Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello. How have y'all been? It's been a while huh? I've been hustling. hustling hard. chillin. listening to rap music. Listening to Weezy really. Nas? whatever his beats suck. But what about the lyrical content? hmm...good point. What if I don't want to listen to something that will open my mind but something that will make me JIGG. That's right. Jigg is a word. Down south slang. means get crunk, wild, hyphy, go dumb, whatever the hell you want to call it. Let me use it in a sentence...Okay I don't dance, I fuckin jigg. Jigg, Jigg, Jigg, Jigg, Jigg, then we Jigg some more. At the job...jigg. At school...jigg. In the shower...jig. At church praising the Lord...jigg. What is the point of this ignorant post you ask? IDK. I just feel like actin a donkey. Don't I act a donkey? Yes, I am an ignoramus on this post and I feel like I've been gone too long. That's all about to change. Next week get ready for my post on why I feel Monta is deserving of that scrilla he is getting and why Luol Deng would be perfect in a gold and purple jersey next year. Also why D-wade made me drop my damn jaw when he dunked tonight. Is he possibly back? We will talk about that on my post. Now if you ever want to learn how to jigg, then holla back at me. I got some jigga juice at my crib right now that will get all of you jiggulating. I'm silly right now. See yall once the syrrrrup as subsided from my body. Oh yeah...Welcome to Paradise. bob marley I love you. DP out.


Hursty said...

So jigin in the shower is different to jiggin everywhere else? Your high on life DP.

DP said...

yeah man you just got to jigg. and by no way did I mean to disrespect the homey is just a time and a place for all types of music. I listen to nas when I'm in the mood for some real shit. I listen to Lupe when I want to be cool. I listen to Kanye when I want these dudes to know my swag is impeccable. I listen to Weezy F. B. when I need some punch lines and I just need to get away. and I jigg when it is time to jigg. actually, Hursty, that is a song. It's called "Jigga Juice" and it is retarted but that is the point of the song: to get retarted. damn I don't know how to spell but yeah I'm up on bachi 2.0, me and my drank, me and my drank, me and my drank. Weezy!

Hursty said...

I told you were high on life DP :)

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