Sunday, September 21, 2008

Desserted....... pavlova!

Named after Anna Pavlova (yes this is true) and respected world wide by people such as myself Pavlova is THE best combine dessert out there. No doubt about it.
When I say combine, I mean mutliple products going into one item. Not eggs, milk etc.
But fruits, creams, icings, toppings. That sort of stuff.
As Australian as crumpets, vegemite and the baggy green, Pavlova was invented in the 1930's by some guy who had a good sense of food and taste. *It was probably a woman though, since they were in the kitchen/house during that time the majority of the day though*.
Anyways, recently I've heard that since a typical pavlova has kiwi fruits on it, it must have been made in New Zealand. Will the kiwis also say that Dolly the Sheep is a new zealander next? Or Evermore? Or even the damn Flight of the Conchords(they actually are though)?
No this doesnt have anything to do with basketball. Good observation. This is just my favourite dessert.

**update** with exams/school. I have now done 6/7 with maths finished today. And Business Studies tomorrow (but Im dropping, so I dont care). Also, I will, along with DP (good job on the 1st V/Varsity as well my man :) and RV (who was in Houston when the hurricane hit) be bringing our own top 50 to the blogosphere.
I am also competing in the NSW state schools championships as the starting 3 for my school. We wont win but I'll let you know how it goes. Also, Money Bill Williams (from the slam boards) will be competing with me as we try to take out a big cash tournament in the Illawara. I'll holla back at you all about that.
Anyways, everyone stay well and stay (esp. you RV) safe.
PS, thanks for the add Joel O's.
Peace, Hursty.


D.Brown said...

when and what is this cash tourney in Illawarra? got a link or any more info?

Hursty said...

Uh sure. I dont know who you are D.Brown, but if you want to find it go to the Illawarra basketball site. It'll be on the homepage. Money, if you're around can you link it at some stage? Thanks mate.

Money Bill Williams said...

The Illawarra Basketball Association invites you and your team to come play the Illawarra Senior Carnival!

Saturday and Sunday
11 - 12 October 2008

A, B & C grade Mens’ & Womens’ divisions
Minimum 4 games for each team
Prize money paid on all divisions
$220 nomination fee

Call 4225 9999 or see
for more details!

D Brown, that is the main poster in copy/paste form.

As for your post Hursty, Bret & Jermaine are as Aussie as Russell Crowe, don't you forget that pal. And if i wasn't sucha fitness freak i would be downing pavlovas by the uteload, the cream + passionfruit = crazy delicious.

And i hope you ok RV, downtown H town looked pretty shaken out, My thoughts are with you!

Hursty said...

You can still go to the gym and play hoops like I do without getting fat, its moderation and abstinence from bad food more often that helps you keep in shape, as well as excercise.
Also, I still haven't heard from RV. Electricity and power is still out on the city.

Money Bill Williams said...

yeah hurst, but i am bordering on obsessive with fitness, lifting weights twice a day then having a game at night so my body is balck and blue atm. What is this word your talking about? Moderation?

Hursty said...

Yeh you can have bad food in moderation. Your body actually needs fat and sugar content to work 100%. You cant just have proteins and carbohydrates as your amino acids and complex sugars need stuff thats in chocolate and sugar.
Also, I found out yesterday that watermelon is the best available natural form of viagra. :)

aotearaw said...

Haha, you guys can keep Russell but Bret and Jemaine are all ours....they are the self-proclaimed best folk comedy duo in NZ! You guys enjoy that Brisbane test by the way ;-)

Hursty, are you an Aussie living in Houston? Your blog is really well-written by the way, an enjoyable read. Think I need to get one of these underway, seems like a semi-constructive past time.

Do you follow NBL, and if so who's your team?

Til next time.....

Money Bill Williams said...

ok, but we can have Murray!
Don't talk about Brisbane test, i had a multibet for you guys to win by 5 points and manly to beat st george by 13+. If it had pulled i would've won $450 but you damm kiwis had to let ugly MF Ryan Cross score! In fact, you can keep Murray too after that

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