Friday, August 29, 2008

Where Would We Be?

Im sorry for the people who thought this was going to be a basketball post, its something more personal for me, but also relevant to you as an individual and us as a species.
Without uniform the world would not be civilised. We would not have lighting. Or gas. Or laws. Without great things such as 911 or 000 or the 'Armed Services' we as a culture, a civilisation a PEOPLE would not exist.

I don't even know why Im writing this. I just.... feel like its necessary to do so.

My thought process is sorta whack right now and you'll have to excuse me for that.

People take for granted the daily committment that these people make to helping us. Making the world a 'better place' as it were.

Without force and control I feel that you will find there is a major flaw in world, well, life and humans as a species.

As we can see, people just do whatever the fuck they want when there is no control in their lives. We as a people in general just fuck ourselves over without much thought to the consequences. People lie. They murder. They rape and pillage. That 'they' could so EASILY have been 'US' is friggin scary.

Thing is, control is born out of fear and stagnant leadership. Look at Hitler- he was a corporal in the German Army in ww1 and after some bad experiences in Austria and Switzerland rose through the ranks of the Nazi party to become one of the greatest world leaders in history- just not a very nice one. Same with Mussolini and the ideals of Socialism. You think your amazing Barrack Obama didn't have some pretty scary and traumatic experiences as a youth? You bet your left nut he did. Something was there, hidden that made him the leader with the charisma and passion that makes him the person he is today. If Obama lived in Africa still you think He'd be doing the same thing in Tanzania or Nigeria somewhere? I dont think so. Its possible, but uh not that likely.

See, the way you live is based purely on chance. If your great, great, great grandparents back in the umpteenth century were not on that ship from Europe you would not be sitting in that chair in your furnished wooden office in the middle of downtown wherevere. That computer that flashes at you every 30 or so seconds? Chance. You are so lucky to be in that position. TAD- Detroit is a better city than 95% of cities around the world. People just don't seem to realise how much stuff that they have is something 99.9% of people around the world just don't. You probably love your city and Im not having a go at it at all. But its important to realise that the next time taxes go up, or the water bill is $15 higher than the last month or so its not the end of the world and people will go on generally ignorant of the world around them. And people just don't care that much because without poor people rich people would not have the control they do over the rest of the planet. Your billionaire oil tycoons, media moguls etc.

Alan de Button wrote a book about it. Called 'Status Anxiety'. He talks about the flaws of human society things like meritocracy, art, expectations placed on others.

Look at the places of the world that don't have control. Parts of Africa. Areas of Eastern Europe. When control is lacking or the power is corrupt so badly then there is much higher rates of death and destruction and the problem is people just don't do anything about.

Dont get me wrong here. Im not the guy who can go out and make a difference but I do feel that someone has to SAY something about it. Problem- people have been doing that for 50 years since we became far more socially aware of the issues in our world.

I recognise that I'm rambling and probably incoherent but I just thought that this, for me, was necessary.

I just need to get that off my chest. Thanks for bearing with me.

* I was watching 'The Mist' when I first started writing this. Then I was watching 'The Reaping' after wards. Maybe I have some issues I uh, need to go deal with.
*I should be studying for my Yearly Exams instead of writing this ( I just wasted a few hours).
* I don't believe that writing this makes me a crazy person but shit I must be getting close if I'm under the age of 20 and thinking about the sociology and flaws of human society.
* I decided that to just chill I was gonna watch American Pie Beta House. USA fucking rules!


Eboy said...

Hursty, that's some wild ass shit, but it's pretty cool to know you're seeing things from your point of view. Great post.

Hursty said...

Yeh I have to say that I wasn't 100% sure of what I was writing at the time but... yeh anyways thanks for the love dude.

Eboy said...

"I was watching 'The Mist' when I first started writing this. Then I was watching 'The Reaping' after wards. Maybe I have some issues I uh, need to go deal with."

Well, I really liked The Mist and couldn't stay longer than a few minutes with The Reaping but I can see how they could have got you to that point. Also, don't know if you may have seen it but Children Of Men, from a couple of years ago, is fantastic if not a more realistic apocolytical type movie.

Hursty said...

Yeh I've seen 'Children of Men' Im a big fan of that genre of movie the kind of apocalyptic/end of days type theme. Clive Owen. I think that was a major part in me writing it. I've thought about writing that kind of thing for a while but without proper context it would somewhat useless. I dont wanna eliminate conversation esp. since 'Bachi has been down for a while comment wise.
Anyways Im pretty sure that what I said most people would agree with it.

Money Bill Williams said...

hursty,what year you in, if you say yearlies im guessing yr 11. that was some mature ass shit for a 17 year old, good stuff

Hursty said...

Hey Money, nice to see you around here :) Yeh I have yr 11 Prelims/Yearlies going on in around 2 weeks. Not quite 17 yet but I associate better with older people around 18-20 because they can usually think beyond their own dicks for 5 seconds and have some more worldly experience and higher education.

TADOne said...

Wait, why did I get singled out here?? Where we beefing? Did I call out Australia? Am I misunderstood? Does Chauncey Billups make you upset?

Seriously though, good piece, even though i'm still trying to figure out where you were going with this. But i'm slow.

P.S.- Detroit is not better than 95% of the cities in the world, trust me.

Hursty said...

Hey TAD- its just that people bitch and moan about Detroit and Cleveland and the state of those two cities. Im sure you'll find that Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia have some pretty shitty cities. In the USA it might be bad but overall its far better than many other cities. I didnt really stick to a post theme just a general outline. A city is classified as anything over 10,000 people in the area so there are loads of bad places. PS I love Detroit as a team and Chauncey and Rip.
PS Chauncey should been 2006 MVP not Nash. Even though Nash had no Amare.

TADOne said...

Not a problem Hursty. I had on my sarcasm goggles the whole time while typing my response. I think the thing people forget is that the suburbs and outlying areas of Detroit are made up of a high percentage of former native Detroiter's and are very nice and thriving places. While the city itself has it's own problems, they have done a commendable job of restoring the downtown area.

Hursty said...

Well thats good to know TAD. I knew you had them on the whole time. Just playing the intellectual card though :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hursty,

Joel O's here. Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog, I really do appreciate it. Just to answer your question: I'm just a die hard hoops fan, a Slam reader forever and Slamonline has really become something really special - a virtual sports bar of sorts, with the best, most dedicated and smartest community of basketball fans the world over can just kick back and talk about what we love most. Simply put, debating over bball issues with all the commenters and journalists at Slamonline really, really makes my day.

Sadly, my final year of college starts in a few days and I probably won't be on the Slamonline boards half as much. Might even be writing for my faculty magazine & blog, too, so it's gonna be busy times indeed.

Anyway, great job that you guys are doing here! I didn't realize this until recently, but it's pretty bloody amazing how you guys and the peeps at Shawn Kemp's Offspring sprang from the Slamonline community and set up these team blogs.

Well, hope you had a great summer, and keep up the good work!

Hursty said...

Hey thanks Joel. Nice of you to drop by. Love the work you've been putting in and I reckon that your comments will be missed on the slam boards since unlike others ( the morons like USA and holiday) you contribute positively and thats important as well as take the piss ( aussie expression). Never really thought of it like a sports bar before but that fits it pretty well. Good luck for your final year of college.
PS in Australia right now its Just become Spring. We have the summer coming on now :)

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