAN! wack. SOPHOMORES! wack. SENIORS? the only comp for us juniors. But when it came timefor the Juniors to sing, I never thought I would wellow(I just made that word up I think) with such pride for our grade. Befor the band began their tune I hel out the dynasty sign(see Jay-Z, rocafella) which is our class sign and I yelled out my whole heart and with a big smile said, "MELVIN! MELVIN! MELVIN! MELVIN! I thought I was alone until my homeboys started holding up the sing and screaming Melvin's name to the top of his lungs in unison with me. Soon I noticed my whole grad holding the dynasty sing with pride, yelling Melivn's name and sounding like the million man march. They say real men don't cry but can I admit something? It took me something hard to hold back my tears after that one. After we finished our chart, we noticed that the freshman, sophomores, and seniors joined us in screaming Melivn's name. Teachers were even with us. It was just a beautiful thing y'all. Once we sang the fight song, we literally RAPED it and it was an unanimous decision from the judges: Juniors Won! I now that this post was hella lengthy and I sound gay talking about pep rallies but this was real special to my heart because we won it for Melivn. The school finally showed the man the respect that he deserved, and it made me damn happy. Thanks for taking your time to read my post. Trust me, basketball will be back real soon. until then, love, live, life y'all. that's all there is to do. And the name of my new posts will be called The Recession until November 4(my birthday) when history will be made. RIP MELVIN STAMPS and Obama on my birthday. play wit it.


Hursty said...

Ah DP, thats tough man. I lost my grandma yesterday and her funeral is tomorrow so I'm hurting right now and I know how you feel. ( Without the racism part).
PS your HS Varsity team is shooort.
PPS If you turn 17 in 2008 that makes you a junior right? Thats the dealio with me anyways.
PPPS Check your spelling and use PARAGRAPHS!!! lol

Hursty said...

AND...> Do you guys have 'houses' like with names and stuff for internal school athletic carnivals/swimming etc? They break up your school for things like tutorials and meetings, stuff like that.
Anyways, I spose that you could do it with yeargroups too.
We have this one thing, called 'Spirit'. It goes... 'We have spirit, yes we do, we have spirit, how bout you!?' as you say 'you' everybody throws their arms over to the next house/year group and they have to do the same and 'throw' it over to the next house. If they cant respond loud enough then you boo the shit outta them. Good stuff and it can go for minutes until you get a winner. We usually throw stuff at the losing house as well. ( We have 8 houses btw) stuff like food, shoes, bags, cans, anything non-lethal anyways. PEACE!

Money Bill Williams said...

DP, thanks for the namedrop & love man. Condolences to yourself and hursty too, i know how tough it can be. Damm i miss school, less than one year out and i miss school bball gala days and cross countrys like crazy. Good read

TADOne said...

Good sh*t DP and R.I.P. to your boy Melvin and godspeed to his family and friends. It makes me proud of a young generation that ya'll did your boy proud. Hold ya head and stop on thru SKO, we have a new post up. One.

DP said...

appreciate the love, TAD. Yeah I'm gone have to check y'all out, I haven't been to SKO in a hot minute. and RIP to your grandma, hurst. hope everything is all good with your fam. and next time I might use paragraphs.

Hursty said...

Ha ha yeh DP it was hard as anything to read that fully. But the message is important.

Hursty said...

Ah yeh, its sorta tough right now DP. But can you respond to my last question please DP? or BET? The one starting with AND...> Thanks mate :)

TADOne said...

Ok, school is in session. Get a pen ready Hursty. To answer your question about adding links for sites: After you sign in, click on CUSTOMIZE, then PAGE ELEMENTS, then ADD A GADGET, and then LINK LIST or BLOG LIST. From there you can basically add links to any sites or blogs and add them.

You're welcome.

DP said...

um...nah we don't have houses, hurst. that sounds hella tight though but we just sing the song and whoever is the hypest wins the damn thing. But fucking freshman won last week and it was a joke. We got DQ because I threw some toilet paper and it hit the principal in the back of his head. stupid bastard. This weeks theme is punk rock so I'm going gothic like a motha. some AC DC shit. 2010 hoe! ha ha.

Hursty said...

Uh DP I love that your repping the Aussie band in ACDC but they are absolutely not punk rock my man lmao. If you want punk rock 'The Clash' is the best example ever. New stuff is like Billy Talent ( from Toronto) so thats where its at. Check what theyre wearing like skinny jeans and loose jackets in black etc. Thats the way to go. Leme know how it turns out though.
TAD- Thanks a bundle and Im sure we can add some stuff( SKO) but I got exams starting TOMORROW!! GAY! so I wont be around for the next 3! weeks so have fun everyone!
PS the last time I saw PP post was July 30 this year. I was looking through some old posts typing random shit in the computer and that was the most recent I could find.

Anonymous said...

Hey DP,

I'm sorry for your loss, and hursty's. Losing a loved one is never easy, and does make you rethink your priorities in life. Your friend would be very proud of what you guys did for him.

I lost my grandpa this summer, too. He lived to 102, survived the brutal Japanese occupation of Singapore, raised 10 kids and many more grandchildren and now, great-grandchildren. While my family was indeed mourning, we tried more to focus instead on honouring how my grandpa *lived* - and appreciating the fact that so few people are able to do as much as he did.

What you guys did for Melvin reminds me of what we did for my Grandpa. I know Melvin would be proud to see what you guys did, and I hope my Grandpa is proud of what we did.


BETCATS said...

man we just had a gang fight yesterday. Cops swarming the school, grabbing all of us no matter if we were involed or not, but they didnt even talk to the white boys who were punching random people. Sh!t pissed me off. negative race relations<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Eboy said...

Damn, boys, I'm late with this, but much love and prayers to you both. Stay strong.

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