Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woman hold her head and cry

Cause her son had been shot down in the street and died

This is not a rebirth, consider it more like a repeating radio frequency in the post apocalyptic world. Sure i 'retired' in the most Mo Williams-esque way possible after we all mutually abandoned this blog. I feel bad that i did that. This site deserves better. We were all ambitious and i dont see why we gave up.

The fact remains that we did. I want to stick the size 13 pair of Generic Surplus boots im rocking right now up my own ass and everyone else's on here. Take that comment for what it is. We had something special going here and we fucking blew it.

In basketball news, the Bobcats are working out Javaris Critteron, Antonie Walker, Darius Miles, and Larry Hughes. Players that are NBA cult classics so to speak are now fighting for a roster spot on my #1 favorite team. I would say some shit but that joke writes itself.

It appears my boy Durant is the new Golden Boy after Lebron has morphed into LeCrimminal in the eyes, hearts, and souls of mainstream America. I cant say i didnt see it coming, but since this place is shut down (for good most likely) i have nowhere to jump up and down and shout i told you so.

- Cat out.


Moose said...

This site is still in my fave five. So i'm also gonna do my best to keep it up, like how the cat just went in on this. I'm with you, BET.

Roy said...

I still got love for this site. A lot of potential, you guys gotta keep it running. I'm with you guys all the way. :)

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