Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Revolution Will be Televised


I don't need to name names here. No need to show no pic.
You know exactly who I'm talking about. He-who-shall-not-be-named.
If you were given a job offer to work with a higher quality staff, recieve a salary just as good and have co-workers who you knew would show up every day, for the entire season... you'd take that job. No doubt in my mind I would.

He owes people? Owes them what? He played 7 years for them. In some pro-sports, that's a career. Track & Field? You get 1 Olympics, maybe 2 if you're lucky (on average).
Nah, he shouldn't have announced his decision the way he did, that was wrong. But to burn dude's jersey? C'mon. Weak. "You're better than that!".

If your company owner came out of his box and said something like that.. do you really wanna play for that team, knowing that any time you left, you'd get vitriole sprayed at you?
(Now, who as a FA is going to want to play there, if all else is equal? Fool.)
So, who's the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him? In this case, it's the latter.
"Child please."
Speaking of Revolutions, the Bucks have quietly got a lot better this off-season, acquiring Gooden & re-signing Salmons. Bogut will be good to go come training camp.
Miami has improved as well, adding a certified post-threat in Boozer, and Utah has improved through addition by subtraction.
I'm excited for this next season, I really am.
Beware the Nazgul.


BET said...

hai guyz lets all sign vet minimum contracts and win some rings with the Heat!

Alaila - Lee said...

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Moose said...

Hursty! Did you catch my comment on the LeBron stuff on Slamonline? I said "The revolution will not be televised." Great minds think alike.

It's weird. This could be a total bust, or they'll win the next six chips and turn everyone off from the NBA. It will save it, or completely ruin it. The latter is more likely. Also, this tarnished LeBron's reputation. Not the fact that he changed teams--but in the manner that he did. An hour-long special? C'mon son. He got a lot of people against him now, and the Heat are the team to hate. Future scapegoat.

Hursty said...

I like that idea BET!

Moose - no I didn't, BUT, you're correct about great minds!

I wonder if this means "he" won't win any more MVP's because of the stacked-ness of the squad (yes I just made a word up).

Baby Hornacek said...

hmmm...I must say I agree that 9/10 times sulfuric acid only leads to more problems than solutions.

Having said that: I think we can agree "The Decision" was a hilariously terrible career move. Put it like this: in other countries they riot about sports all the time.

If Lebron was a European soccer player and he pulled "A Decision" the aftermath would be a lot more than some burnt jerseys.

Tangent aside: I completely agree with you, Lebron had every right to leave.
If anyone cares to look, check my blog I got a post discussing how the Cavs pretty much ran him out of town.

Lebron, Dwade and Chris Bosh: One horseman short of the apocalypse.

C.DRO said...

Anonymous said...

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